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  1. Gaming Headphones

    Hi there, I am looking for some headphones/ a headset that can be used on both Xbox and PC. Closed back are preferred but open back recommendations are good too! I honestly gave no clue what to look for so any help would be nice. Also my mx price is $200 US. Thanks
  2. Need help picking a processor ?

    That was one of the most clear and factual answers I have received. Thank you
  3. Need help picking a processor ?

    I dont plan to work with 4k footage or play in 4k. I plan to play in 1080p and hopefully stream in 1080p. Which card is best for playing and streaming at the same time ?
  4. Need help picking a processor ?

    Will the 8700k be able to stream and game at the same time better than the 2700x?
  5. air cooler for 8700k

    would do a noctua but its colors are ugly
  6. air cooler for 8700k

    Im planning a build by the end of summer and one option is the 8700k and I need help on choosing a good air cooler with the possibility of OC. I probably wont but it could be nice to have just in case. Some things to know would be the case which will be a fractal meshify c and the graphics card will be a gtx 1070 FE. The coolers I have looked at so far are as follows: 1) Deepcool GAMMAx GT 2) Cryorig C7 quad lumi any suggestions or knowledge would be helpful
  7. Need help picking a processor ?

    Video editing could be a possibility once I learn how to do stuff. But I will mostly game at first and then stream
  8. I cant decide between a 2700x or an 8700k. I plan to game at 60 fps at 1080p and hope to one day stream off the same rig. From my knowledge, the 8700k is better for raw gaming while the 2700x is better for all out streaming. I need one that can fit all my needs and do it well. Maybe one day ill edit videos, etc but if anyone can give information, tips, personal knowledge/experience, it would be greatly appreciated. Also I will be paring either card with a gtx 1070 FE.
  9. gtx 1070 FE

    no worries. would you recommned buying it then selling it? or will that card work well for gaming and streaming from one system
  10. gtx 1070 FE

    since im a noob, what is a Quad Gt1030 fig?
  11. gtx 1070 FE

    I chose the meshify c for that exact reason. thank you
  12. gtx 1070 FE

    2700, 2700x, or 8700k
  13. gtx 1070 FE

    Best Buy
  14. gtx 1070 FE

    I am building my first pc and want to game and stream on the same system. If I have the chance to get a brand new gtx 1070 FE for $299, and put that inside a fractal meshify C, will it do what I need? Will it overheat? Need help asap
  15. Which monitor for 1080p?

    so is asus a better brand? what if I find a comparable benq monitor