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  1. I bought Void Pro Wireless head set like more than 6 month ago. The only issue i had with it is the static noise when launching up a game or listing to very quiet music but only when "Icue" app is installed, so i just deiced to uninstall the app and it fixed the issue. However now i want to buy Corsair K95 Keyboard and i will need Icue app to use the macro keys,set up RGB etc... But every time i install the Icue app and launch any game the very annoying static noise starts, i have made a support ticked on corsair website. They told me to do a soft reset to the headset, and reinstalling Icue app, well, it didn't help. Also I've tried downloading very old version of Icue "2.23.40" it was released back in 2017 didn't help. Also I've tried playing with windows sound settings and the noise is disappearing only when the game volume is less than 25%. Also tried using different computers same thing, everything is okay unless you download Icue app. I'm sure that its not a hardware issue because it works amazing unless you have the icue app. I've been trying to find solution for more than a weak now, can some one help me please! Motherboard i have: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0

    Rust Ban

    Screenshots of talking to steam support for 27 hours? Or emails from 2nd email address about steam account details changed?

    Rust Ban

    What he need to do to play Rust again?

    Rust Ban

    Hello, my friend's steam account was stolen and the while the steam support was answering guy who stole it was playing Rust When he got his account back it had Game ban. When he asked Rust support for ban apeal they said they will not restore account. And i heard that Easy Anti Cheat ban is by hard drive and if my friend will buy a new account will it also get ban? P.s.My Friend have never used any cheats in Rust so his PC is clear.
  5. Yes 3 month old, i had same problem with old one but it had less noise and BIAS Sound Soap Pro was managing to make it less loud
  6. Mother board? Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING 2.0 OP
  7. 3 and connected to the wall socket no extension cords
  8. So, when i'm using my microphone it needs phantom power from USB and when i use USB ports on my motherboard my mic recording have loud noise and when i use power bank as a phantom power the sound is crystal clear. I've heard that you need to ground pc to fix that so is that what i need to do or there is other fix? My mic is have a 3.5mm jack for sound and usb for power. P.s. i cant always use power bank because mic take so little power that power bank goes to sleep in 3 min. Motherboard: Z370 AORUS ULTRA GAMING 2.0 OP PSU: EVGA 500 UK Plug
  9. So i had a Crsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000hmz DDR4 kit and just got 16 more and out of the box they came with the speed 2133hmz. so i just overclocked it to 3000 and in CAM software shows that the speed is jumping from 2999.52mhz to 3001.75mhz and CPU-Z is showing NB Frequency jumping from 3997hmz to 1400mhz and to 4100mhz is how ever task maneger shows 3000 is that normal or i have done something wrong?
  10. So at i recently got some pc parts and i dont have ram for it and i've decided to put my ram in the 2nd rig and just buy different for my main one and i have a choice between Corsair Vengeance RGB White PRO 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz for £155 And HyperX Predator 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2933MHz DDR4 RGB Memory for £132 And the problem if i buy the HyperX Predator will i be able to get same clock speed as on Corsair one ?
  11. So i got a LG flatron L204WT (used) and it's been my 2nd monitor for like 4 month and worked good. But suddenly after I've moved hose it started not turning on when PC is starting, the led starts blinking and then its just goes off. Also it could turn on in middle of night or just randomly. And now if i need it to work i need unplug every cable wait for like 40 min and plug it back in and wish it shows the LG logo and if it does i can plug the VGA cable in and wish it will not turn it self off. And if i lucky enough and it dose turn on it will work's good with out any issues.
  12. So i just got a Just Cause 3 and when i went to online server the hook was just pulling me forward and i was wondering if i upgrade it in Singe player will it be different in Online ? For example pooling thing together?
  13. So i've decided to download Battlefield 4 and my origin download speed isn't going any higher than 7.60mb/s however in task manager it says that its getting 62mb/s is there any way to make the download speed higher in Origin or its like a locked limit?
  14. Hello, so i had to reinstall my windows and before i was getting around 60 mb/s steam download speed but with fresh windows it went to 8mb/s any ideas how to fix ?
  15. Rust - £13 - UK Rust - £3.50 - RUS ARK - ~£15 - UK ARK - £4,99 - RUS The Division - £10 - UK The Division - £3.99 - RUS RUS- RUSSIA UK - United Kingdom
  16. I'm Russian but currently i live in UK and steam set my region to UK and steam sale prices are much lower in Russia, will i get ban on my steam account if i give my account to my friend and he will set the regeon back to Russia and buy games and then i log in and it will set it back to UK automatically ? I really dont want to get my acc banned i had it for 9 years.
  17. Oh sorry, i put 13000 only when i use NVEC when i use x264 i have it on 6000
  18. I haven't seen anything saying that i will have a look now
  19. U mean the stuttering in video? If yes thats happens only with x264 encoder
  20. CPU : GPU: Ignore the sound it comes raw from my mic with out BIAS Sound pro
  21. Hello! How can i improve stream quality on OBS my internet speed is 60 down and 20 up my bit rate on OBS set to 13000 but quality is still extremely bad. And when i'm trying to use my cpu (8700K) stream quality is beautiful but the actual stream have like freezes. And yes i have set CBR! Pls HELP! My rig: i7 8700K (not overclocked yet) MSI GAMING X PLUS 1060 6GB (OC) Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz 16gb Intel Optane 32 GB
  22. So i downloaded a Crysis 1 from Origin but when i went to game setting it didn't have Bordless option and when i set it to 1080p full screen the image looks so crap,blur etc pls help My system spec I7 7700 MSI 1060 6gb OC 16gb ddr4
  23. Witch of them 2 is better the Toshiba or Kingston ssd? https://www.ebuyer.com/790251-kingston-a400-240gb-ssd-ebuyer-com-sa400s37-240g - Kingston SSD https://www.ebuyer.com/826851-toshiba-tr200-240gb-2-5-ssd-tr200-25sat3-240g - Toshiba SSD