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  1. In my class multiple people work on a robot. I am not really involved but they keep asking for my electronic parts. How can I get rid of them without damaging our relation ?
  2. What will happen if my psu fan is totaly blocked will the power supply shutdown ?
  3. Loud server

    @KirbyTech would that make the power supply more silent
  4. Loud server

    I bought today 2 servers for 2 euros a deal I couldn't resist. But they are VERY loud. What fans should I replace ? For cpu or psu. And how can I reduce noice
  5. Bad ebay seller ?!

    @VinsinityKT but anything I can do about this I won and I think seller trying to avoid the deal
  6. Bad ebay seller ?!

    I won an auction for 3 server racks for each one 1.5 euro xD. The seller told I can get the 8gb one but about the 16 one that it doesn't work and he can't sell. Still waiting for his response or I can get the best one 28gb ram too. Is there anything I can do ?
  7. Poweredge as home pc

    I want to use a dell poweredge as my home pc but some people say I need an ac controlled room or something like that or the psu will die. Do I really need that ? Or will it be just fine
  8. I use the ebay app to bid on some items I want. I only did this once and entered a maximum bid. It got this amount I entered at the end of the auction. Soo someone bidded just below me right ?
  9. HD 7770 used price ?

    How much is an xfx HD 7770 worth second hand ?
  10. Will my PSU hold ?!

    I got a 300w Psu down here. I want to upgrade my build. I want to add a HD 7770 to my system with an athlon 4200+. Ik this is old asf but still looking for new cpu. I got a great deal on the HD 7770 BTW. Will my Psu hold with an athlon 4200+ 2gb ram and hd 7770? Pic included for amperage
  11. Will a 300w power supply be enough for a HD 7770 and athlon 4200+ and 2 gb ram
  12. 101 Degree cpu ?!

    @deXxterlab97 soo I should take the risk ?
  13. My 4-5 year old laptop hits when gaming 99-101 degree on the Cpu it's a i5 2450m already used a vacuum cleaner to try take out some dust but didn't help alot. Fans are very loud. What should I do ? Since its very hard to open a laptop without damaging etc
  14. Power draw with oc

    Soo the ram frequencie Is maximum memory or core frequentie that' useful ? @NelizMastr
  15. Power draw with oc

    @NelizMastr it's for emulations nothing too fancy soo I could oc it to the max on my 300w psu athlon 4200+ inside also 2gb ram