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  1. Surround sound vs Natural sound

    umm not sure exactly maybe $150 at max or less? nothing crazy expensive
  2. Surround sound vs Natural sound

    so can you recommend a good headset for pc gaming that can give good sound. like a bang for the buck?
  3. Surround sound vs Natural sound

    its Summit1G and he was using Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X
  4. Surround sound vs Natural sound

    was watching a streamer and he said he didn't believe in surround sound so if thats his belief, what other types of headphones would he use?
  5. Surround sound vs Natural sound

    If anyone can explain the difference and why one would be better than the other for gaming
  6. First Build Need Help

    been doing lots of research and really just want to get out there and start playing. If anyone wants to help me build on pcpartspicker a $1000 rig with peripherals, screen, headset, pretty much everything. Looking to just play games and have fun. prefer mechanical keyboard and any RGB stuff as well. Any questions just ask! hope some people can help me figure out the best build for the money
  7. Need Gaming CPU - Reply Within

    no im new to the site and pc building
  8. Need Gaming CPU - Reply Within

    can you explain why over the AMD?
  9. Need Gaming CPU - Reply Within

    being new i just find this incredible confusing to pick a processor. so many people tell me different things
  10. Need Gaming CPU - Reply Within

    so intel 7700k for gaming only unless i want to wait for the coffee lake intel? but maybe one ill start to stream as i did it on my xbox
  11. So im building a new pc for the first time and im getting both answers for processor. Amd ryzen 1600 and the intel 7700k kaby lake. BUT people are saying to wait for cofee lake or get the AMD over the intel. Also ill just be using the computer for gaming. Can anyone tell me the difference and make it noob friendly so i can understand https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kftjTH - intel build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4GYnzM - AMD build
  12. Revised first PC build

    so do something similar to this or wait for coffee lake yes?
  13. Revised first PC build

    @herman mcpootis could you recommend a bang for the buck sata sdd for my gaming purpose ?
  14. Revised first PC build

    wont the new coffee lake processors be quite expensive? I dont really have a lot of money unless i downgrade another part or two.