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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this but here it goes. We received some boards from the board-house with some various issues. One of which is possible delamination of the solder mask. Or at least that's what we think it is. I don't know what the IPC standard is for something like this partly because I'm not sure what it is and if it's bad or not. Our customer (whom this board will go to), is pretty picky about how their boards turn out. The simple thing we could do is just ask them if it's ok their boards have this but perhaps they don't know what it is and we would look pretty foolish if we asked them about it clueless ourselves. We are already in contact with the board-house on this matter. Beyond making ourselves look foolish as it is not knowing what this is, I turn to the community. Any ideas?
  2. I would agree with you on this. We haven't requested anything from this board house before so it's a new experience for all of us.
  3. I could maybe see the glue not curing. You can't feel any bumps or anything so it's tough to think it's air. However, maybe it's one in the same. Where there may have been bits of air could maybe cause the glue to cure improperly. Then after they were pressed together any bumps could have been removed. Honestly I really don't know. They test ok but I just wish I knew what it was from.
  4. Putting this out there if anyone knows or has any info about this sort of phenomenon. We received some rigid flex boards the other day and noticed some strange discoloration on them. We don't have any info about if they are good or bad or what even causes it. To me it almost looks like either a stain or burns. When you run your fingers across them, you feel no bumps or uneveness to them at all. I personally don't know the process of making a rigid flex therefore I don't know how this could be possible. There isn't anything in IPC that talks about it either. If you guys have any info or experience on this, let me know.
  5. I'm looking for the best option for printing fixtures for an in-line reflow oven that won't melt or deform up to 300c. I would prefer an esd plastic but it doesn't have to be. Any suggestions?
  6. applied this fix to both the main computer and the laptop and everything works perfectly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  7. I'm attempting to file share from my main windows 10 computer to my windows 10 laptop. The laptop cannot see the main computer under networking. However, the laptop CAN see and access my wife's windows 7 computer just fine. Also the main computer can see all of the other computers on the network just fine and my roomate's windows 10 desktop can see my main computer and access it just fine as well. I've tried changing some firewall settings on the router and on both the laptop and the main computer and it still doesn't show up. Also the main computer can't see the laptop either. i know it has to do with the wifi since ive had many similar issues as this with other devices trying to connect together (such as system link with xbox or remote play with ps4). Plus for some reason I can see the main computer's "Media Device" under "Network" which opens windows media player but shows no media. Any help you guys can provide would be great.
  8. there is a d3400 going on sale soon at the store that i work at which sounds pretty good and and solid choice but of course im also concerned about thermals. i know the mirror-less cameras can run cooler but im just so unsure! lol thanks for the help. i'll keep an eye out.
  9. So I'm researching some cameras and I've come across a few that could work for my needs without being too expensive but I think i need more help here. I'm really looking for a camera that will record long sessions without a problem and also be used as a Webcam. I know there are a lot of Canon and nikon DSLRs that will work with programs like digicam. But I also found a nex-7 which isn't listed. However, the nex-6 is. Has anyone gotten the 7 to work with it? Also any other recommendations for something around $300? Keep in mind I also have hdmi capture for my computer.
  10. i kinda figured. still seams weird that it works great in OBS Classic
  11. So I'm trying to dedicate one of my GPU's (GT 1030) to OBS Studio. It works really well in OBS Classic when I select the GT 1030, just doesn't work with OBS Studio. According to my research the GT 1030 has the ability to use NVENC encoding (which I also tested in Classic and works). Then again when I select "GPU 1 in OBS Studio under the NVENC setting at fails to start recording. So why would OBS Classic work but OBS Studio not. What bothers me more is I found some videos that claim the GT 7xx series through the gt 10xx series don't have encoders. Do I need a GTX??
  12. How far can you stretch an I/O docking station and by what method is best. Personally I'm looking to get no more than 50ft with is a tall order. I have 2 HDMI cables, 1 component cable (with audio), 1 usb 2.0, and 1 ethernet cable going from my desktop in the basement to my studio room on the top floor. It's really about 40ft for each cable but the extra is nice to have. I would like to combine all of that to 1 cable and in one of Linus' personal rig updates, he used a Thunderbolt Cable to go between his personal rig and his peripherals in the other room. I have a feeling Thunderbolt is much like usb where it can't go beyond 10ft without some sort of repeater or extender on the cable. I thought about a type of optical cable but those are crazy expensive for this type of project.