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  1. Ernie11

    unRaid and MetaTrader 4

    Simple solution that works. I didnt even think about it.
  2. Ernie11

    Home Server Usage Ideas

    Hello WereCatf, Im in the process of upgrading mine. I currently dont have a raid nas just a computer with HDDs running windows 8. Below is what I use it now for and what I want with the upgrade. I completely understand the wanting to build one to expand your knowledge and tinker since thats the reason I built my windows 8 "nas" in the first place. Then I started to find more and more reasons to need one once I started to tinker and saw how useful it is. The way I see it you can have all these things run in the "background" of any computer but having a designated system thats always on running all these in the "background" of your house really makes a difference. And the benefit is that its not taking up your personal computers resources and the setup wont mind if your personal computer is not on or not on the local network. Its like a brain for your house. Figure out what you want to run in the "background" of you house and ideas will come up. Good Luck. Now: - Media Server ([Edit] all the movies and TV shows are stored on it) -- Sonarr -- Radarr -- Jackett -- Deluge -- Kodi (this "nas" is connected to a TV. - MetaTrader 4 - Backup for my laptop With the upgraded nas: - Everything on the before (still seeing how im going to run MetaTrader 4) - OwnCload - Home Assistant - PiHole - Backup to all the computers in my house - Lidarr
  3. Ernie11

    unRaid and MetaTrader 4

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about unRaid. I still haven't built the nas but I got everything planned out except for one part. Metatrader 4. Can unRaid run Metatrader 4 like it can Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett, and Deluge? I ask this because right now I have a "nas" that's a windows 8 with just HDDs connected but no raid. I can run all the programs mentioned but I haven't been able to see anything about Metatrader 4. Thanks, Ernie
  4. Hello Dionkoffie, To do this dont I need a server running with the image at all times? Do you know of a guide that can explain this setup and maybe a step by step? E.
  5. Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out with this idea. I tried looking it up but I might not be using the correct words. I would like to have a desktop and a laptop but that both are identical. What I mean is, if im at home using the desktop and lets say I make a word document and change my wallpaper. When I leave the house and take the laptop I would like to open it and have the same thing on the laptop already there. The word document in the same place as its on the desktop and the wallpaper changed as well. I dont want to use something like teamview, I would like it to always be local. I can then open the same word document and keep working and it will also update on my desktop when I get back home. I have seen the docking stations but the problem is I would like a higher performance desktop and a light weight laptop. If I get a high performance laptop it wont be light weight. Thanks in advance. E.