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  1. Oh yeah Intel just released the Z390 chipset with the same socket. Forgot about that
  2. Well just don't want the OP to get a new motherboard and expensive AF DDR4 RAM
  3. First off, 1440p on Ultra is quite taxing. At the very least you will need to upgrade to a GTX 1080, around $600. Secondly, 8GB of RAM is barely enough for 1440p at Ultra. Another 8GB is a must, around $100. And also, a better CPU than your 4460. A 4690K for $180-ish, 4790K for around $270-ish on eBay So everything will cost around $1150, assuming you already have a 1440p monitor for it. Or like what @NelizMastr suggests.
  4. If you already got dual RX580, I think there's no need to upgrade anything at all.
  5. Probably there's something wrong with the cooler. Gotta RMA it
  6. Wow such responsible shop lol. Well your best bet is to pull out 55 bucks and get an A6-9500, or most recent motherboards have already been updated for you
  7. Most stores should update the BIOS for you if you requested it. And many motherboards can update the BIOS without the processor install. Or in the worst case scenario, probably you have to spend $55 for an A6-9500, which is the cheapest processor that will fit the AM4 socket.
  8. An Acer Predator Helios 300 or a Surface Book 2 would be most suited I think.
  9. You can probably use the mini PCIe slot on your laptop motherboard to connect with an eGPU, pretty sure there are some adapters for it.
  10. That could work, although I never heard of that brand lol
  11. You don't really need a Z370 for this processor. A B360-G would save few some bucks and it still looks badass. For a PSU, yeah as @ManosMax13 suggest, as well as a Cooler Master MasterWatt 600W, or a Seasonic Prime 600W for a truly silent experience.
  12. The Envy has better build quality and looks much more premium compared to the other 2, but also got worse GPU. The other two has worse screen (TN ftw lol), but better GPU with a MX150
  13. Yeah mostly desktop counterparts. Sorry for not including that
  14. Mainly, yeah. Can also means 3DS, Catia,...
  15. SSD is much faster. That's really much it. The main differences now: Ryzen better at multitasking. Means graphical works and all of that. Intel better at single-threaded work. Means gaming and bursty load.
  16. I would recommend this Envy https://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-envy-x360-2-in-1-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-amd-ryzen-5-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-hp-finish-in-dark-ash-silver/6124570.p?skuId=6124570 Or an Acer Aspire 5, although this has a worse screen than the Envy and worse build quality, it has got an i7 and an MX150 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075KCB6TH/ref=twister_B076919RJT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 This is very nice as well https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Swift-Ryzen-Windows-SF315-41-R6J9/dp/B078B5WZZ5
  17. Really half-baked imo. My suggestion is just buying the full-fledged WX9100.
  18. Yeah if you want around 15% of a performance increase
  19. Have they fixed the "40% fan speed" driver yet? If not, then nah.
  20. I have seen Kaby Lake CPUs working normally with Windows 7, so really don't think that's the main problem here. Also, the OP just said it's a Microsoft Basic Display Driver Adapter, so he probably hasn't installed the drivers for the iGPU as well.
  21. What do you mean by having an error saying "CPU need higher Windows"?