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  1. Well in most times in offline it's not stutering as hard as in online it dose but it's werry rere to hepend
  2. So I have i7 7700 and 1060 6g OC 8gb ram ddr4 Evry time ime playing gta online for 1st 2 3 min my ram at 6500mb but after that it's just going and going up ends up on 7800 7950mb and my page file set to 8gb max and it gose to 10897mb And game starting to stutering and laging on eny game setting low mid ultra Usually my fps is 80 130 on lowest settings and my cpu loaded at 30 40% Gpu at 35 40% but ram at 97 98% ON LOWEST POSSIBLE SETTINGS IN GAME Olso it isn't a ram leak becose my Page pool is at 100gb 140mb Acualy gta is using around 3.2 gb of ram but nosing else on Task Maneger Please help
  3. I have i7 7700 and 1060 6gb PC 8gb ram EXACTLY SAME PROBLE 1st 2 3 min my ram at 6700mb then to 7500mb 7800mb and it stuttering Win 10 pro plz help And all that at FUCKING LOWEST SETTINGS
  4. It's a brand new 4 weaks old pc and on time I buyed all the parts I dident have only 23$ for the ram so now I ordered it but it's out of stock will be back in 4 5 weaks
  5. I know when ime playing I have like 300 600 mb left but will overclock help?
  6. So I have a MSI 1060 6g gaming x plus And i7 7700 and 8gb ram ddr4 but the ram when I buyed was saying 3000mhz but in real live it's 2400 so ervy time ime playing GTA ONLINE (not singel player) Ime getting stuttering cuse ime Dipping in page file and my hard drive usage gose to 100% and that what cuses stuttering,lag my average fps at 70 80 So if I overclock my ram to 3000mhz will it help ? BTW I already ordered 8 more gb and I will came in 5 weaks cuse it out of stock at the moment My ram is Corsair ddr4 8gb
  7. Btw I was playing more intensive games like BF1 on ultra had 80 90 fps and 0 stuter Not quite it dident had Windows and GPU and they gived me 2 ways 1 st they send me the parts and 2nd I pay 10$ and they build it for me so I whent with 2nd one but GPU buyed in next weak and I installed it on my own
  8. Oh okey thx I give it a try Only 3 apps running the GTA Discord and antivirus My GPU when plain on maxed out only used at 50 60%
  9. Do u mean that 8gb is bottle neck ?
  10. On my old pc I had 16 gb ddr3 it was using 12 14 gb with Google and bunch of other crap
  11. Can u explain what FastSync us plz BTW my page file "Virtual memory" is on custom lowest 8192mb and maximum at 16384mb What ? BTW I ordered 8gb more ut it's going to came in 5 weaks
  12. Mother Motherbord is brand new but will try Acualy before I went in the "windows stuff" o had stuter only at Pacific bank road and only when live streaming thx I will try reinstall windows All up to date
  13. 400gb left out of 1tb Suttering at eny setting the lowest to the maxed out and fps when maxed out 75 80 on low 90 100 3 main programs running GTA V Discord antivirus Ceeps stutering at eny setting from the lowest to the maxed out BTW can u plz send screen shot of render distance setting plz can't find it Thx
  14. 1 CPU temp sensors 2 Program that u use to check is not working the specific CPU 3 thermal paste Try using different app to check the temp or just reinstall the current one
  15. So I buyed a pc with MSI 1060 6GB GAMING X+ and i7 7700 and 8gb ddr4 ram When ime playing GTA Online (Driving) my ram gose up to 7.5gb usage and the Page file gets in use and Disk uage spikes to 100% and that cousing Suttering eny idia how to fix I ordered 8 more gb of ram but I will came in 5 weaks cuse it out of stock at shops near by. Eny answered will be pleased! Thx OS Windows 10 Pro self installed Superfetch windows seach and all that shit is off
  16. I want to create a 100gb partition on my WD blue 1tb drive for windows how can I put my windows 10 on the patriton and can I just install the windows ISO file on it and boot from it ? If yes will my files on other 800gb partition be saved ?
  17. Is pagin file a virtual ram ? If yes it disabled
  18. I have a problem with my new pc ime getting lags in gta v becose of 100% disk usage on windows 10 my new PC is MSI 1060 gaming x+ and i7 7700 and 8 gb ram while playing ime getting around 60 75 fps but some times at random locations my hard drive usage spikes up to 100 and it making game lag is there eny way to fix it my hard drive is WD blue 7400rpm 1tb drive and it have 650 gb left free (game settings are maxed out but on low or midium same problem I'ven worse) I have 2 apps running it's game and discord I had better experience on my old pc with same make drive e but windows 7 I disable superfetch and bunch of other win 10 crap PLEASE HELP
  19. It gose low when u starting aiming no mater wat dpi u have
  20. I have a small but werry anoying problem in WD2 when you starting to aim ur dpi gose so slow that it's imposed to aim eny idia how to fix it ?
  21. Yea it's have like 600mb left in most of the times and gose smooth on ram in task manager but the disk gose crazy some times
  22. Buying more ram isn't a problem for me I just dident have enuf money for 8 more so in 2 weaks time wI'll buy an 8 more
  23. So u mean that it takes My hard drive space like virtual memory? I have it set to automatically shuld I disable it ?
  24. My ram when ime Playing usually around 6700mb and 7400mb