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About Tarun10

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  • Birthday 2002-11-15

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    YouTube Tech, Science, Cars and other Quirky stuff.
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    Nothing much, just a kid in Grade 11 pursuing a "science stream".
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  • CPU
    Intel i7 8550U -115mV offset
  • Motherboard
    HP 83C8
  • RAM
    Samsung 16GB RAM 2400MHz(Pricefixed ofc)
  • GPU
    Intel UHD 620 -80mV offset
  • Case
    Scratch and stain magnet unibody metal with plastic backplate
  • Storage
    Seagate 1TB 5400RPM HDD
  • PSU
    45W brick with US plug in Indian socket.
  • Display(s)
    1080p 59Hz 250 nits(Looks like 200) glossy IPS panel.
  • Cooling
    Metal chassis + heart, blood, arteries and sweat.
  • Keyboard
    Generic PHP input device
  • Mouse
    Dell Optical Mouse + Shitty Synaptics Trackpad
  • Sound
    AudioTechnica M40X with BrainWavz Angled Earpads
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Tarun10

    Free Editing Program???

    I didn't know it was free. But is it GPU intensive??? I have only iGPU on my laptop but I have the i7 8550U so CPU should be decent.
  2. I need free editing software for a school project. Pretty short within 5 minutes and shot on smartphones. Any recommendations for a total noob at video editing. Even a trial version that will export without a watermark is fine. Thanks in advance.
  3. Tarun10

    Curiosity. i need to know!!!

    I think you mean the LG Curved Ultrawide. A quick search should give you the exact model.
  4. Tarun10

    Can't Enable HDR on Samsung 4k HDR TV with PC

    Some cables may not work with HDR but before that make sure you have required Windows and Nvidia Drivers to support HDR. https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4040263/windows-10-hdr-advanced-color-settings You could try these fixes just in case but it is most likely the cable.
  5. Tarun10

    Is internal sata to USB a thing?

    I looked around and a few posts on other forums all say that there is no adapter or solution. I don't think you can use SATA Data cables to transfer anything but stored files from drives. It does make sense theoretically to be able to use SATA to transfer wireless receiver data but I don't think it will get the exact amount of power form a SATA power cable. And besides I don't think an OS will be able to access a USB device via SATA without some level of modding either software or hardware or both.
  6. Yeah otherwise the people here would have atleast another 2000 posts.
  7. Best to look at a reviewer on YouTube or a good website and look at color accuracy, brightness and backlight bleed or other potential problems.
  8. Tarun10

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    It sounds like a good deal but with Apple there is always a catch, I am sure there will be some deal breaker.
  9. Tarun10

    Is H115i a good cooler for i7 8700k?

    For an air cooler yes, provided fans are fine out of the box but for an AiO you might need warranty. It depends on your luck.
  10. Tarun10

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    I lost my dongle after a month and I found it a month later in my house. I ordered replacements online but they sounded so bad I returned them and used a BT adaptor.
  11. Tarun10

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    It makes sense for kids but it seems like a way to say they have a cheap iPhone. It better have a headphone jack. But I think most kids will be like, "My friend has an iPhone, I want an iPhone too not an iPod." And most people listen to music on their phones already and audiophiles won't go near it so its just a smaller iPhone with presumably a few crucial features cut out.
  12. Tarun10

    Ssd woes

    HWiNFO would have done that for you. Or you could have opened your laptop and looked at the brand label.
  13. I though that went without saying. Like the fact that Linus will drop something at every booth in CES.
  14. If you plan to shoot videos learn to edit well, color, lighting and focus matter just as much as resolution.
  15. Tarun10

    Is H115i a good cooler for i7 8700k?

    The NH-D15S is available for around 89$ with shipping. The NHD-15 is not available at a reasonable price except with AMD mounting hardware. But OP could get a Artic Freezer for 30 USD and upgrade case for better airflow.