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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Pro4 AM4 Micro ATX
  • RAM
    DDR4 16GB G.Skill Aegis (3000 MHz)
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 (3GB)
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define Mini C
  • Storage
    500 GB SSD + 3TB HDD
  • PSU
    Capstone G 550w Gold
  • Cooling
    4x Be Quiet Pure Wing II case fans
  • Keyboard
    Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech M3
  • Sound
    ATH-M50x, Sennheiser HD598

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  1. > Apple is overpriced just because of its shiny looks 
    > Pays $200 for RGB fans/lights/RAM/Mobo/keyboard/mouse.

    1. Droidbot


      not everybody does that



    2. Dan Castellaneta
  2. Portability: HD598 has a very large bulky cable that you will want to replace. M50x folds into itself, has a lighter cable and comes with a nice pouch. M50x Durability: M50x's earpads are bit more easily damage. HD598's headband can develop a small tear over time. Overall, both are good. Tie Noise-Cancellation: HD598 are designed to be open-air headphones. M50x. Fidelity: M50x focuses a bit on the highs and lows, though it's still very good quality. HD598 has great mids and is more balanced overall. HD598. Overall Sound: This is subjective. I love M50x's dense closed compressed sound. I also love HD598's open airy concert-hall like atmosphere to it. Difficult choice. HD598. Music: HD598 is probably better suited for a wider variety of genres, but M50x are what I turn to for rock and louder genres of music. Tie. Which should you buy? Can't go wrong with either. HD598 if you use your headphones moreso at home than outside the house. I'd probably say HD598 IS better sounding overall, just by a bit, although they're vastly different headphones sonically and each have something to offer. M50x if you want headphones that are great at home and can take around with you.
  3. Is FLAC Music Worth It?

    It won't make a difference to the average person. In most cases, no.
  4. Tips for my 2500$ build?

    do that, but get reviews from audiophiles rather than gamers.
  5. upgrading computer

    You should sell your build (with exception to power supply, and the case if you like it) and start from scratch. You generally want to start from scratch every 2 generations.
  6. Tips for my 2500$ build?

    Sell a stick of RAM and put it toward something like this.
  7. Advice Needed Please

    Sell your RX 480 before it drops. Wait for Coffee Lake if you're going for Intel.
  8. General Budget build

    For video editing and gaming at $1000. Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1060 16 GB RAM 3000 MHz
  9. Mini Itx build

    awesome, looks great.
  10. With your budget, you can well afford a GTX 1070 with a 1440p 144hz monitor (or even a 1080p 144 hz monitor). Just remember to get one with an IPS panel (because TN panels are an eyesore).
  11. Mini Itx build

    Very good list. 3000 MHz RAM could probably be had for $10-20 cheaper. You can get 3TB of storage for even less cost instead of 2TB. You can get a fully modular power supply for even cheaper. You may need more cooling options with your small case size.
  12. GTX 1060 (6GB) isn't a very good value.

    The 1060 (3GB) is a meaningfully larger improvement upon the 1050 Ti than the 1050 Ti is to the 1050. Since the 1050 Ti is both $50 cheaper than the 1060 (3GB) and $50 more expensive than the 1050, it offers a larger performance to dollar ratio. Assuming 1080p gaming, the 1050 Ti is perfectly fine for esports and smaller games, although the 1060 (3GB) gives the capability of playing more demanding games at 60 fps.
  13. GTX 1060 (6GB) isn't a very good value.

    ^ I don't blame you. I blame AMD/NVidia (or whomever they get their GPU chips from) for not doing anything to stop this (such as releasing cards which are good for gaming and not mining)
  14. Crytocurrency- Bitcoin Research

    1) Bitcoin is used by people who want a private currency to compete against public currencies. They can be used to make certain stigmatized or illicit transaction difficult to trace. They are viewed by some as a more reliable store of value than a government-issued currency because cryptocurrencies can't just be printed en masse. Devaluation of currency is seen as less of a risk for bitcoin. Some people want to invest in Bitcoin purely to speculate on the price like the stock market. 2) The concerns of bitcoin: The possibility that it crashes all of a sudden. The effect it has on diverting resources from the graphical processing industry. In general, it's the lack of certainty because we've never had anything like before in human history.
  15. GTX 1060 (6GB) isn't a very good value.

    In the future, I'll be getting GTX 1070's dirt cheap.