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  1. Will it fry ? Psu 350w

    Is down clocking the gpu a good idea to keep it safer ?
  2. Will a 350w power supply from a oem be able to support a g1840 and a gtx 650 . This Psu got 19A on the 12v rail soo plenty of wattage I would say.
  3. Why do most water cooling setups use a reservoir?
  4. Buy fake gpu ?

    @airdeano the idea came from Phils hardware I was wondering how easy this could be
  5. Buy fake gpu ?

    Is it easy to get your money back from ebay if u buy a fake gtx 970 ( on purpose ) cuz you now it will be fake soo u can refund and have fake 560 or soo ?
  6. I know that copper is a better heat transporter but how big will this impact performance ? Will there be a big difference between a copper and aluminium water block?
  7. This is probably a crazy question. Soo a watercooling loop is possible without radiator just by having a big basin with water in it and just pumping that straight to the block. The air will than cool the water basin. Anybody here knows a formule of some kind to calculate the surface it needs / watt from the cpu to cool enough ?
  8. How to test gpu no psu

    @Crunchy Dragon gtx 970. Ik ik on full load the psu will explode but can't I just use Windows with it ?
  9. How to test gpu no psu

    How can I test my gpu if it works. It has a recommended 500w on the site. I only have a 350w psu on hand. Is there any way I can just test it not game or soo on it ?
  10. What would be the best coin to mine with this cpu and what will be the hashrate?
  11. What's this ?

    Also how can I connect a video card to this motherboard ?
  12. On the left u have what looks like a pcie connector thing whats it for ?
  13. I now have 3 ram sticks for my system. Where do I need to insert them and are there any drawbacks in using 3 sticks ? Its ddr3 btw
  14. Faulty power supply ?

    @Radium_Angel gigabyte z87x sli rev 1.1
  15. Faulty power supply ?

    @Radium_Angel g1840 2gb ram (just to test) psu antec 300w. Put the build together for the first time and this happend