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    Pentium G4560 - 3.5Ghz - 2 cores 4 threads
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    MSI H110m PRO D
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    16 Gb DDR4 Kingston Fury Hyper X @ 2133Mhz
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    RX 470 Asus Strix OC 4 Gb
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    Nox Hummer ZS
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    250gb Samsung 850 Evo SSD + 650 GB Samsung HDD 7200rpm
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    XFX TS 550W Bronze non-modular
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    Asus VX 229H - 1080p 60Hz
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    windows 10 - 64bits

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  1. removing edge is always a solution, it isn't one click easy but it's possible and it's also not that hard
  2. Ryzen does not use more memory, but it does need faster memory, are you sure you're not mixing what you were told?
  3. Have I been scammed???

  4. please read the next couple posts i wrote. i guess it only makes sense if it applies to strix not rog.
  5. [CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES] Steam Game Giveaway!

    congrats to the winner.
  6. bitcoin

    agree. i still think that crypto only makes sense to small payments or transactions, a real link to the real economic will kill them in that they will be so close to the way fiats work they will be useless. If they could at least separate us from the banks that would be a nice improvement, i mean me sending you money with no middle man. But i'm skeptic
  7. for my part sorry if it was me that made the topic go on a loop, i did not read the 11 pages, just wanted to comment because of the WAN show mentioning it.
  8. DIY console

    you can do it, just install windows OS instead of xbox OS on it
  9. it could be ROG, i'm still not convinced it's that kind of move. If you look at a strix card, most of the branding in the box is actually strix. ROG occupies a lot less space on the box. That's what they don't want, and being on the side of the devil, i still think it makes marketing sense because it washes the separation of amd and nvidia brands. And the boxes are really similar comparing 1080ti and vega for example. It's more marketing needs than actually trying some evil move in my opinion If it affects the alienware example you gave then i must change my position, it's a shitty move. But as pure marketing you never want your brand to be washed by strix or whatever, i still bet that's all that is in place here. Still i can be wrong, it happened in the past . I didn't even consider something like this could affect the alienware case because it would be going from "it kind of makes sense" to "this people are insane", it's a big leap as a video card is very different from a full pc, it was lots of other brands involved, a video card is nvidia and the brand the partners creates for it and that's it.
  10. i don't think alienware applies because it's a full PC not a partner brand for a card. I think it only applies to AIB's . If that was true the it would be more problematic. Still ROG brands cards and full PC's so it might be confusing, i bet it only applies to Strix and not ROG. But i'm guessing and trying to make sense out of this. Regarding the rest as to a strict business sense it actually makes sense not to want Strix for example to be a brand for amd and nvidia because this companies spend a lot of money to distinguish themselves and it certainly can create some brand confusion to uninformed consumer that may want a Strix card and not care or even know if it is nvidia or amd. They certainly don't want to allow this and i bet it's what Nvidia is after. They want consumers to choose Nvidia and that there is no confusing between their gpu and amd's gpu's. Distinguish themselves. I'm not defending Nvidia, still trying to see the other side of this issue. But this is something that makes sense and in court would actually not get them into any trouble. Stopping or even trying to stop Amd chips on alienware pc's that would be a different issue, and i don't think Nvidia or their lawyers are that insane. I still don't see a big issue, all partners would create a new sub brand for amd, and i think it's a useless move by Nvidia as most buyers of this product are not blindly buying strix, but the actual bundle.
  11. bitcoin

    that helps them (companies) but it changes nothing for the customer, you still don't own your own information, you still can't do anything without them, you can't send money to someone without asking them to do it. I guess that's the all point. It's like P2P, Microsoft uses it so they don't have to invest in servers, but for the users its really "who cares if it's server or P2P". The main use of P2P is you being able to transfer files without the "middle man".
  12. bitcoin

    the difference as i see it, and the selling point for crypto currencies, is it's decentralization, no one owns the information. In a traditional bank your bank owns your information.
  13. i saw the WAN show and still don't get the drama. I get that Nvidia made the partners join the GPP almost by force removing them any freedom to say no, but there are a lot of markets where this happens, it's actually pretty normal for this to happen when one of the parts have more power than the rest. But i still don't see the anti competitive part, at most partners had to create a new subbrand for AMD products, i guess it sucks for the partners, more marketing, but it's not the end of the world and for consumers i guess it matters zero, you don't buy a ROG or a Strix you buy some other premium name, strax by democracy of gamers They don't remove ability to sell AMD products nor could they, that would be illegal and not in a soft way, that would probably be a serious problem for Nvidia.
  14. microsoft software protection platform service, high CPU load

    shouldn't it be disabled, i use a antivirus