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  1. phanteks enthoo evolv atx Enething like that case size For last 3 days I was looking for case like Phinetks Evolv atx but with better air flow all other cases doesn't look as good at all can u help me if I buy the Evolv atx and cpu 140mm water block for i7 7700k 4.5ghz what my temps will be ?
  2. So I need a case that is mid tower suport 6 120mm fans where I can install a cpu water block I olso need a side panel and price maximum at £150 £160 And phanteks enthoo evolv atx stile will be nice
  3. So I wnat to buy a phanteks enthoo evolv atx cade but I heard a lot of complaints about Air flow I wanna buy a CPU water cooling block and That case will the air flow be Good P.S. At the Moment I don't I'ven have eny fans at my case and my temps are olmost good CPU i7 7700 60 70° and 1060 6gb OC 60 63°
  4. So I buyed a PC parts and a cheap case and now I have money for upgrade I love phanteks enthoo evolv atx the old one with no full glass side panels thise case have all what I need white color Big side panel space for 7 fans etc but people are complaining ebout air flow but the people who was complaining had a cus to water loops and all what I need is a 2Fan CPU water block how bad will it be for a airflow
  5. Okey I don't have that it was a clean drive and the 1st IS was my win 10
  6. Dose it cousing stutering while it at 100%?
  7. I played that game for 3k hours on my old rig and my system was like up to it max potential for at least 7 hours each day for last year and a half thas why I upgraded to my new one but the only down side is my ram so I just buy more ram
  8. DiD u got SSD after Clean install of u installed it to ssd ?
  9. Ime buying 8 more gb will it help ? Like at the moment game is trying to limit it self to 8gb and that when cousing stutering ? And if I buy 16gb it will go to it best ?
  10. Gpu 45% cpu 50% ram 89 -86% dident find the Disk but task Maneger shows it at 0 - 4% but some times it randomly spikes up to 100% and that what cousing the game to stuter
  11. So u saying that Clean install windows helped? But my new rig is only 8 weaks old
  12. On my old rig it was Fine it had i5 old gen and 760 and 16gb ram
  14. So I had issue with my ram it was filling up after 5 min of game and today I reinstalled windows and now Ime having the 100% disk usage spike and my ram if 1.2gb or 2gb free hard drive is new and not filled up it is 1tb wd blue and it's 480gb left out of 1gb HELP spikes are random and only for 1 2 secs and it stuttering or frezing My system I7 7700 MSI 1060 6GB GAMING X PLUS 8GB DDR4 1x8gb
  15. 20 30% is my v ram and yes hard drive usage gose to 100 % cuse of page file and it = in stuttering Okey but the only process that using ram is GTAV.exe
  16. My GTAV.exe is using 3.4 3.6 gb but nothing else pops up on Task Maneger
  17. Okey I send u screen shots tommorw is that OK?
  18. I ordered 8 more gb but it will came in 3 weaks cuse it's out of stock and my day sycle is Work/Gta v / sleep
  19. My Page file gose to 10gb but I set it to 8gb only looks like the win 10 just don't give a shit ebout me setting max amount of page file to 8 or 5 gb it's just going to 10 11gb Ime not at home at the moment can u add me on discord or Skype ?
  20. All my frends are playing on 8gb ram and having 0 problem on my old pc I had 16 gb of ddr3 and when playing gta at mid hight settings with Google running it was hitting 11 12 gb but on new pc on the lowest settings 7.9gb No only ram not v ram it's stays used at 20 30 % cant deal with from 100 to 20 fps drops on game I played more then 2k hours but okey thx