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  1. No really. Since the last i3-7100 only has 2 cores/4 threads, this year we have i3-8100 and i3-8350k with 4 cores/4 threads for the same amount of money!
  2. A few days ago, Intel has introduced its newest microarchitecture, the 8th gen CPUs, called Coffee Lake. Now as a moderate gamer, I'm very excited about this as I can increase my core count in my i3-7100 to 4 cores for free! But since this generation is so new that the CPU market is not stabilized enough, and also there are only a few motherboards with chipset 300 that supports Coffee Lake, and they are really expensive (which is a really dumb thing to do Intel. Why they won't support 200 mobos longer?). Anyway, I planned to upgrade my rig to an i3-8350K to get overclocking and better performance. Should I upgrade it now or wait at least until 2018, because I also know that Intel will still introduce more 8th gen CPUs next year. btw I'm new and come from Vietnam, as you can probably guess...