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  1. 1st question unless your going near the speed of light that isnt likley to happen. Laws of physics state that anything with mass cannot acceralte to speed of light or beyond. You can get close but FTL is not physically possible at least with oir understanding of physics
  2. Of course its ok. Why wouldnt it be? Some of the best music written in metal and rock has female vocalists. Nightwish is a prime example there is a reason why there is a little running joke about people having "Floorgasms" when listening to the live version of Ghost Love Score
  3. Looked at all of those brand new and they all work out to be at least £400 min, problem is that second hand market for things like this isn't the prevalent in the UK. I'm not comfortable spending basically half of my new computers value on just a chair. We have Herman Miller chairs in the office and although comfortable i wouldn't say they are worth the £500 each (we buy them second hand apparently)
  4. I bought my first chair when i moved into my flat 3 years ago and it was a floor model (As in the one that a store would leave on the shop floor for people to try). Anyway after 3 years the chair is now starting to loose it's padding and the fabric is starting to tear. It was only £80 (Approx $100) when i got it and i'm looking at the same price range again, i'm not wanting to spend hundred on a chair. Only thing it must have is moveable arms (as in move away) as i also use the chair when i'm practicing guitar and anyone who plays guitar knows, arms rests are a no-go when it comes to playing guitar Only thing i can see that looks half decent is this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/COMHOMA-Computer-Ergonomic-Conference-Executive/dp/B0829R19YZ/ref=sxin_7_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-b2ZmaWNlIGNoYWly-ac_d_rm&cv_ct_cx=Office+chair&dchild=1&keywords=Office+chair&pd_rd_i=B0829R19YZ&pd_rd_r=70f4d0ce-803a-46c3-854b-3bf041c90712&pd_rd_w=QrVFQ&pd_rd_wg=Rk0MM&pf_rd_p=0c799c14-fd2d-4652-a647-3581649b0ff7&pf_rd_r=VWG0TH3Y8ZY6CGB6S0F0&psc=1&qid=1597737440&sr=1-1-fe323411-17bb-433b-b2f8-c44f2e1370d4 Anyone have any other suggestions
  5. Can someone clear something up for me. Currently im using a 60Hz TV as my monitor as i dont have the space for a seperate monitor and tv (1 bedroom flat problems) Am i right in thinking that even though my rig is capable of running most games above 60fps that due to the 60Hz of my TV those extra frames wont actually do anything beyond fps stability as it were?(as in if im technically runinng at 120fps its unlikley to dip below 60)
  6. Yeah that's what i was thinking, i'm guessing i can just delete the aforementioned partition on the drive on my new system? When i installed windows there was only 1 drive installed in the system, so no spreading of boot sectors
  7. It has a "system reserved" partition on it. You thinking this might be the boot sector of the previous version of windows?
  8. Doesn't have separate partitions, it was just a data drive
  9. I have moved over to a new machine, however my old machine now doesn't want to boot (All i did was take my 2nd hard drive from it and put it into my new PC). Despite the fact the SSD is plugged in and recognised in the BIOS, is that first boot option in the BIOS and the BIOS itself has been set back to default it doesn't want to boot from it. This drive had my OS on it (Just wanted to try and get the product key as a spare); is there anyway i can get it to boot, or do i possibly have bad boot sectors on my drive? The Mobo is several years old now, way past it's warranty
  10. I never linked my account. I dont want all the random syncd account info
  11. Its a key i used back in uni its a legit key. Was Win 7 then did the free upgrade to 10
  12. I've just moved over to my new machine, however the activation key that i got from Belarc doesn't seem to be accepted, is there any other way to get my previous activation key?