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  1. I think the system should not slow down that way despite so many tab (due to memory capacity clocks and cores ) I believe that what was slowing you down was windows managing the memory swap folder which tries to take of the load off of RAM and writes it into the hard disk that would lead to some bottlenecks.. Any chance you try to run the without a swap file (so that everything will load on RAM directly and nothing else) ?
  2. Ok sorry about that I was confused because I read only the response and I happened to have opened a thread about RAM sticks myself and thought it was in that thread you are the guy that wants to have an APU so yea buy 2(so that you will have dual channel speeds) very fast sticks of DDR4 RAM if the budget is for the ram only then you can buy a G.skill trident Z 3200 cl14 16GB kit (the cl number is important you will also see it in listings as c14 which is the same thing the "14" is what's important) it is the fastest memory you can buy with the money you are willing to spend as far as I am aware of.
  3. Well you got me a little confused here... Your first motherboard supports DDR3 and has only 2 slots = you either stay as you are or ditch the two sticks you already have and add two sticks of higher capacity if you want to increase that, there is no other way. The motherboard you are going to buy is a AM4 motherboard.. this means two important things 1) you cant use your current CPU with that motherboard its a different brand and generation.. you have to buy an AM4 compatible CPU (so AMD ) 2) you cant use your current ram sticks since they are DDR3 and your motherboard supports DDR4 (totally incompatible with each other) and this one again has only two slots for ram... I advise you to buy a motherboard with 4 slots for future expansion unless you are totally sure 2 slots are good for you... So there isnt any decision to make you need to buy a new ram kit either way (and a new CPU if you are going to purchase that board).
  4. What kinda board you have? what are the clocks and speeds of your current ram ?
  5. Generally no but in a way it does... What do I mean by that? Memory(RAM) affects your gaming when you are using an APU you need DUAL channel and the fastest (in terms of frequency) and with the lowest latency clocks possible e.g a 3200 cl14 memory kit you also need kinda lot.. not because the APU is going to use it all but if you have only 8GB for example then your system (especially when browsing with multiple tabs) is going to use most of it and then there would be no spare for your APU.... So motherboard plays a role in the sense that it does need to support high frequencies for RAM and maybe have more than two slots (incase you already have 2 sticks of e.g 4GB each and instead of buying a new kit you would like to add an other 2 sticks )
  6. I have two 16 GB Trident Z cl14@3200 RGB kits (so 4 sticks in total 8GB each ) same partnumber same clocks voltages etc I just didnt buy a 32 GB kit of four sticks because I bought those two kits at different timepoints. I plan to install those kits on a TUF x570 board but I dont have it at hand... My guts and previous experience tells me that this should work without issue but nowadays you never know what silly restriction manufacturers add so that they can profit more... I am concerned now if this will fail since I also installed a 2 stick 32GB trident Z kit on an other rig (taichi z370 ) and the thing would not boot unless I put a particular stick on first slot... (like it has 4 slots A B C D according to the manual in order to have dual channel with two sticks I need to install them on slot B and D but if I put stick 1 on B and stick 2 on D it wouldnt boot I had to put stick 2 on B and stick 1 on D lol go figure.. ) So since I will have to wait for a week or so until the TUF board arrives and have time to spare reading forums and whatnot what's your opinion on this? will it work or should I buy new ram ?
  7. Well PCs dont die... I mean most of the time if there is an issue it would be a software one or worst case scenario one part is going to die or a couple of them (e.g the PSU could die and burn somthing along with it. I would be mildly distressed since I have a laptop so I could use it as a backup until I fix the issue at hand.
  8. Just out of curiosity why would you like to make an operating software in the first place?
  9. There is a difference between "doing some videos" and "doing them right" numerous times I saw them being oblivious about basic stuff (but I dont waste my long term memory on such things thus I cant remember exactly what in which videos but it could be something basic like the difference between PCI and PCIe etc)
  10. he should find those others though... besides the linux guy the "other" currently on roster dont seem to know much about computers
  11. I have mixed feelings for this. Obviously seeing a child in distress is saddening but on the other hand people suffer and we cant help them all... On top of that its about making a computer... I believe he lives in the US even with a McD job he eventually will be able to save some money and get a decent rig together especially if he gets the parts with installments so it's a non issue I think and I know it sounds kinda cruel but that's how it goes... linus doesnt make giveaways which eventually will turn into revenue (by adding traffic and whatnot through the participation process/exposure) unless the giveaway is completely free for him (sponsored hardware given to ltt for free in order to proxy the giveaway) I doubt he do anything about it but for this particular situation I could not exactly blame him either although he and his family did benefit vastly from giveaways -that's how he became a huge channel by asking for donations- but again I dont see anything happen for that poor fella.
  12. well nobody seemed to bother giving a hand but just incase someone else in the near future comes up with the same dilemma the two boards which are close in range moneywise to the taichi ultimate x470 (or in other words to a top tier x470 board) are these two: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi (7B93-001R) cheaper out of the two with a weaker but still robust vrm and most of the bells and whistles + MSI has a good bios imo. and ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ~80 euro more expensive but has a good enough VRM for OC or to keep the clocks on the dynamic OC of ryzen 3 as high as possible daisy chained RAM slots which adds to stability better audio and everything you would need + some not so necessary but still nice touches like 2.5Gbps lan and it also looks better imo again. In other words this is the best mobo you can get at the moment for x570 if you dont want to spent ridiculous amounts of money on the motherboard but also not want to cheap out on it.
  13. best bang for the buck --> for the pricerange I am willing to spend (taichi ultimate costs about 230 euros where I live so 200-260 pricerange or thereabout) Which means that I dont want to lose all the other benefits Taichi ultimate provides completely only to gain PCI 4. some of them ok but not all of them... Its a tricky situation I know but that's why I made a topic on it to discuss it otherwise I would just go to geizhals.eu (or a site like pcpartpicker if I was american) and filter the cheapest ATX am4 x570 mobo wouldnt I?
  14. It's a nice mobo but quite barebone and cheaper than what I am shooting for (the taichi x470 ultimate) I am sure there is a better one at that price point, even better would be a reference from someone that has actually used the mobo he/she is referring thanks.
  15. So I have a ryzen 5 3600x CPU and 4 sticks of DDR4 CL14 @ 3200Mhz totaling 32GB (Gskill trident z rgb) I want the best bang for the buck mobo but I dont have much money to invest on this rig So I am eyeing a Asrock Taichi ultimate x470 mobo which almost has everything I need I say almost because I would like it to have PCI 4.0 so that I can stick faster NVMe drives to it.... Do you have a better or equally good x570 mobo in mind that wont cost a lot more than the asrock one? thanks.