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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI X370 Gaming PRO
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    16 Gb DDR4 Kingston Fury Hyper X
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    RX 470 Asus Strix OC 4 Gb
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  1. EU Internet at Risk

    it passed, there's no doubt about it, several sources confirm it. How will this affect sites located outside of the EU, do they also have to comply? does LTT forum for example has to ban memes or pay for them?
  2. EU Internet at Risk

    if anybody asks i posted this meme yesterday
  3. EU Internet at Risk

    i think the vote is today
  4. i read that google used their own services for that, they just see where you are and calculate the delay for each road. They don't need to buy the data, all you need is an android phone with location set to on. This should be for other companies, not google.
  5. i don't see the value in this. They also won't launch in my country so who cares. i think it's exactly because they know we can unofficially "skip" the ads that they did this, still they have to lower the price or create more value.

    the cpu temps are fine, the gpu temps are too high, the problem is with the gpu not the cpu.
  7. my take on the direction we are going in the future is not a good one, so being tracked online, being tracked on the streets by cameras was not enough
  8. "to get the best experience with optane you're gonna need to use a AMD platform"
  9. it's all fine and all, but AMD doesn't have optane... so joke's on you AMD
  10. couldn't we just call Trump's space force and let them handle this? just an idea.
  11. we're going to need bigger pants pocket
  12. i was under the impression that was the case, well... you can't say it "only been on the upward trend" when it is in free fall since january, i do understand what you say but you are bending or "trumping" the truth
  13. wasn't bitcoin's in general supposed to be the anti establishment thing, against the currency manipulation bullshit, against big banks, stocks, etc created to avoid another crash like the 2007... so now they are just a normal stock, i'm confused
  14. my house is burning down, still it's better than last year when i didn't even had a house.
  15. short answer: no long answer: no way