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  1. 64GB RAM for Ryzen 1700

    Ripjaws has pretty good compatibility for Ryzen but I don't know whether 4x16GB sticks are supported.
  2. Meshify C vs NZXT H500

    Maybe but I don't have that case and I still am biased towards it. If I can ever afford a good gaming PC in India that's the case I want.
  3. When you are spying on your ex through a secret webcam feed...
  4. Cheap school/gaming laptop

    What about the HP Omen with the i5-8300H and GTX 1050TI and 1TB HDD and 128GB SSD and also comes with 12GB RAM. It s about 850 USD so even on converting that to AUD its around 1200. IDK if its available though. I think cooling is decent but fans spin up a lot. The panels probably low sRGB but better than others. @Quintavious V Check whether its available in your country. Also instead of building a separate rig if you could increase your budget to around 1400 AUD or so you could get a better gaming laptop with better panels, more performance and possibly better battery life under light use.
  5. Cheap school/gaming laptop

    The 3GB VRAM is limiting and heat output is more than a 1050TI. Besides I don't think he will find a 1060 laptop in his budget.
  6. Maybe he should just find out how long it will take for the Omen to come into stock and then look at other models.
  7. Cheap school/gaming laptop

    For a 1050TI laptop at that budget with good battery life there aren't many options but don't get that MSI not a good value for money. I looked at newegg for Australia but the Dell G series is overpriced and same applies for new Omen series. Any other online retailers in Australia.
  8. My laptop's speakers are not working

    Just check the Lenovo website for latest drivers and download them. Then install them and hopefully it works. If you can't find drivers on lenovo's website then go to Intel's website and search for drivers for the name of the controller. Also try out older drivers.
  9. Macbook pro 2016 vs 2018

    No honestly if you definitely want Apple get the 2016 model it looks much better spec wise. If I remember the 2018 MacBook Pro has some "Truetone" shit, Hey Siri support, a thin membrane around keys to protect against dust, but it won't change much, just clean your laptop with a microfibre once a week. Also the 2018 Pros have now way to take off stored data in the event of a motherboard failure. The SSD is soldered. So if your laptop decides to brick itself, all data lost.
  10. Is that for all sources or just YouTube and what browser do you use?? Edge has tons of issues with YT audio. I solved problems by finding older stable drivers for my chipset. Also go though all audio settings and make sure they seem all right. Also does your laptop have an equalizer software set it to default or flat. Do the issues persist with headphones???
  11. Amp for M40X

    The M40X are pretty good unless he wants to spend close to 250+$ or maybe try open backed. @Lsat0902 Spend the money on getting good quality audio content to listen to.
  12. Best Wireless Headphones Under $150?

    Do you really need Bluetooth otherwise get Audiotechnica M40X and add on a Bluetooth receiver. Otherwise the Sennheiser HD 4.5 is a good option with great sound relatively speaking.
  13. AT M40x VS M50x

    ATH M40X.I recently got these with the Brainwavz angled ear pads. I read tons of reviews before buying and many people in this forum recommended it. The angled ear pads do make it slightly bulkier but they sound way better and more comfortable with those. The stock earpads are decent but compared to these they feel like hard plastic. The M50X aren't worth the extra bucks even for bassheads as you lose tons of detail. And the M40X get loud enough on my laptop, HP Envy x360 and even 20 or 30 is enough volume even 50 is crazy. At 100% volume I literally take off my headphones and use them as speakers. I think this laptop has a very good internal DAC. However on phones and tablets especially budget ones they don't sound as loud. I think a portable DAC would solve it but at max volume its still perfectly fine. Completely agree. You could literally copy and paste these posts for anyone who asks for a sub 200$ wired headphone. That's how good they are. However one thing to note. The angled ear pads slightly crush the frame of my spectacles but not as much as other headphones I have used.
  14. Headphones

    Sennheiser PXC 550 is also good but I don't think comfort is as good as Sony or Bose.
  15. Maybe but in India and other smaller countries amazon.in is the cheapest way for people to buy most things especially electronics and other imported items.