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  1. Gonna have to agree with you here. You really need both an amp and a DAC for this to work properly. The Topping is an option. I price range is fixed. Personally, I am quite fond of Schitt products, so I'd say hold out until you can save up a little more and afford both the Schiit Magni and the Modi, but its up to you.
  2. Ok, people are going to get all upset about this but so be it. "Entry level Hifi" isn't $100. Its more like 20-30x that. I'm not saying that's what you need. In fact, it almost certainly isn't. Unless you have a proper seating arrangement for speakers, or a really good set of headphones, you're not going to get much benefit out of that. You can get some decent stuff for $100-200, (the small Schitt dac and headphone amplifier is a really nice pair, at 100-150 each) but let's not go around calling that HiFi, it quite simply isn't.
  3. I've owned the M50S, the previous model without the detachable cable, for probably around 5 years now. I've had to replace the foam cups and the cable, but the drivers and general structure of them have held up incredibly well. They're not audiophile grade, but they're pretty darn good and I'd have absolutely no trouble recommending them to someone.
  4. Just did a bit of digging, and it seems like that's likely the problem. Unfortunately this board doesn't have that function, the only way to update the BIOS is through the BIOS itself. Looks like I'm on the hunt for an 8th gen chip then. Thanks for the input!
  5. So I'm in the process of putting a build for a friend together and I'm stuck. The system won't output video through either the onboard graphics or the GPU. The motherboard has status lights for CPU, RAM, GPU and HDD. When I turn it on, the RAM light comes on briefly, then shuts off. The GPU light comes on next and stays on. The odd part is the sequence doesn't change when I remove the GPU. I've tried reseating the RAM, trying only one DIMM, switching slots, reseating the CPU, resetting CMOS, etc.. All PSU cables are firmly plugged in, and there are no other devices connected, just the RAM and CPU. All of the parts are brand new, just opened. To me it really seems like a faulty board, but I could be wrong, what do you guys think? Mobo: ASUS B360-i CPU: Intel i5-9600k GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 RAM: Trident Z 3200
  6. Does it feel good? Does it meet your needs? Does it appear well built? If yes, buy it. Being able to touch and possibly use the mouse is key, so if you've done this and you're happy with it, get it. Everyone is going to have their own favorite, but everyone also has different needs and budgets.
  7. Should I put the bank of fans on the cpu second header or as a case fan?
  8. I've also been doing custom sleeving, so getting extensions is no problem. Has already come in useful.
  9. Unfortunately, I'm working with an older board. It does not have a dedicated header.
  10. Doing my first liquid cooling loop. Wondering what the best place to plug in the pump and fans (the fans are all grouped together) is. I've got CPU, CPU optional, and a couple case fan headers to chose from. The Pump and fans are both PWM. There are a few questions like this elsewhere, but they seem to be dated, with no PWM, and have a lot of responses from people who have never actually done a custom loop. I'm looking for people who have done this themselves, and can give some guidance based on experience. Thanks.
  11. Yes, you could stick any combo you want in there, but keep in mind that drivers can be a huge pain, and you're not going to be able to SLI or Xfire them together, so unless youve got some oddly specific use case, its probably not going to benefit you