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  1. Yes. That is one of the major reasons I only crunch astronomy related projects.
  2. The US is fighting a cultural civil war at present. That isn't my issue as a citizen of another country (your internal politics are your business) but this does underline the need for us to balance our own reliance/exposure to US based services and infrastructure. We don't have the same intensely binary/partisan conditions in our country so we don't need or want to ideologically weaponize our information environment. The increasing restrictions in the US are a golden opportunity for new tech companies all over the world to step up and provide more open services. Disruptions will occur in the short term, but the needed changes will help to decentralize, diversify and internationalize the internet in the long run. So, bring it on. Fight your battles as you see fit, nothing of value will be lost that won't be rebuilt somewhere else.
  3. Just downloaded the full documentation for the Eaton 5E 900watt/1500VA units I am using and it does mention power surge protection, though the shorter brochures hadn't mentioned this so I had previously assumed it was absent on this range. I have removed the surge protector at wall, thanks for the heads up guys. This documentation gives a switching time of 4~8 ms (max 10ms).
  4. Yet more rent seeking behaviour by an hopelessly out of date/touch industry
  5. We have quite dirty power where I live that has spikes and quite a lot of brown outs. I use a 3 layer defence: 1) Good quality surge suppressor at wall 2) UPS 3) Overspecced PSU both on size and quality The surge suppressor is because a UPS will protect against brownouts but not spikes. An overspecced PSU gives greater leeway as it can take a UPS 10 to 20 milliseconds to switch to battery. It is the PSU capacitors that keep your system running during these crucial milliseconds. My gear is expensive and local power will kill components if rawdogging the wall socket. I lost nearly an entire system just 3 months ago, just the monitor, case, SSD and CPU cooler survived.
  6. This is no surprise to the Vive VR community, HTC have been running things into the ground and burning bridges for quite a while now. Everyone dreads having to deal with them for warranty repairs.
  7. You'll need to reinstall your vendor (Nvidia or Radeon) graphics drivers as major MS updates like to install their own generic graphics driver which doesn't have Open CL support. This won't affect most games which are nearly all Direct X, but as soon as something goes to utilize OpenCL (ie: compute projects) it will throw these errors. We run into this issue all the time with various BOINC projects. TLDR; reinstall GPU drivers, not the FAH client
  8. The Asus GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 is passive cooled and is powered via the PCIE slot so you don't need a 6 pin. AUD96 from umart or AUD106 from PCCG if you want better service.
  9. Pretty soon geo-IP excluding EU traffic from your web servers is going to be easier than complying with Eu demands.
  10. One the other hand, other people like me take really nice expensive parts and turn it into a dogs breakfast. This is my work area.
  11. "let" You/me/we don't have jack schmidt of a say in how other people use their own private property.
  12. Yes - it had a passkey inputted. Probably one of a dozen other possible issues tho because the F@H user interface as created by Satan himself.
  13. I haven't had coffee yet so I cannot see how to enter multi gpu systems.
  14. Been going a few hours now - here's a preliminary peek, first the 2x Titan V box with 10 of 16 threads CPU used: And here are the underwhelming 3x Vega 64 box with 24 of 32 threads used: It was hovering around 1.4M PPD for a while then settled on the 800K figure as it changed WU types over time. I'll only update this post if the figures change markedly after 12 hrs or so.
  15. Sorry bout that, I am unfamiliar with the folding software. That box is no longer a mixed nVidia/ATI setup so I just resinstalled the FAH client. It appears to be using both V's so that is a good step, but will need for it to settle down for at least half a day to get any halfway meaningful numbers. Edit: also the other box with 3x V64s is also folding on all cards. The original problem definately seems to be mixing team Green and Red in a single box.
  16. The problem with appeasing religious or social activists is that they will be back tomorrow with even greater demands. As funny as hating on the weebs might be to some, the hate will not end there. There has never been a period of time when gaming has not been the subject of some moral panic or another. That special interest group was smart in targeting a despised sub culture to set a precedent in. You can count on that precedent being leveraged often in further campaigns.
  17. WAN show also failed to praise the Emperor of Mankind. Heresy confirmed.
  18. Now I am "off the clock" of the competition I want to find some primes "Alas, poor Seti, I knew him well"
  19. You don't mine Bitcoin with CPU or GPU. ASIC use is so entrenched in Bitcoin that not only is CPU/GPU mining obsolete, but older generation ASIC mining is obsolete.
  20. Primegrid is over. We are still 11th, no major upsets.
  21. Guess when you encourage an activist workforce, it can turn around and bite you in ways you don't expect.
  22. 4 Hours to go. Turned off PPS in the project preferences but it'll take half a day to empty the queues. Turned on GFN22 for the Vegas and V's since that seem the most interesting in PrimeGrid... and since those cards can't do squat for the rest of the pentathlon. Apparently those WU can take days so I want some experience with them so I know how best to bunker for next year. Both main systems made it into the top 20 hosts so the boxes held up OK Edit: still waiting for epic bunkers to be dropped (pref not below us) but so far disappointed.
  23. Yup, had already forgotten. https://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php
  24. Yup, can put the 1050ti's and the Vegas on it. The V's will have nothing to do on the last day tho. Edit - sigh.
  25. One of the major teams opened up with 100M points of pre-processed GFN 22. That can take weeks to validate apparently but they had a very good run, with a large percentage going through right away. They probably guessed right ahead of time that Primegrid was in and bunkered some pre-aged work units. Risky strategy and impossible to emulate once the contest started, but it paid off for them.