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  1. These numbers are from UserBenchmark. I'm making this as a simple list so see where the most popular cards right now stack up, and which differences are the biggest. I will use the GTX 1050 (the weakest card on the list) as the standard for comparison to see how big the jumps are. This list is meant to be a very general view of the GPU market, to offer a sense of perspective (and for future reference). 582% - RTX 2080 Ti 449% - GTX 1080 Ti 435% - RTX 2080 420% - Radeon VII 389% - RTX 2070 364% - GTX 1080 355% - Vega 64 335% - GTX 1070 Ti 323% - Vega 56 316% - RTX 2060 289% - GTX 1070 286% - GTX 980 Ti 271% - GTX 1660 Ti 236% - GTX 1660 235% - RX 590 219% - GTX 980 209% - GTX 1060 (6 GB) 208% - RX 580 196% - GTX 1060 (3 GB) 191% - RX 480 188% - GTX 970 180% - RX 570 169% - RX 470 120% - GTX 960 113% - GTX 1050 Ti 100% - GTX 1050
  2. Performance to price is the biggest factor. Brand loyalty doesn't really matter ; they're all basically the same product. Price also varies and fluctuates. There may be regional differences, or supply and demand causes some cards to fall or rise. Here's the current PassMark value chart for March 2019
  3. I think that's a solid list all around. I also think there's a portion of people at 1080p 60 fps who are on a budget and aren't looking to play big budget games. What would be ideal for them, RX 580, GTX 1060 3GB, GTX 1050 Ti?
  4. 1080p @ 60 hz ? 1080p @ 144 hz ? 1440p @ 60 hz ? 1440p @ 144 hz ? 2160p @ 60 hz ?
  5. minervx

    Need a second opinion

    What is this build for? What resolution and what refresh rate? 32 GB RAM is fine for video editing, but won't offer any benefit over 16 GB for gaming. You need a SSD.
  6. minervx

    Does the RTX 2060 make sense?

    it'll just be an alternative to a gtx 1070 (not a 1060), right? rtx cards basically the same thing but with each number moved up. 2070 is a 1080, at a 1080 price point. 2080 is a 1080ti at a 1080ti price point. etc
  7. NVidia was correct that the value of their cards were retained even after the crypto crash. While they are not inflated, the demand of the gaming market has been keeping them very close to their MSRP. This is a trivial lawsuit, but in general, never give financial advice to anybody.
  8. minervx

    AMP/DAC for Sennheiser HD58X

    More clear mid's and high's seems like an EQ claim. If it's not the EQ and not measureable by a spectral analyzer, what aspect of the sound is improved? The volume being louder? The dynamics?
  9. minervx

    AMP/DAC for Sennheiser HD58X

    No, this is nonsense from Gearslutz. People will say it sounds better as placebo (i.e. the bass sounds richer, the mids sound smoother and the high's sound more defined) without any evidence of actual EQ changes.
  10. For the sake of brevity, all of these designs would have the following: * Features: aluminum chassis, very thin bezels, white backlit keys, multi-touch trackpad, 1080p webcam (on top) * Ports: Ethernet, 3.5mm, at least 1 USB-C w/ fast-charging and at least 1 USB-3 port * No touch screens, 2-in-ones or optical disc drives MVX Feather 13" Display (2560x1440p, IPS-Panel, 60 Hz) i5-8200Y CPU 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD MVX Executive 15.6" Display (2560x1440p, IPS Panel, 60 Hz) Ryzen 2500U w/ Vega 8 iGPU 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD HDMI, SD Card Slot, 2x USB-3, 2x USB-C MVX G1 15.6" Display (1920x1080p, TN Panel, 144 Hz) i7-8750H CPU GTX 1060 GPU 16 GB RAM 250 GB SSD 2 TB HDD HDMI, 4x USB-3 MXV G2 15.6" Display (2560x1440p, IPS Panel, 90 Hz) i7-8750H CPU GTX 1070 GPU 16 GB RAM 250 GB SSD 2 TB HDD HDMI, 4x USB-3 MVX Envision 17" Display (3840x2160p, IPS Panel, 60 Hz) I7-8750H CPU GTX 1070 GPU 32 GB RAM 1 TB SSD 4 TB HDD HDMI, SD Card Slot, 3x USB-3, 3x USB-C MVX Envision S 15.6" Display (3840x2160p, IPS Panel, 60 Hz) i5-8650U CPU GTX 1060 GPU 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD HDMI, SD Card Slot, 3x USB-3, 3x USB-C
  11. it fluctuates a lot. sometimes 1050 ti's are cheap. sometimes they're ridiculously expensive and may as well get a 1060
  12. The ratings will change as prices fluctuate; this is a short-term list. Use case is important; a GPU can be a great price-to-performance but could still be inadequate or overkill for the users needs. But I think this can be a helpful resource for consumers and first-time PC builders to put the GPU's in perspective.
  13. 1) What is the strongest CPU that ITX cases can handle thermally? Both something like a H200i and something like a Node 202? 2) Can a hotter CPU be accomodated if the GPU is light on power, or non-existent? 3) Does using M.2 SSD over SATA considerably declutter and increase airflow in the more compact builds. 4) What are the best of the most recent ITX case releases? 5) Does a liquid cooler make a big enough difference for ITX to be worth it? (It blows hot air out of the case instead of through it, potentially reducing case temps, but if we're only doing a light to medium overclock, does liquid cooling matter?
  14. us. <$750? usage: business. nothing intensive; no gaming. no. lightweight and good battery life.
  15. minervx

    Why do good girls like bad boys

    All kinds of relationships are out there. Good people, bad people, good relationships, bad relationships of all genders. People will cherrypick the examples they find most comforting to believe (i.e. women prefer dating assholes so it's their fault i'm single).