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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI X370 Gaming PRO
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    16 Gb DDR4 Kingston Fury Hyper X
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    RX 580 8Gb strix (maybe temporary or not)
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    Nox Hummer ZS
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    250gb Samsung 850 Evo SSD + 650 GB Samsung HDD 7200rpm
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    XFX TS 550W Bronze
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    AOC 27" 144Hz FreeSync
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    windows 10 - 64bits
  1. a clear case of "i'm not as smart as i think i am". You are right, even with exe blocked it updated. And worst then apparently even removed all traces of the program, as i seen that it is always running but you can't see it in task manager. That is some high level shit. I finally deleted it for god from the laptop. I was not using it on the desktop no more.
  2. RTX Reviews

    see it this way you buy a RTX 2080ti but get a GTX2080ti until they came up with software, then 2080ti should have come down on pricing and then you will have a overpriced RTX 2080ti used. It's all a matter of perspective
  3. Which CPU????!!!! Thanks

    you said under 300$ all caps. Make up your mind
  4. Ryzen 5 2400g apu

    you should be able to OC that memory ... or not. Well try it.
  5. Which CPU????!!!! Thanks

    less then 300$, then 8700k and 2700x are out. Get a 2600x
  6. RTX Reviews

    just compare titan Xp with 1080ti and then 1080ti with 2080ti, you'll have your answer. just watch GN's video on that
  7. i'm still on 5.46, just blocked the .exe on the firewall. This is not rocket science folks
  8. Amazon.uk defective product return costs.

    the OP did not mention if it where 1 or 100 dead pixels, so that was not also what i was replying. Assuming there is defect then warranty... if not... then no warranty the question becomes irrelevant. I have no idea really about the amount of dead pixels to become a warranty case. My monitors/phones never had a dead pixel and i expect never to get one (knock on wood). I guess i don't cheap out on quality I don't even get why the OP wants so badly to buy a monitor with dead pixels, To Each His own, i was just commenting the warranty and shipping case.
  9. Amazon.uk defective product return costs.

    yes, EU law.
  10. Amazon.uk defective product return costs.

    any seller in the EU has to cover cost repair and shipping both ways in that case, it's irrelevant if it is Amazon.uk or any other site. Still note they are exiting EU in March so that may well end then.
  11. Did the EU actually ban memes?

    no, there still is not an actual law about that.
  12. RTX Reviews

    "all the preorders have sold out so obviously people must have lots of money falling off their buts" by Paul's Hardware on the money people, on the money. Not a single game or decent demo. Oh come on Nvidia
  13. RTX Reviews

    Nvidia looks like Intel, ask for a lot and give little in return. Come on all this wait for this? They need competition.
  14. Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    Sony spokesperson also added "And this is why we can't be bothered with retro compatibility, suckers!"
  15. Overheating?

    probably needs a software and hardware cleaning, but it's a school laptop so i guess you really shouldn't do much other than close unused programs.