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    YouTube Tech, Science, Cars and other Quirky stuff.
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    Nothing much, just a kid in Grade 11 pursuing a "science stream".
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    Intel i7 8550U -115mV offset
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    HP 83C8
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    Samsung 16GB RAM 2400MHz(Pricefixed ofc)
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    Intel UHD 620 -80mV offset
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    Seagate 1TB 5400RPM HDD
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    45W brick with US plug in Indian socket.
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    1080p 59Hz 250 nits(Looks like 200) glossy IPS panel.
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    Metal chassis + heart, blood, arteries and sweat.
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    Generic PHP input device
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    Dell Optical Mouse + Shitty Synaptics Trackpad
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    AudioTechnica M40X with BrainWavz Angled Earpads
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    Windows 10

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  1. Oh so that solves IS uh? Interesting but I feel the G85 does take better photos because they removed a certain filter and it does seem to be a good value. That's what I'm leaning towards. Later if I save up maybe I can decide and settle on one particular mount or brand.
  2. I know they could easily do that even if it isn't a high quality battery but they need to squeeze the profit out of these things so they don't. You probably should go to a good online retailer filter by all the important features you need and then make a list of laptops that work for you. Then look at reviews for battery life. I agree with low res screen hurting on larger displays. Also look for decent colors. Some panels are atrocious to look at. A lot of budget laptops have horrible screens. A battery bank might extend it by an hour or much more if you can get a high capacity one but that's expensive. The Envy x360 is good value, great materials on the top of the chassis and good screen though brightness could go higher. The hinge is annoying though and not reliable for long term usage.
  3. According to most reviews, it is pretty good at photo and video and is compact and has reliable, fast AF. It is supposed to have just as good photos as DSLRs like the SL3 but I think getting lenses is just as important and Sony's lenses while not limited are more expensive from my searching online.
  4. Look at deals or offers for Cyber Week or whatever it's called on the websites you use. You could find an i3 or an i5 7th or 8th gen with 8GB of RAM and a basic SSD at that price point, but battery life is probably gonna be mediocre. I did see a decent Dell Inspiron with i5 8th gen, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD for around 450$. The screen is only 720p though and I doubt anything new has a type-C at that price point with everything else you mentioned.
  5. Isn't 300 on this mount really zoomed in? Do you have any opinions on the A6100 for 750$ with a 16-50mm and a free kit?
  6. Any reason why people recommend certain telephotos over the others? Like 75-300 is mentioned a lot. Also any other lenses I should potentially look at in the near future?
  7. Any good prime lenses for the G85? Should I just look at used and new on B&H and Adorama? Also between 35mm and 50mm for over 70% shooting in indoor spaces, not very small spaces though.
  8. Would the 35mm work for video indoors? I figure the A6100 isn't worth it with a kit lens at 750$, am I right? And any other accessories a beginner like me would need?
  9. Thanks for the list. Is the crop-in significant? It just means that only a part of the total sensor is used right? Also, would 50mm prime be the right length for indoor shooting in a moderate sized room or bigger halls, etc?
  10. How good are the controls and features on that thing? I do need something that's future-proofed to some extent and it seems to fit the bill well. Any particular downsides in video?
  11. Between the G85 and the SL3 which is a better choice overall for nearly equal amounts of photo and video? I figure Canon AF is better while the video is better on the G85 and photos are better on the Canon. Since I might not upgrade for quite a while or find anything used back here in India the mount doesn't matter too much. In the long run the Canon lenses might be a better choice if I go down that path but MFT doesn't seem too bad.
  12. Never thought about that and the sensors on some of those are probably really good too. I probably have Gear acquisition syndrome before even getting any gear. Luckily, India doesn't have cheap gear and I'm just 17 or between guitars and tech, I'd be broke.
  13. I live in India and my dad's visitng the US for two weeks so it will be tough for me to go through hundreds of ebay listings and get it delivered to him so I'm sticking to dedicated websites this time. Thanks for the advice. Also, why do people use those big video recorders. I assume they had really good zoom and lenses with a lot of storage and playback features but are they still used like professionally?
  14. It is on sale and I was considering it but I think I can do the G85 which is more or less an upgraded version with better AF(don't quote me on that) and low light performance.