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  1. i have a Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH Can i upgrade the gpu in this laptop down the road?
  2. Soo it started when I launched my pc and sometimes 1/3 the GPU fan wouldn't spin. Soo i think this is a software thing since I think it's happening after updating the drivers. The thing is how can I start the pc without my GPU. I have intel hd but how do I install and renew drivers without the card being installed
  3. i did but it changed nothing sadly enough
  4. Im using windows 7 and i my mic sound from the corsair void pro 7.1 surround isnt being picked up. When i use it on my phone it works fine soo i know the mic is working. Any cause?
  5. I think I will take the poco because it runs way cooler (longer lifespan) better performance etc
  6. I mean like i said I don't plaay that much etc just do light stuff on it. It's only 100 euros more soo if it will be 2 more years relevant I'm a say it's worth it. But will this be the case ?
  7. Yeah but most phones only last like 3 years. I don't think I will need the power of the poco in that time span. On the other side I can afford the poco no problem. Just don't know if it's really worth it for me at least doing basic stuff.
  8. Soo I'm struggling to decide what phone is best for me. I use my phone mainly for watching YouTube send messages and to browse the Internet. And sometimes a little game. Soo I can get the xiaomi note 7 for 170 or the poco for 265. Won't the poco be overkill for me ? Will the note 7 be good for 3 years ? Help me decide please
  9. Hey is there any way to disable all ads on my Xiaomi note 7? Thank you
  10. I would give undervolting a try and repasting too.
  11. How is it not scamming to sell something broken as 100% tested. You could do this tho but that's your own decision.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/XJpUlkG The ones you posted are the right ones I included a picture with the right one being black and wrong one gold. Where can I get the black ones like your and my picture ?
  13. I have some generic 3mm ones but they don't fit. It's like 3.3 mm or smth. And it the threads ln it are more out of each other (the one that came with the case ) .
  14. I bought this case second hand but the motherboard standoffs are missing. Can someone tell me the dimensions or how I can get new ones ?
  15. Soo I can buy a 650w Rmx psu from corsair or a txm750w for the same price. Wich one do I choose ?