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  1. I do a live chat series on YouTube in my living room with low-lighting. It's with a group of friends and the camera's around 2-3 metres away from the sofa. I've been using a Logitech C920 for a while now but it's not great for low-light, the streams are somehow always both grainy and blurry. I've been trying to stay on top of webcams for a while and it still doesn't seem like there's much to cater for anyone outside of Twitch-streamers, but I'm still keen to upgrade with Christmas coming. Does anyone have any recommendations for a camera that'd be a decent upgrade in regards to low-light performance? Cheers!
  2. Thanks for this guide! I have it all set up but have a few questions if you don't mind: I have it set up to run over WiFi (Pi Zero W) so that I don't have to plug it directly into my router, but will this slow down all traffic on my network? Would it be better to buy a USB Ethernet adaptor? I want to reroute all traffic to the Pi via my router, but if the Pi is off/unplugged, will it effect my network in any way? I've done some research, but I can't really find a definitive answer, which Upstream DNS Provider should I use? You can select multiple Upstream DNS Servers in the Pi-Hole settings - how does this work? I only have a 64GB micro SD card at the moment, so I'll swap it out for a smaller one - can I just copy the files over?
  3. Can the One X live stream a non-360 video in 1080p? If so, does anyone have a link to any examples of this? Also, I'm guessing there's no way to attach an external mic to the One X?
  4. Hi all,We're looking to host a MySQL database for our cross-platform mobile game - does anyone know a good hosting site that will let users access the database directly and not via IP tunnels? We're currently looking into Firebase - does anyone have any experience with it? Cheers!
  5. This is the exact sort of thing I'm looking for: does anyone have any ideas what it is?
  6. I always want to Stream via my PC though (XSplit) instead of directly through my PS4 as it gives far more control and seems to consistently be better quality (the PS4 compresses my streams a lot for some reason). Because of this, headphones aren't really going to work as I'll always need the mic connected to the PC. I really am keen to see if there's a clip-on mic out there that meets my needs...
  7. Cheers Karl, that's good news I'm not a fan of headphones personally anyway, just went with them because I thought they were my only option - just need a decent quality (preferably clip-on) mic that can connect to my PC wirelessly. Which mic did you end up going with?
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a decent quality wireless mic that connects directly to my PC that I can just clip onto my shirt whenever I stream - is there anything like that out there? The closest thing I've found is the Logitech G933 which I've tried, but if I'm streaming from say my PS4, then I'd need the headphones to connect to the PS4 and the mic to connect to my PC (for the streaming software) which obviously isn't possible... also the mic quality's not great. Cheers!
  9. Aw that's lame, it seems like such a basic feature... I was using Drive beforehand but constantly trying to keep things below 100GBs has been stressful. I found out that you can buy an extra 100GB through the iOS app, so I bought it but it didn't add the extra storage to my account and Google support have been USELESS so I no longer feel comfortable using them; plus it makes more sense to go with OneDrive financially as I have a 365 subscription. If I go with OneDrive for business I'll loose access to Office and it'll be significantly more expensive for this one feature
  10. Hey guys, I've tried asking on the Microsoft forums but I haven't gotten anywhere, so I thought I'd try this community as a fan of Linus' videos Just to clarify, I'm attempting this via onedrive.live.com. Basically I'd like to give a user view-access on the root folder and edit access over a certain sub-folder which I thought would be pretty simple, but nope. If I add a user with view-access on the root folder and then change the user's permission on a sub-folder to 'edit' access, it also erroneously changes their permission on the root folder to edit (and therefore all other sub-folders/files). The other method I've tried is instead of changing the existing entry's permission on the sub-folder, adding the user a second time but with edit access - this also changes the other entry's access to edit, meaning that the issue is still present. Does anyone know how I can give a single user different permissions on different folders?