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  1. I'm looking for a new atx size motherboard that is compatible with the am3 socket.My budget is below 100
  2. So I pretty much started from scratch besides my hardrive which worked on my old setup. The parts I installed were a amd fx 6100,970A-G43 plus,240 mm evga clc cooler,old but all I could afford a 8800 gt,8 gb of viper 1600 MHz ram
  3. So there is still no display everything runs and spins there is no beeping frim the motherboard that says something is missing.
  4. Does it take a long time for a computer to post if it has brand new parts in it?i turned my computer and everything turns on but it won't show a display. Please help
  5. I'm looking to buy a 240 AIO water cooler.My price range is anything below 100 dollars.Could you give me some options?
  6. Is there a performance difference between 1333 MHz ram and 1866 MHz ram?
  7. I replaced thermal pads on a gpu with paste was wondering if I messed up by doing that? Which is better pads or paste?
  8. I'm wondering if I could run/ play any more modern games with 8800 gts in sli?
  9. What settings can I run skyrim special edition at? My specs are amd fx 4100 8 GB of ddr3 ram at 1866 xfx radeon 7878
  10. you know I was just joking right'