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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9ghz
  • Motherboard
    Biostar x370gt3
  • RAM
    HP 2x 8gb ddr4 2400mhz
  • GPU
    RX580 8gb
  • Case
    Modified Apple powermac G4 case
  • Storage
    250gb crucial MX500 ssd
  • PSU
    Corsair VX450
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 + OSX Sierra

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  1. So where do you think it got your files for the 1st time? out of thin air? Do you expect your files to magically appeared offline, instantly? LOL
  2. OneDrive is a cloud storage, you will need to download all the data first to have it offline.
  3. Is this new? You may have a broken drive or a fake drive. There are many fake drives that claim to have 32gb but in reality it only has 2 or 4gb.
  4. no don't clean, wiping a drive same as resetting, it will destroy all data. data recovery can only save at best 30%. even if you messed up the convertion and you cant restore the partition, if not wiped, the data will still be there, can be recovered one way or another. my suggestion is not using the diskpart and just let the partition program do it for you.
  5. All you can do basically is adding more ram and SSD. Some laptops which have a PGA cpu can be upgraded like the Lenovo T440. GPU can be upgraded if it has a modular design (MXM) found in some workstation class laptops, this is very rare and the tech is abandoned in new laptops. For the HDD you can use / replace the CDROM slot and put in a HDD caddy for extra hdd bay.
  6. Just be sure to not format the drive, once formatted your data will be corrupted. Conversion is okay though if done properly.
  7. https://thepcenthusiast.com/freesync-monitors-that-are-compatible-with-g-sync/
  8. Yes, but not all monitor supported.
  9. You need to access it with a 64bit operating system. Your pc and your TV might have a 32bit OS.
  10. The old monitor has gsync. The new one is freesync. You will need an AMD GPU for it. And you won't be getting more HZ, it depends on the cpu+gpu performance.
  11. yeah i know the concept, so you would be using a obs / capture card from the hdmi? if that's the case i don't know what benefit from the soundcard other than better mic / sound input (which is hardly measurable), even the onboard is good enough with less problem.
  12. not familiar with 2pc streaming, but still i don't see the benefit having it for the second one for streaming.
  13. for streaming the onboard is good enough. get the soundblaster if you enjoy it for yourself.