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  1. Firstly, I'd suggest going with the 144hz monitor, as 60hz is not going to show you the full potential of the 1080Ti. Secondly, the game IS running at more than 60fps, it's just the monitor isn't showing it off fully. E.g running games at 200fps, but monitor showing 60fps (60hz). Thirdly, if the monitor panel is 60hz, then IT'S 60hz at every resolution. It's not like a TV like Linus recently made a video about. See this post: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-3061727/monitor-60hz-show-1080p-120hz.html
  2. What's her main purposes of using her computer? Just normal working, or gaming, or productivity? As I don't think that Core 2 Duo is going to be powerful, and it will almost definitely bottleneck the 780Ti.
  3. Protocase, CaseLabs are two of my suggestions on custom cases. Linus makes custom cases with them all the time btw.
  4. Even the Corsair Slate case can only accept 2 motherboards at the maximum, and that's without custom water cooling. IDK if there are any cases out there would accept three water-cooled system at once. I'd suggest you to go with a custom-built case, as there's no one on earth would build three water-cooled computers in one case (are there any?).
  5. It's very complicated and it's kinda a pain in the ass. Messing with the heatsinks or the battery power is not recommended.
  6. Uhh... if you really want that, connect it to an external monitor. Or just sell it and buy a proper desktop.
  7. I would also recommend an MSI GS73VR 7RF, as it has better cooling management than most of above options. For the above options, if you want thinness, get the Dell Inspiron 7000, or if you want high refresh-rate monitors, get the two GL-VM laptops, but it's kinda hot. Or find something with an 8th gen Core i7/i9 as it completely crushed the performance of last-gen.
  8. Yeah I do think that it's the CPU that's causing frame rates drop though. But it can also be background tasks that cause the problems as well, they could put too much stress on the CPU and hence cause the frame drops.
  9. I don't really think that it's the APU that's causing troubles. It can't bottleneck a GTX 1050, can it?
  10. That V650 is totally adequate for any operations with Ryzen. Ryzen's TDP only ranges from 65-95W just like Intel, so no worries.
  11. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LL8q4q Please have a look. I can't find a wireless gaming keyboard for ya though.
  12. Oh didn't see the gaming part. I saw the graphic gaming and thought he was gonna do some graphics rendering.
  13. Don't think Ryzen is good with OC though. My history with Ryzen overclocking is kinda bad. I have only pushed it to 4ghz max.
  14. The i7-6700 is still a very capable chip, and I don't think there's no need to upgrade to a 7700K. I suggest you upgrade to an 8700K because it's a much more substantial upgrade, or wait until 10nm, 8 cores mainstream Ice Lake chips. Or even see if there will be any HEDT Coffee Lake CPUs and go for it. That's your choice, but just don't buy a 7700K.
  15. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PXDV6s This is probably enough for you. For the case, I thought it was cool :v P/S: Without peripherals and monitors.
  16. You need to connect your fans to a Fan hub and then connect it to the motherboard. Additionally, you need to connect the RGB hub as well.
  17. Yeah, as long as the fans will be powerful to keep the airflow good, you should be fine.
  18. 1. The number of fans intake should be more than exhaust. 2. Yes 3. IDK. Backplate is just a thing that makes a mobo cooler tbh. 4. If there are exhaust holes in the bottom of the case, mount the PSU fans at that direction. 5. They are the same. 6. Not much, around 10-15W. 7. HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 basically support same resolution.
  19. It's still more than good enough. My suggestion for you is to sell your RAM, Mobo and CPU and get an i5 coffee lake. That's a more substantial upgrade imo, if you still have spare money.
  20. Yep, going with the 2600K now and you won't have a way to upgrade it later on. Getting a 2200G and you have the full support of the AM4 socket until 2020. But I'd say wait until April for Ryzen 2...
  21. I think Linus already made a video about this, comparing the 2600K to Ryzens (not Ryzen APUs tho).
  22. I'm gonna suggest you an Acer Predator Helios 300 for $1050. It has got an i7, 1060 6gb, 16gb of RAM, 1tb HDD and a 256gb SSD. I'm using it and is very satisfied with this, although it does become very warm after a while, and when it tries to cooldown, it's very loud.