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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Pro4 AM4 Micro ATX
  • RAM
    DDR4 16GB G.Skill Aegis (3000 MHz)
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 (3GB)
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define Mini C
  • Storage
    500 GB SSD + 3TB HDD
  • PSU
    Capstone G 550w Gold
  • Cooling
    4x Be Quiet Pure Wing II case fans
  • Keyboard
    Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech M3
  • Sound
    ATH-M50x, Sennheiser HD598
  1. he hasnt built it yet. hes recieving the parts in the mail one by one. i will post tho
  2. This is basically the build I wish I made for myself. Benefits of this build: Good performance-to-price. Low noise. Relatively small and portable. Minimal cabling. CPU: i5-7600k Motherboard: AsRock ITX (overclockable w/ wifi) Cooler: Be Quiet Pure Rock Slim Fans: Be Quiet Pure Wings 2 (140 + 120 mm) Case: Fractal Design Define Nano S RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR4 x1-2 Video Card: Radeon RX 580 (he bought it months ago, thankfully) Power Supply: Corsair CX 550w (modular) Mouse: Logitech G602 Keyboard: Logitech K810 Monitors: 1x 31" 1440p IPS monitor and 2x 24" 1080p monitors beside them.
  3. Crysis: 10 Years Later

    My machine ran it with ease at max settings, as it should. 1080p, VA monitor; while not the most beautiful way to play Crysis, it's still above how many people experienced it in 2007. Gameplay. It's somewhat of a stock shooter that tries to have a futuristic feel. It's kinda fun. Perhaps I'm not giving it enough credit for what this experience may have been like years ago. The different suits are cool. Graphically. It almost looks like a modern game. The dead giveaway the dated lighting effects. I kept feeling a sense of uncanny valley at how imbalanced the lighting effects were in the game. If mods truly fixed this one issue, it would hold up by modern standards graphically.
  4. 2 Reasons Why Apple Dominated

    For years, I've been hoping that one manufacturer would be able to provide what Apple does at a sensible price, but it just doesn't happen often. * * Good build quality * Good trackpads/keyboards * Good displays * Low failure rate * compactness/portability * Not ugly looking * No DVD drives for god sakes However, it always seems like other companies always get a few of these aspects right and then miss on one critical one (such as having an unpleasant trackpad). the formatting on this forum is horrible right now for some reason
  5. 2 Reasons Why Apple Dominated

    Mac OS certainly isn't without fault. They have some bloatware I'd get rid of and apps they should modernize (Launchpad/Itunes/App Store). However, I've probably had 1/10th the amount of issues with Mac as I've had with Windows over the years. God knows how many times, especially in the 90's and 2000's, I had to do a system restore on my family's computers or my own because there was either a virus or Windows started slowing down due to accumulating so many files in its archives.
  6. 2 Reasons Why Apple Dominated

    Sales, revenue, customer loyalty, cultural dominance. I do agree that there are millions of affordable Windows machines that reach markets which couldn't otherwise get computers, but I hope I don't sound too biased in saying they're inferior goods: basically, half of people with Chromebooks or $200 Lenovo-books would buy a Macbook if it weren't out of their budget.
  7. I would imagine triple screens to be good for productivity. I helped build a PC for a friend that daytrades stocks and cryptos; he likes the triple setup. However, for entertainment and gaming, it would definitely be more immersive to have one big screen with a high(ish) resolution.
  8. when all's said and done. i like my build. i didn't get anything significant wrong. if i got the wrong mobo/case, or i couldn't overclock, that would've been bad. i'm a perfectionist unfortunately.
  9. 1) Windows is a total clusterf*** of an operating system full of dated software/settings, clutter, excessive menus, a subpar search engine, software errors, sound errors, driver problems, viruses, installation problems, high RAM consumption on older machines, intrusive Microsoft apps and inferior performance on older systems. 2) Apple established strict quality control whereas Microsoft sold their OS to many companies without thorough inspection of quality; and eventually consumers got tired of buying computers that broke after 2 years.
  10. 1) Micro ATX instead of Mini ITX (for a mid-range build) 2) A motherboard without wifi and bluetooth 3) A powerline adapter which basically gave me no speed boost. 4) A keyboard without backlighting 5) A keyboard that takes AA batteries instead of a USB charge 6) A 120 GB SSD (space is tight; 250 GB was preferable) 7) A 2.5" SSD instead of M.2 (because it feels outdated) 8) A mouse with 12 side buttons instead of (2-3). 9) A power supply that isn't dead-silent 10) A case with a power supply shroud that just amplifies the PSU noise.
  11. "?" Is 1080p gaming dead?

    not at all dead. high-end gamers are a vocal (and ostentatious) minority. most pc gamers use low to mid end equipment. you wouldnt know it based on posts from this channel and forum, but according to steam statistics, a giant portion of gamers use integrated graphics. (i assume this is from a laptop they have which either games at 1080p or 768p gaming at high resolutions either results in sacrificed performance or significatnly higher cost.
  12. A grievance (edited)

    Okay, that's fine. But no one can honestly Linus isn't getting paid 6 figures to sell 18 year old kids on a lamborghini pc.
  13. Price is basically the market cap divided by the supply. Like with any currency, people share a very small percentage of the market cap. Supply is a factor (scarcity). Coins with 100 million supply or less can definitely reach $100 in price, but a coin with billions in supply, not happening. Demand, of course, because you can have 5 coins in supply, but nobody will buy them. This is enforced by buying and selling on exchanges. People essentially buy other people's sell orders (or the exchange buys/sells it and dictates the price based on their supply and demand).
  14. A grievance (edited)

    I would be okay with the advertising if it were more honest. What I do have a problem with is when he makes a build video for a PC that young people with lower income and less knowledge of computers are watching and he equips all of his builds with 64 GB RAM of Corsair DominatorSuperPlus RAM as if it was a practical decision rather than a way to advertise to 17 year olds who want to feel like a sports car racer.
  15. Soundcard recommendation

    honestly, just download a program like FX Sound. a soundcard will either be overpriced or underperforming.