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  1. Help with First build

    sorry just now saw that i didnt respond to this. All peripherals though i think i have an old astro gaming headset that might work for the time being. Games would include PUBG, fortnite, H1Z1, Rocket League, Overwatch, Star wars, BF1. and streaming possible from twitch
  2. Help with First build

    do you think the 8400 could hold its own while streaming and gaming at the same time ?
  3. Help with First build

    im just really confused tbh. I have no idea how to overclock but im sure overtime i can use the forums and videos to learn how to do it. I probably wont stream right out of the gate, but eventually once im all situated with a gaming setup i would like to try it. I dont want to be a CPU and 2 years later have to upgrade, would seem like a waste. With that said, I appreciate everyone who has posted on my post and given me new info, but with my budget, what processor fits nicely and can game and stream at the same time decently?
  4. Help with First build

    watching it and re watching it to make sure i understand it lol. So would a 1080 bottleneck the 8400? and is 144hz achievable? sorry for all the questions. Im a noob
  5. Help with First build

    Im not to knowledgeable on CPU's and such, but the i5 8400 has 2.8ghz speed. Is that slow for gaming and streaming? or does it not matter at all
  6. Help with First build

    does the i5-8400 offer a good experience with gaming and streaming? I Kinda want to go with something from intel that has 6 cores that'll last me 3-5 years
  7. Help with First build

    mouse, keyboard, and monitor. I cant really seem to get everything under budget. Just trying to game and have a good experience.
  8. Help with First build

    Gaming, watching videos and possible stream
  9. Help with First build

    So ive been doing all my research and using pcpartspicker.com to build various different options but i always end up going over budget. My budget is $1500 and I am in the US. I would like to get the i5 8600k and plan to do no to minor over-clocking. Also RGB Trident Ram in the build would be cool. I cant decide on what graphics card to get so i usually pick a gtx 1060. If anyone can help me do a build with peripherals in this budget, i would greatly appreciate it. *a mechanical keyboard if possible
  10. Z370 board Suggestions

    Does the board have built-wifi? I know some mobo's do but Im not sure if this one does or not. If so, then i wont by an external wireless wifi adapter
  11. i5 8600k air cooler?

    No i dont think they are the same? Ill link it to you https://pcpartpicker.com/product/WDPzK8/deepcool-gammaxx-gt-295-cfm-cpu-cooler-gammaxx-gt
  12. i5 8600k air cooler?

    what about the Deepcool GAMMAXX GT?
  13. i5 8600k air cooler?

    What about the Deepcool GAMMAXX GT?
  14. Will the Asus Z370-A go well with an i5 8600k? I thought about one of the Asus TUF boards but the color scheme is quite odd and doesn't pair well with my build. Any other options or info would be greatly appreciated
  15. i5 8600k air cooler?

    The H7 quad lumi looks cool and im doing a moderate rgb build so it goes well with my parts