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  1. it just reboot like restart pc, but it automaticlly, i dont press any button.. Can you help me?
  2. no i never do that. i just already bought this pc a week a ago.
  3. nope no have blue screen, just auto restart only.. why can happen?
  4. yes it keep often.. im so tired of this.
  5. Hello linus tech forum, i got a problem.. I already bought a new pc gaming.. and sometime it keep auto restart .. I dont know what happen. Can someone help me ?
  6. Hello to all linus forum, i already bought the new pc gaming about a week ago.. suddenly it make auto restart sometimes. How should i do for the fix? Can anyone tell me the problem is?
  7. Hello Linus Tech Forum, this is my new rig pc gaming. Are this good for playing 1080p all games? ☻
  8. Hello i just bought the g502 spectrum and it feel heavy to me without the 5 weight magnet and how's your dpi setting on this mouse? Thanks.
  9. DriZyo

    Razer Earpad

    Hello linus tech tips, is razer chroma 7.1 EARPAD same as razer kraken pro v2 and razer kraken mobile?
  10. I already own right now. Btw, my pc was just repairing from overheating power supply and give effect to my graphic card and motherboard. I already changed my motherboard. Right now, i need bettter graphic card. I'm scared if it give effect to my processor too.
  11. Like CSGO, Gta 5 , Left 4 dead 2
  12. Are this processor will bottleneck with Msi GTX 1050 Ti 4gb Gaming X or Msi GTX 1060 3gb Gaming X ?
  13. You right. I already change my power supply and it give damaged into my motherboard and right now my graphic card. I know FX- Series right now is outdated processor. I need changed my graphic card to Msi Gtx 1050 Ti 4gb Gaming X as long Gtx 1060 3gb is bottleneck. I scared if my Processor was given damaged too.