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  1. Hey guys well my Hard Drive just died so if we could please take a moment of silent... But i make small youtube gaming videos and i need a Hard Drive to store them, I am currently running most of my stuff on my main SSD which is a corsair Neutron 128gb but after i moved all the important files there it has 10 gb of space left so a need a HD ASAP. The Drive would be use to store games there and to record to it. So what would you guys recommend ? P.S. found this on craigslist, should i buy it ? https://mcallen.craigslist.org/sop/4727495503.html
  2. is there a way i could a fast link so i can check the quality
  3. Hey guys i do youtube and i upload Minecraft in 720p, but i have noticed that youtube compression has gotten a lot worst. I have a friend that does youtube as well and he told me that he upscales his videos to 1080p and his videos look a lot clearer then mine which is weird because i use a way better bitrate. This is what i use in adobe Premier: Video - 720p, 29.97 fps, CBR to 20mbps, (Render at maximum depth checked) Audio - 48,000 khz at 320,000 He uses Adobe Premier - Upscaled 720p to 1080p, 29.97 fps, CBRat 15mbps and same Audio So my Question is he is getting a little better youtube compression when he upscales should i upscale as well ? I heard that you get better quality when upscaling because youtube compress 1080p because it needs more bits for Higher resolution so since it gives it more bits 720p looks better. Also should i use CBR or VBR 2
  4. My favorite thing about this laptop is the beautiful design & if what you said is true the amazing perfect brush aluminum in the back that is easy to clean #magic but i guess your signatures are pretty cool as well lol
  5. Hey guys i just bought a cougar fan by impulse http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835553002&cm_re=COUGAR_CF-V12HP_Vortex_Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing-_-35-553-002-_-Product but i dont really know where to put it. Should i replace my hyper 212 evo fan with this one and put the hyper 212 evo included fan as a bottom intake and just keep it around 50% so it wont be noisy.
  6. Hey guys i want to say thanks to this community and everyone who helped specially to helping and Vrbas since i followed what you guys said, i said my LLC to regular and lower the voltage by 0.0375. Yesterday when i was in the forums i had a temperature of 50c today i have a temperature of 38c and my house is a little bit hotter it's at 83f damm you south texas, but my A/C is in the process of getting fix and my house should come back at 65c so maybe that would help as well. But like said thanks to everyone who helped.
  7. thanks for the help and should i keep amd turbo core enable or disable
  8. sorry but do you have any idea on how to set LLC to regular