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  1. I found a super sweet motherboard with overclock sli (everything I dreamed off) for 25 $ but here is the problem some pins are bent. Soo should I buy this and try to fix or shouldnt I buy it ? I screen shotted the damage
  2. FINDING gpu

    I live in Belgium and would like to find a good 40 euro gaming Gpu can you guys send me some links for good gpus ebay tweakers or other sites 40 euro includes shipping .
  3. Motherboard testing

    Can't u use beep codes or something ?
  4. Motherboard testing

    I got a pretty recent motherboard but am not sure it works how can I test if it works without buying a cpu and ddr4 ram first ?
  5. HD 6770

    How much is this card worth ? HD 6770
  6. What will happen ? Pci e

    I have a Gpu that only draws power from Pci e slot it's a gtx 6200 turbocashe what will happen when I overclock it and it needs more power than the Pcie slot can deliver
  7. I got an old gtx 6200 se turnocashe here how many watt does it use ? On its max
  8. How many watt will this use

    I got 2 fans here a normal one and one with one Led collor can you guys tell me how many watts they both use on max (estimation)
  9. What is the best gpu for me

    How much is a used gtx 560 worth?
  10. What is the best gpu for me

    I'm looking for a good 20-40 euro gpu on ebay or somewhere else gotta ship to Belgium soo can you guys send me some links with good cards for the money cuz I can't find good deals. It will be used for gaming
  11. What is the best gpu for me

    I would like to buy a gpu for an older pc what's the best one I can get for 40 euros max ? Also ebay links can be helpful 😉
  12. I wanne buy a gtx 560 how much is a good deal for this gpu ?
  13. Ram

    Athlon 64 x2 4200+ Msi amethyst -m
  14. Ram

    I have an old motherboard laying around with 200Mhz ram and I have some questions 1) can I use ram with another Mhz on it? 2) can I use bigger sizes and it just only uses 4 like the max ram ?
  15. AMD apu

    Soo I have a amd apu lying around and I would like to use it to play some older games On my desktop but there's one problem my motherboard is 939 and the apu fm1 is there any way I can use it on that motherboard ?