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  1. SwingLifeAway92

    EKWB Launches Classic Liquid Cooling Line

    I wonder how much of a temperature difference their will be compared to the conventional variants.
  2. SwingLifeAway92

    which custom 1080ti to get??

    I know multiple people with that card who have never had an issue with it, all of EVGAs products are generally solid they did have a slip up in the initial launch of the 10xx series but, can't think of another time they've messed up
  3. SwingLifeAway92

    which custom 1080ti to get??

    I mean they have different pcb designs and coolers (hince the custom) So they have better power delivery than a stock Nvidia board but, silicon quality is the primary deciding factor in what a gpu will hit similar to a cpu and motherboard.
  4. SwingLifeAway92

    Is it normal for cpu and gpu fans to get loud when vsync is turned off?

    Yes Vsync caps the frame rate so when it's off, the gpu has to render more frames (thus more stress on the card)
  5. SwingLifeAway92

    which custom 1080ti to get??

    I mean just about every custom 1080ti will hit around the same speeds overclocked as it's really down to silicon lottery the only deciding factor is cooling (so watercooled or a beefy cooler) Otherwise the kingpin cards are pre binned so they will overclock the best but, they're pricey and good luck finding any.
  6. SwingLifeAway92

    Sketchy Ebay GTX 1070

    Actually with the amount of items sold with feedback (most feedback is copy paste as people are lazy) I'd say your fine not to mention amount of time on ebay. Usually the fake ones have only buyer feedback as they just buy a bunch of 1 dollar items from china were the sellers have automated feedback to buyers.
  7. SwingLifeAway92

    Sketchy Ebay GTX 1070

    Don't bother, more than likely all it will do is waste your time for nothing.
  8. SwingLifeAway92

    Weird problem. - Stuttering multiple displays

    Try using different cables/ports on the monitor/pc first
  9. SwingLifeAway92

    corsair ll in radiator?

    It shouldn't thermal throttle or anything but, it's going bump up temps of whole system (since it's on the intake) and will run louder/hotter. I'd say run it till you can swap them with ML fans or something along those lines.
  10. SwingLifeAway92

    {Build Log} Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Those hexagon blocks looks really sick! Don't think I've ever seen one in a build before, very cool looking!
  11. SwingLifeAway92

    X-Flow Rads?

    I mean the issue is those kind of rads increase the overall size due to 240mm being already used for the radiator fins alone then using space for the ports on each side opposed to condensing to one side and the other empty. The only thing you could really do is either do a single 120mm rad or just use a normal 240.
  12. SwingLifeAway92

    X-Flow Rads?

    I mean is their a particular reason you need xflo opposed to a standard rad?
  13. SwingLifeAway92

    corsair ll in radiator?

    They're optimized more for airflow opposed to static pressure. Radiators tend to favor fans with higher static pressure as they need push the air through the fins of a rad. However, unless your cpu is overclocked you shouldn't notice to much of a temp jump though it will cause your pc to run hotter over using SP fans
  14. SwingLifeAway92

    X-Flow Rads?

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA9F94T42627&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC-_-pla-_-DIY+Cooling-_-9SIA9F94T42627&gclid=CjwKCAjw3qDeBRBkEiwAsqeO7htgdgfJLC7b3FZzWmu8wn-LsLJTdVQ5XHKoBC6HHUexEbVUfrrw7xoCe8gQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds This?
  15. SwingLifeAway92

    Build Help

    For sure buy the gpu used no point in buying a new gpu with used prices being so good
  16. SwingLifeAway92

    Microsoft Surface 2 Windows RT 8.1

    Their used to be a way to run Linux and andriod on one but, pretty sure Microsoft cracked down on the exploit to do so. Don't think anyone ever bothered to find another way to install a diff OS due to lack of interest and Microsoft really locking down those devices.
  17. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/3348638 So I know Vega can do mgpu of more than 2 with non gaming loads but, I don't get how this benchmark was possible. Did he just use a modified driver to achieve this or am I just missing something? Either way pretty crazy how high it wound up placing on the leaderboards all things considered.
  18. SwingLifeAway92

    So I can't find anything about how this guy ran 3 Vega 64s

    I mean that's fair enough just crazy how well it scales
  19. SwingLifeAway92

    So I can't find anything about how this guy ran 3 Vega 64s

    I know Vega isn't supposed to support above 2
  20. So I recently put my Titan xp on water and have the original cooler on its fancy stand (collectors edition) I was wondering what I would need to make it so the lights on it light up even though its not connected to the card. I would like to keep it small enough to keep in the original box or maybe up to my psu. Would just look like a cool display pc above my pc and thank you for the help
  21. SwingLifeAway92

    What would I need to power the leds on my Titan Xp collectors edition

    I mean will I destroy anything if I try it without the resistor or should I just start with it?
  22. So I just got a titan Xp (got a good deal on it so don't hate) and it's on water so heat is not a problem with overclocking. Voltage on the other hand is severely lacking and I was wondering if anyone knew some ways to get past Nvidias locked voltage limit without shunt modding. I know with all previous pascal gpus you could just flash an asus bios on the card that gave you more voltage but can't find anything similar for Titan Xp
  23. SwingLifeAway92

    What would be great GPU and monitor upgrade? specs inside

    If you plan on sticking with 1080p in the Us r9 furys are selling used for $200 USD The vram limits fine in 1080p and it performs close to a gtx 1070 (just throwing it out their)
  24. SwingLifeAway92

    Titan Xp Get more voltage without shunt mod

    Ah lame was hoping you could trick it with another bios like with previous Pascal gpus well at least I can stop googling it Thank you for the help
  25. So I'm really sad to see caselabs go they've always been my favorite case manufacturer and I had been patiently waiting for orders to come back up so I could get a mercury s8:( So after looking on the internet for alternatives and not being happy with the options I was wondering if caselabs could semi live on through protocase assuming someone managed to get the cad schematics possibly from them. (doubtful yes but a guy can hope)