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    Ryzen 7 1800X
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    AsRock AB350M Pro4 Micro ATX
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4x8GB) @ 2933
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080TI SC2
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    Fractal Design Define Mini C Micro ATX
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    Samsung 960 Evo 250GB M.2 NVMe/1TB EVO 850 (x2)
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    EVGA Supernova 650 G3 80+ Gold 650W
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    LG 27UD58-B 27.0" 4K @ 60Hz
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    NH-U12S SE-AM4
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    Logitech G213
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    Windows 10 (x64) Fall Creator's Update

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  1. Larger font Cherry MX backlit keycaps?

    G710+ = $40 Corsair Keycaps = $49 Frugal Man's faux K95 = $89 (Got the new keyboard on eBay for 40 dollars)
  2. Larger font Cherry MX backlit keycaps?

    I'm going to get the Corsari PBT set and replace the G710+ keycaps with it.
  3. Larger font Cherry MX backlit keycaps?

    K95 Platinum vs. G710+ From what I can see, the bottom row spacing is identical. I don't care about RGB, so if the keycaps fit, I'd like to get the PBT set for it and basically have a frugal man's version of the K95 platinum. The keycaps on the 710+ are pretty bad font-wise to me, but the board itself is solid.
  4. Larger font Cherry MX backlit keycaps?

    Does the Corsair board use non-standard stabilizers for the bigger keys?
  5. Larger font Cherry MX backlit keycaps?

    I did some research. Here's the comparison between the Corsair and Logitech spacing on the bottom row. They look identical. [LCTRL] [WIN] [LALT] [SPACE] [RALT] [WIN] [MENU] [RCTRL] 1.5 1 1.25 6.5 1.25 1 1 1.5 1.5 1 1.25 6.5 1.25 1 1 1.5
  6. Larger font Cherry MX backlit keycaps?

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. I have a Logitech 710+ and I'd like to maybe put some larger font keycaps on it because I find the font it uses a bit small and also the secondary elements aren't backlit. Do you think I could use a Corsair set on it? Their font is much bigger.
  8. Cherry MX Blue for gaming?

    I have been gaming on my MX Blue keyboard for a few weeks and I haven't had any real problems. I also found a Brown version of the same keyboard for basically nothing, so I'm going to A/B compare them and decide which one I like best and sell the other, but in general, I'd say it doesn't take much to adapt to either, and I do like the feel of the click (but the noise is a bit much at times, particularly if I'm typing fast.
  9. Okay. I just thought maybe the spacebar, etc. had some sort of different mechanism under the keycap, since it's so much longer.
  10. I am going to get a puller first, but I didn't know if the spacebar and other odd-shaped keys were different somehow.
  11. I have a Logitech G710+ with Cherry MX Blue switches. I'd like to install o-ring dampeners on them, but this is my first mechanical keyboard and I've never pulled keycaps before. The spacebar, etc. (the non-standard size keys) make me nervous. I don't want to break anything, so I'm seeking tips and guidance before jumping into the fray.
  12. GTX 1070Ti vs GTX 1080 - RYZEN 5 1600.

    I went with the 1070Ti on my Ryzen 1600 because it was a) cheaper b) more power efficient c) overclockable to virtually identical performance to the 1080 d) cooler and quieter.
  13. Mechanical Keyboard search

    The Logitech G710+ comes in a Cherry MX Blue variant (and it comes with pre-installed o-rings). I was looking for something like what you described and just bought one myself, but I haven't received it yet.
  14. With the Noctua U-12S, the 3.6 base clock auto overclocks, even at default UEFI/BIOS settings, to 3.7 and it reaches the 4.1XFR easily. Not sure what triggers it to go there, but I've seen both states, as illustrated here.
  15. Yeah, like I said, I'm trying to strike a balance, and for me, I'm not trying push it too hard. I just wanted to bring the temps and voltages under control and when I saw the spikes and higher idle temps at stock voltage and clocks, I thought undervolting from 1.35 (default) to 1.3 manually, which resulted in a max under load voltage of 1.34, might be a better option. Just not sure what's the better option.