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Status Updates posted by CapitalistVN

  1. I have always want to know why Linus pronounces Alexa as "A-L-E-X-A" rather than "Alexa" lol

    1. germgoatz


      So no one's alexa at home gets activated.

    2. CapitalistVN


      Ooh that's why. Oh yes now I know it because The Verge staff always say it in full so I thought a bit weird

  2. macOS Mojave drinks my battery like a man dehydrated for a day.

  3. GTX Titan V. 5120 CUDA cores. $2999.

    1. dizmo


      Can't wait for all the people here who complain about the price..even though it's not marketed to them.

    2. CapitalistVN


      I'm not complaining; I need to wait for its performance. You gotta do what you gotta do.