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  • CPU
    Ryzen 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Taichi X370
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z 2X16 3200 CL14 - White
  • GPU
    Evga 1080 Ti FE - Water Blocked
  • Case
    Fractal Design R5 - White
  • Storage
    1TB Samsung 960 Pro NVMe + 3x 5TB Toshiba X300
  • PSU
    Superflower SF1200P Platinum - White
  • Display(s)
    Pixio & Yamakasi 1440P 27' Panels
  • Cooling
    Custom Looperino
  • Keyboard
    Wooting One
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Corsair Void Pro RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. AMDNeko

    Liquid metal TIM replacement question

    Laptops usually do not have enough mounting pressure to cause insane drops and the heatsink is still a limiting factor...some laptop hsf will actually make LM not work at all since its too low so it just spills out. If you do not want to ruin the new laptop you can use foam dam method and ensure mounting pressure is high enough before closing it up and calling it a day. In low pressure areas ICD and Gelid will be better suited than Kryo or any LM~
  2. AMDNeko

    AIO vs Custom Loop

    Compared to most loops I have seen mine minus well be hot glued together with all the flack I have gotten from drain port placement alone for the rads I have one HWLabs 360 GTS XFlow & one 280 GTS standard then for fans I went with push on the 360 with NB eloop B12-PS and P/P on the 280 with B14-PS. I doubt it matters too but Im using a Heatkiller AM4 block and EK block for the gpu.. Its a pretty standard D5 (Mines a D5 Strong) dual rad loop with only the cpu and gpu! though I did try and find cooling blocks for the hard drives but @PPCs-Matt fought me on that one. Also thanks for your business~
  3. AMDNeko

    AIO vs Custom Loop

    With a proper custom loop you can get much further but in a more likely case for example when it comes to GPUs my Evga Hybrid 1080ti was around 53-60c at load in pubg & overwatch while the current loop never breaks 40c with the same exact card..some mmos do not even let it hit 30c and I can run it in K Boost mode permanently at 29c outside of games. The CPU gets a little more toasty running around 40c idle and 60c in some games with it peaking at 75c in AIDA64 SST. This is a far better result than old H100iV2/Evga Hybrid dual clc setup but it is indeed much pricier. edit: Forgot to also mention my rooms ambient is 28c while all this is happening which feels like an inferno to me but Im sure some have it worse.
  4. They will get it. Thats one of their CA Warehouses that handles this stuff~
  5. That is one of corsairs proper address for RMAs. Postal systems usually have the "proper" names of the location versus the "greater" area they are located in. You are safe to send it in with that label.
  6. AMDNeko

    Magicool 360slim G2 a bargain?

    I had two Magicool G2 and they are really good for the cost and will not let you down just flush rad as usual. Also consider the finishes you want... the nemesis will have better longer lasting paint job so take that into consideration this is white vs black but this is how nice nemesis finishes can be: (White GTS) the indents on side give it a nice looking stance. \ This is a Magicool G2 in action...its not really "slim" perse but it looks good and works well if you want to dump more money into other components. its just a black slab After awhile on lower quality radiators paint can start to ripple and flake off if you abuse it too much, Ive had alphacool rads ripple really bad before but nothing like that from Magi or HWLabs yet.
  7. Nope you didnt use AMD branded air your warranty is voided! *lights warranty paper on fire*
  8. He said it right there in video... AMD cant prove it therefor they do not really care. Its there...probably legacy and not important. Look at how many people RMAd for segfault...AMD didnt care what cooler was used. *The only case I see that they would care is if you tried using a $5 30W cooler on the 1800x overclocked it fully killed the cpu and then go try and RMA it.
  9. 🙋

  10. :ph34r:

  11. 😺

  12. AMDNeko

    No sync Vs gsync Vs Free sync (switch to Amd)

    You can use Nvidias Adaptive sync if you do not want GSync and it works just fine. I have a 144/Freesync panel for my 1080ti and decided against Gsync but for lower end gpus its maybe sort of more worth it. Adaptive is decent but is hardly talked about anymore probably to try and sell Gsync panels.
  13. They are just Asetek Gen 4/5 rebadges and are everywhere along with the OEM Aseteks in WS/Server enviroment where LC is needed or wanted. Gen6 is upon us though so yay for that