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    Czech Republic


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    i7-8700k @5GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Prime Z370-A
  • RAM
    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 2x8 GB 3200MHz CL16
  • GPU
    ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 11GBPS
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    Corsair Crystal Series 460X
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    Samsung Evo 970 500GB, Intel 240GB SSD
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    Corsair RM750x
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    27" Acer XB271HUAbmiprz Predator, 24" BenQ GW2480
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    Corsair H100i v2
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Razer Basilisk
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    HyperX Cloud Flight
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    Windows 10 Pro
  1. Hello guys, I have a quick question. I'm going to be building a PC for my friend. He had a special request and that is that he wants black and white aesthetics. So we went with the new P400A with the ARGB fans in white. The RGB software of choice is Asus AURA. The thing is the motherboard we've picked is ASUS X470 Prime Pro and that one doesn't have a 3pin connector but we both really like the boards aesthetics and will fit the build perfetctly so we would love to not to have to pick a different motherboard. My question is: Is there a way to sync up the Adressable RGB fans that come with the case via some sort of a terminal that connects to the motherboard via USB and not the 3pin ARGB header or is there no such thing?
  2. I have a serious issue with The Division 2 and I'm helpless. I've been playing for a few hours past two days with no issues at all on my high refresh rate monitor. I didn't do anything, didn't even restart the PC and suddenly the next launch of the game is locked at 60fps no matter what I do. Turning on and then off again of v-sync, frame limiter, refresh rate itself etc. didn't work. The only thing that works is playing in windowed mode. My specs are 8700k with 1080ti and 16GB of 3200MHz RAM. My monitor is 1440p 165Hz. It's driving me insane and makes the game borderline unplayable for me (first world problems I know). I even tried the ingame benchmark and when fullscreen it's locked to 60 with GPU utilization around 60%, when I press alt+enter to exit fullscreen to windowed it suddenly spikes up to like 100 fps and usage to full load. I am completely clueless how to make the god damned game run at my native refresh rate.
  3. Also guys above are right, I wouldn't use the A-320 motherboard for anything above Ryzen 3, it is a very basic board meant for CPUS like the Athlon 200GE or Ryzen 3s, using a 6c/12t and the more power hungry X version really seems like you're pushing your luck. The VRMs are really getting tested there.
  4. Yeah but the 6GB VRAM isn't very comforting at 1440p, I can see it not being enough in some games.
  5. I have a 1440p 165Hz monitor and I feel like my GTX 1080 is just about right for the resolution and refresh rate. Anything below that would be a not enjoyable performance for me.
  6. Yep, the RX580 sounds about right. Recommended manufacturer is probably Sapphire from me.
  7. Bigger heatsink with three fans instead of two means that the card will run cooler while being less loud. I'd say that triple fan is worth it for the 2070. Lower temps should also mean that the card will sustain a higher boost clock which is directly dependant on the tempreature of the card even if the final result is a couple more fps.
  8. As I mentioned before, I'm playing at 165Hz and 1440p and when I check the usage of my GPU and CPU I just feel underwhelmed that the CPU is at 100% almost all the time while the GTX 1080 is around 70% so I'd like them both to be equal, also I'm not reaching those 165fps that I desire with the 165hz monitor. I know it's not going to be that much better performance improvement, but it's definitely going to be noticable from what I've gathered so far. Also it's either this or a new expensive phone and I just prefer to have my sexy desktop up to scratch.
  9. Interesting... Can you elaborate a little more about the solder? How much does it affect the thermals?
  10. Hi guys, I have a GTX 1080 and I'm looking to upgrade basically everything but the GPU and drives. I got an i5-4670k @4,3GHz right now and am looking to upgrade to 8700k. So the question is: Should I wait for the 9th gen Intel or just grab the current i7 at slightly lower prices than when released. I need just gaming performance, no rendering or workstation stuff is intended for this build. I'm gaming at 1440p, 165Hz. Games I play are mainly PUBG, Dota 2 and any new good release. If the rumors of the i7 getting rid of hyperthreading and giving it to just i9 and making the i9 cheaper doesn't sound great to me. My school mate also said something about that the new gen having better TIM under the IHS and slighlty better clock (cca 200 MHz). Since Coffee lake came out around this time last year is it worth waiting slighlty longer for what most likely will be just a refresh of CL? It's still going to be 14nm right? I just want to grab a new pc ASAP since both pubg and dota both are getting bottlenecked by the CPU. So what do you guys think? I'm open to any suggestions. Thank you very much if you've made it this far and have a nice day.
  11. I think you mean a different monitor, AG271QX is listed as S-TN.
  12. I'm deciding between these two monitors. Price is not the issue (they cost almost the same in my country) They have exactly the same features. And since my current monitors are plain 1080p 60hz TN I really can't tell which one should I get. Or you could also suggest me a different one within the similar price range. The criteria are: 27", 1440p, 144hz. Thanks in advance guys.