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  1. 400KV deadly ??

    I want to buy a 400KV step up booster that boosts from 3-6v input I know this isn't just a toy but if it boost it voltage increases bur would the amp still be deadly? In other words would you die when touching this ?
  2. How do temperature's affect lifespan? I mean like in 10 degrees extra is like half lifespan . Anybody has an answer like this ?
  3. whats the point of small form factor PC?

    I also prefer desktop I mean it looks stupid a small box and has lots of downsides
  4. Fans going nuts !!

    It was first working great but I saw cooler wasn't seated well but after reseating still not working 😑
  5. Fans going nuts !!

    It stays there and system doesn't boot
  6. Fans going nuts !!

    When I turn my pc on suddenly from now Al fans go 100% what can cause this problem ?
  7. WOODEN case

    Is it a bad idea to make myself a wooden case to game? I got a old case here but my new motherboard doesn't fit and I rather put my money in pc parts . Soo is it a bad idea?
  8. Gtx 550ti

    How much should I pay for a Gtx 550 ti on ebay to make it a good deal
  9. 101 degree cpu !!!

    My laptop reaches 101 degree under load (gaming) is this normal it has a i5 2450m. How can I fix this Temps ? And will it slow down my computer a lot ?
  10. New motherboard :(

    My budget for cpu and ram is 80 euro
  11. I bought a motherboard and it's a beast but it's lga 1150 and cpus for this socket are very expensive I'm looking for something very cheap my motherboard can over clock and sli. Should I sell it and buy other mobo or any other idea for cheap cpu ?
  12. What's this gpu worth ???

    How much is a Gtx 660 oc from Asus worth ?
  13. Motherboard heatsink

    Yes it's not attached to the object it should cool
  14. I bought a motherboard and the heatsinks are lose. Is this normal ?
  15. I bend my pins back are they fine now? See pictures