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  1. Right now my gaming rig is using a i7 3770S (Old processor i know), i've been looking at i5's however it looks like even in the years past since 3770S an i5 is still slower than a 3rd gen i7 (Base clock that is). With this being said if i'm going just for gaming and i DON'T plan on overclocking should i stay with Intel and go i5 or go for a Ryzen 5 which has a higher base clock? The two i'm looking at: https://www.newegg.com/global/uk-en/Product/ComboDealDetails?ItemList=Combo.3913886&Description=motherboard%20bundle https://www.newegg.com/global/uk-en/Product/ComboDealDetails?ItemList=Combo.3919148&Description=motherboard%20bundle Incase anyone is wondering my 3770S Has a base clock of 3.1GHz (not overclocked)
  2. But won't the samsung music app just read them all and put them in one long list?
  3. I've been getting into audio books recently (i'm borderline dyslexic so for me reading is rather a chore and tiring) however my 10 year old iPod classic finally gave up the ghost a few months ago and because i don't want to spend basically it's resell value on repairing it i'm now using my phone. However there doesn't seem to be a way of separating files like i could in my iPod. Note i've always used android phones but used a iPod for music for years. Anyone know how to separate audio books from regular music files so that they don't come on when i have my music on shuffle?
  4. That sub though, holy hell that's as big as my guitar amp and cabinet
  5. I was looks at the Huwaii tablets, It's hard to get Xiamoi ones in the UK outside of Ebay
  6. My current tablet is really old and i've been thinking about replacing it. I only use the tablet for watching HD films and HD Netflix. Although i have an iPad; it's a bit to big to be taking to work (It's the 10.5" model from a couple of years ago i believe). Plus it holds deep sentimental value for me (It was my late brothers) so i don't want to possibly break it or loose it while out and about What are some good tablets?. I've found that phones are to small (screen wise) for me to use as a way of watching videos I'm only looking at spending around £300 (Which is what i spent when i first got my original tablet)
  7. Turns out it's a lot easier that the videos make it seem, i haven't changed all of them but i just changed my WASD keys and the Enter and Backspace keys and they are all still working fine
  8. I'm always apprehensive about removing keys that i will break them
  9. Cleaning in between the keys is fine i have a cleaner for that, however i don't know how to clean the gunk of the keys themselves
  10. I've noticed on my mechanical keyboard there is a layer of gunk starting to form on the key caps (guessing dead skin mixed with body oils etc.) Now is there a way of cleaning these without taking off all the keycaps?
  11. I have a Samsung at the moment and i was planning on getting another Samsung; however i like doing my research
  12. They don't offer that many sizes below 43". I've just done a quick measure up i think 43" would be to big for me
  13. I've had my 32" Samsung TV for a few years now which i also use as a monitor, which for me is fine; I've used TVs as monitors for 10 years and had no problem. Due to limited space in my flat it kills 2 birds with one stone, However i'm looking at upgrading my TV to something slightly bigger (anything bigger than 40" for me would require me to actually move my head to see the rest of the screen) Anyway other than Sony, Samsung and LG i don't know what brands i should look into for TVs FYI: TV doesn't need to be 4K I don't have any 4K content plus my GPU is only a 1050ti and can't handle the kind of games i play at 4K
  14. Prob would take me about an hour to do