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  1. This ssd even an upgrade?

    but would it be much faster than that hdd is the question
  2. This ssd even an upgrade?

    booting some stuff fast for the price. I wont need more than 40gb tho
  3. Would an Intel 40GB Sata II SSD - Postville X25-V SSDSA2MP040G2R5 40GB perform better than an seagate 7200 rpm (from 2001) Or would buying the ssd make 0 sence? (very cheap tho)
  4. I3 2120 oc?

    k ty for the information
  5. I3 2120 oc?

    is it possible to brick the ram in the process?
  6. I3 2120 oc?

    It only overclocks ram too or something else too ?
  7. There are a lot of YouTube videos out calling it a over clock. It's Base clock over clock or something and can get it from 3.3 to 3.5 ghz should I do this or not ?
  8. Corsair Force LS 60GB

    is the Corsair Force LS 60GB an old ssd? than i mean when was it released cuz i cant find it.
  9. Someone said he pulled a i7 860 out of a lga 1155 board. Is it possible to let a i7 860 work with lga 1155?
  10. soo when i try to make a video in movie maker or vegas i import my mp4 files(look good) and once i start editing and splitting my screen always gets weird color shades in the end result. Its not on all moments but some moments in the video this happens. If someone can tell me what to change and also tell me where to find it (new to sony vegas)
  11. hd 6970 recording relive?

    soo there is no way to offload the recording load on the gpu?
  12. hd 6970 recording relive?

    I have a hd 6970 but from what i found it cannot use amd relive. Is this true if not what other recording program would be recommended (load on the gpu ! cpu is rather weak).
  13. @knightslugger if the lock broke off in transport it should be in the box right? It wasnt soo i dont think thats the case
  14. He send pictures but they were way to blury to see anything. Also it was a picture from the upside and the corroded trace is on the background. The board was selled as broken where you had to reset cmos and than it starts. It's broken but has physical damage that was not mentioned
  15. Soo my motherboard I bought second hand arrived. The motherboard trace was corroded and one clip to clip your ram in is missing what to do ask full refund ?