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  1. Ok. Then what about the throttling issue. Service center told to replace entire motherboard. Can it be just power IC problem?
  2. Recently my laptop is facing current and power limit throttling. Sometimes the power is showing plugged out and plugged in again when using charger . I tried every possible fix I can do from internet. I tried repasting, Undervolting, changing with power limits, increasing power limits, checking with another same charger with same ratings but nothing worked. Later I went to service center and they told to replace motherboard. They told something regarding with power and motherboard should be replaced. im thinking if it just the power IC problem, can it be replaced? Laptop is ASUS GL-503GE I5-8300H 8Gb ram GTX 1050Ti
  3. This chipset is at the bottom of my laptop. Just found out when I tried to repasting. Neither an cooling pad nor any cooling system for that. It's just above the battery. Is it a controller like north or south bridge?
  4. While throttling fps drops to 20 and gets back after ~20 seconds.
  5. I get it. I know throttling is not to bypass the threshold. But my main point is why suddenly I'm getting throtling. Previously I didn't got any throttling when using the same tasks but why now.
  6. Asus gl503ge I5 -8300h 8gb ddr4 2666mhz Gtx 1050ti 4gb
  7. Previously every games works fine. Very few times thermal throttling. But not power and current limit throttling. Why suddenly it came
  8. Asus rog GL503GE btw I5-8300h 8gb ddr4 2666mhz Gtx 1050ti 4gb I get power and current limit throttling is good. But this happens suddenly out of no where. Previously I was able to run most of the game whithout any problem. Why now.
  9. When playing games for 20 minutes and more its starting to get power limit throttled. Sometimes current limit throttled. This happened from past month. I am using a under volt of -0.125 v from the beginning of this usage by testing benchmarks and so. And this charging cable was patched (i don't know whether the problem is this or not). Reinstalled the OS, re pasted, under volt don't know what to else. sometimes current limit throttling appears. very rarely thermal throttles. What must be the problem.