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  1. Steam is ridiculously outdated

    But it's not even that Steam is lacking in features. If anything, Steam is cluttered with links and words, and things are not streamlined in an intuitive way.
  2. Steam is ridiculously outdated

    I see what you mean on point 4. The purpose of sales is to get impulse buys. If a trailer shows the HUD and things like that, people will say "oh, it looks too complex." or something like that
  3. Steam is ridiculously outdated

    That's basically the mindset of complacency. Steam wins because its pretty much the main game in town. They did it first early on and any company that wants to compete has a lot of catching up to do. Battlenet, Origin and others are nice little suites for what they are, but none will be the complete package with thousands of games. I've heard of other services like GOG, but they're honestly not big enough to threaten Steam yet. You could say the same logic about Intel's CPU's a year ago, but then AMD came along and Intel decided it couldn't afford to offer only minimal improvements.
  4. Steam is ridiculously outdated

    Initial thoughts on the beta. Main store page is better. Game-specific store pages are still the same New social/friends features are nice. Profile design is nice It's not any faster or smoother to browse. Library (when not in grid view) is still ugly I all of the changes and little refinements I notice overall. But there is a consistency issue when some aspects of Steam are in 2018 and other are in 2004.
  5. Steam is ridiculously outdated

    I just selected the beta participation option. I'm surprised on how obscure this setting is. 98% of people won't click it because most of them doesn't even know it's there. And even the ones that know it's there may have the impression that it's just a few small incremental updates rather than an overhaul. Steam should advertise this more. Maybe every now and then a pop-up telling people a brand new version of Steam is in beta and where to find the menu to join it.
  6. Steam is ridiculously outdated

    1) Video content and pages in general load slower than the typical website I've noticed. 2) Why is Steam basically a web browser, but only allows 1 tab? I can understand RAM management, but even if it allowed a maximum of 2-3 tabs, it would be much better. Maybe I want to examine the page of a particular game without wanting to exit the store? 3) Why do the "Details" page of games have info on the news of a title, but absolutely nothing on what the game is about or what it looks like to play? I need to use my one allocated tab to click several links just to find this out. Games have tags in the store, but none of the tags are available in the Library. 4) Why do the trailers and pictures of games in the store usually have no gameplay footage? Am I supposed to by a game based on concept art alone? With an RPG game (which is a very vague description), for example, the preview pics/videos should have real combat and the HUD, so I can at least know what kind of combat system it has. 5) Why does the Community section look like its from 2008 and the Details section of the Library look like its from 2004? Considering Valve makes a lot of profits with relatively small operating costs,as well as the fact that Steam is their #1 product and it's truly ubiquitous at this point, I'm surprised that after 2012 they put minimal effort into updating the design?
  7. Locked i7 vs unlocked i5?

    for gaming alone, that's $100 more for very similar performance
  8. 192kbps vs 320kbps - Any Differences?

    It's a placebo effects. Maybe there's a difference if there's high-end equipment involved to capture all of that fidelity, but that's not practical for 99.9% of people.
  9. Are gaming chairs worth it?

    gaming chairs are more about the looks than the quality
  10. Locked i7 vs unlocked i5?

    for gaming, the unlocked i5 for most other tasks, the locked i7
  11. What is 32GBs of RAM good for?

    32 gb is overkill for probably 95% of people i dont see the point of a laptop having it because the processor is probably the bottleneck
  12. why does pc parts cost so much

    it's a niche market. desktop market is getting smaller overall due to laptops/tablets getting the casual market so there's less bulk cost saving. it would cost less money to produce a desktop pc part for 5 million people than it would for 1 million people.
  13. Best open back headphone

    i love the sennheisers. i love the beyerdynamics a little bit more. both are great picks
  14. So apps that reward the user with currency without any hardware work still can't work? Sadface
  15. Mech keyboards 😢

    Honestly, I see reasons why someone might want a high-end mechanical keyboard, but I've tried many different ones and budget ones offer the same experience (with mostly only aesthetic differences). Outemu Blue's are very good switches in my opinion.