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  1. This video genuinely saved my bacon. I had an external drive fail when I used it on a Windows computer. The disk kept showing as local disk and the computer kept freezing every time I tried accessing the drive. I tried most of the usual trouble shooting steps and with no success, decided to seek help from a "professional" hard drive recovery center here in the Netherlands since I don't have access to another computer running a different OS nor an external SATA USB adapter or something so that I can test the connector itself. Admittedly, I only spent 30 euros for a diagnostic service not a full fledged recovery. Despite me telling them that I suspect a file partition system error or something along those lines, even after 5 days, the "professional" service wasn't able to apparently diagnose anything and advised me to send it to a clean room recovery service. I was not ready to spend 500 euros on this. I had pretty much resigned to the fact that whatever data was on it, it was no longer mine. Out of nowhere, this video tells me to disable automatic windows volume mounting and boy, I cannot express the joy I felt when I was able to read this RAW disk and recover all of my data successfully and better yet, be able to read the disk from Windows' disk management and repartition the whole thing. Now I have all my data back and also a fairly usable back up backup drive. I guess I'm just trying to say thanks for doing what you guys do and as much as I am now inclined to support @LinusTech either through a flloatplane subscription or a merch purchase, I am sadly not in a position to throw around money. But once again, a big thank you from me for this video and all the other videos in general. Huge fan! Praveen.
  2. I had virtually the same experience. I also noticed the things you have and the reply I got from WhatsApp's support was that they were aware of this and that a solution was under way but no ETA though. However, recently, I have been able to get the exe version from their website to work exactly the way I want it to. That helps..
  3. So of the few recent LTT videos on YouTube, only the ones edited by @TaranLMG seem to have clean audio, i.e. sans the background hiss on the A-roll footage. Is that a thing now? Or is it just that Taran is doing a better job with the audio? Or is it that the videos were indeed shot with different audio setup/gear?
  4. ADSL 2 vs VDSL ? I've noticed fiber optic networks come with a VDSL standard modem/router from the ISP. It'll be nice to see how different VDSL is from the previous standard ADSL. I
  5. At least this noise of some device running is bearable. I wonder if it is due to the fact that they record audio as the video is shot, i.e. no voiceovers or dubbing. But iJustine's videos, for one, don't seem to have any background noise! I'm sure people at LMG are equally as competent, if not better skilled and equipped than the folks working with her. I also think it could be down to the busy upload schedule here. Maybe there's simply not enough time to clean up the audio and it is not considered a priority. I just can't sleep without knowing what's causing this
  6. Oh boy.. The static/hisssss sound on this video.. Is it YouTube's compression or is it something to do with how LMG does audio? Somehow this video was a bigger pain to listen to because of this hiss in the background.. I'd really like to know what's causing this?
  7. Well, as a long time user of Windows Defender and not any other third party anti-virus/internet security solutions, I must say I am happy to learn that Windows Defender is indeed capable of thwarting a supposedly massive attack. I've often wondered if it just runs passively in the background without actually doing anything useful. Going by the content of the article linked below, it appears as though Microsoft's data collection ways has actually proven useful to the general user community. https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-defender-halted-massive-malware-campaign-week-microsoft-says?utm_source=wc_tw&utm_medium=tw_card&utm_content=54622&utm_campaign=social ^ This is one of the claims made by Microsoft regarding the use of machine learning models to block a massive coin mining malware from breaking out. Been a long time since I saw something of merit regarding defender's potential. Although I am still not entirely certain of the severity of the probable attack that Windows Defender is claimed to have prevented, I still feel this is quite a nice feather to their cap and is something that triggers further development from Microsoft, focusing on the Windows Defender part of the OS.
  8. Does anyone know how to make 'child' windows launch in the same virtual desktop as the parent window? For example, I have MATLAB running in a separate virtual desktop and I do other stuff on a different virtual desktop. Some of my simulations have pop-up windows like message boxes, figure plot windows etc. I'd like to make sure that these pop-up child windows that MATLAB launches during runtime launch/open in the same Virtual Desktop as MATLAB and not in the other ones that I use. It is really annoying and also confusing at times. I've tried to tweak windows settings, but the options seem to be very limited. If there are any FREE third party utilities that have worked fine for you, please let me know. Praveen.
  9. I can totally understand how you feel about Windows Defender. The seemingly "doing nothing" thing has worked for me is all I'm saying. I do download random files from the internet sometimes, but I haven't had a virus attack until this point. So maybe doing nothing is all that is needed! Anyway, if you feel you'll rest easy with an antivirus solution, I'd suggest trying out Symantec Endpoint Protection (might be a bit expensive because.. "enterprise"). I was using this with Windows 8.1 and had a fairly busy computer with multiple instances of MATLAB running simulations that loaded both the CPU and memory above 70% all the time. I had no drops in performance because of the antivirus and was quite happy with it. I had to resort to Windows Defender because my University switched to a McAfee license and somehow automatic updates were disabled and I was too cool to do manual updates daily. If not, I'd have probably still continued with Symantec Endpoint.
  10. Oh yeah. The windows reset option allows you to keep all your files. It just deletes the windows OS files, settings and all (or most) programs. It'll be like a fresh windows installation, but with all your data intact (minus your programs). This is helpful if you have a single partition SSD/HDD.. No problem.
  11. Sorry, but I am out of my depth beyond this point. To be honest, I've never even seen the AMD catalyst center in person. I've only used NVidia cards/drivers/software all my life and so I don't know what other options are there in catalyst. Since you used the GPU and the DVI-VGA adapter in another PC, I'd suggest you to swap out the GPU from your PC and slot in another one, if you have access to one. Maybe it is some weird inexplicable issue with the driver + the windows version in your computer. Try to rollback your display driver to an older but stable version. If not, perform a windows reset (without deleting your personal files.. that is a cool thing with Windows 10) as I mentioned in one of the earlier replies. If you manage to solve this, update it here. It'll also be useful for me to learn something. Good luck!
  12. Do you have any usable display outputs on the motherboard's I/O panel? If yes, does the monitor work when connected to a port on that? Also, what does the AMD catalyst center show? Does it detect the second monitor, despite Device Manager not detecting it?
  13. If your second monitor shows up in device manger, my suggestion is to go through the parameters in Details tab and see if you notice anything weird, like a different problem code for example. Compare the values of the parameters for the working monitor and maybe if you find an anomaly, look up the error message online. I'm out of anymore ideas apart from the obvious "check your VGA port" suggestion.
  14. Been using Windows Defender from the time it was labelled as "Microsoft Security Essentials". Never had any issues. Just ensure the external storage devices plugged in are always from trusted sources. Antivirus / Internet security software utilities seem to be more of a luxury than a necessity now.
  15. I've been using the Windows 10 desktop version of WhatsApp for quite a while now. The app has stopped showing desktop notifications - both the banner that flashes and also the highlight in Action Center. Is this an isolated issue just for me or do other users face the same as well? I can still hear the notification sound, but can't see the desktop notification banner. Both these alerts used to be functional when the app got launched.. Also, 1. I have checked all notification settings in Windows - all app notifications are allowed and priorities set to their defaults. 2. WhatsApp desktop notifications are enabled in the app's settings page. I also tried installing the downloadable version from WhatsApp's website and also the UWP version from Windows store (I hope "WhatsApp for Desktop" with a weird thumbnail for the desktop icon is the official one). Both the versions seem to carry this bug now. Any solutions? All the other apps that have their notifications enabled work fine. Windows 10 - reset and multiple re-installations of the said apps have no effect either. Let me know how or if it works for you guys (assuming people use this XD) Praveen.
  16. Disabling secure boot has not resulted in any windows related errors for me. I was randomly tweaking BIOS settings to diagnose a display issue and diabled secure boot once, but forgot to enable it after fixing the display issue. My laptop was running fine for a few days and I even forgot that I had disabled secure boot. I enabled it later, but there doesn't seem to be a noticeable difference (positive or negative) in the daily working. I am not sure of the other tweaks you have mentioned but I am pretty confident that the secure boot setting will not mess up Windows. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. Ok then to rule out a hardware issue, try to set either monitor as the boot display from your UEFI/BIOS settings and see if you are able to boot into Windows individually or at least if you are able to get the motherboard/PC manufacturer logo. I have had this happen to me a few times and in all those cases, I was able to get the motherboard manufacturer logo on the screen and then nothing happened after that. it went black. The only thing that worked for me was a windows reset (not necessarily a clean install) since the files associated with the bootup process somehow got corrupted.
  18. Finally. Yes I did manage to do this. But only after a windows reset.
  19. Try "waking" your display up. Press Ctrl+Shift+Win key+B all at the same time. You should see some software refreshing stuff happening. This can bring back the primary display to life, if some software issue is all you have.
  20. Stefan, I'd suggest you to disable all enhancements for both the headphone and mic. I'm assuming you know where to look when I mean disable all the enhancements. If not, right click Volume icon on the taskbar -> Playback Devices -> Recording tab -> Choose your device and click on Properties -> Enhancements. Tinker around with these settings for the headphones as well and you might get lucky. If this doesn't work, try installing a slightly older version of the driver. You should be able to find that on Lenovo's page. If that also doesn't work, considering your computer is pretty new, you could perform a windows 10 refresh (not a complete clean install). This will keep all your personal files but reinstall all the windows stuff.
  21. Re-install the audio driver if you haven't done that already. That should usually solve most issues. It is possible that the front panel audio jack might have been disabled for some reason (assuming you are using the front panel). This happens to me all the time at work where the Dell MAXX audio (or something like that) utility keeps disabling the front audio jack. The only thing that has worked for me is re-installing the audio driver, despite having the most up-to-date version.
  22. @Yeasman If you are not satisfied with the audio coming from your audio output, you could try using a USB external soundcard. All you need to do it plug in the device, install the driver (if you need the EQ and other speaker configuration utilities) and you should have pretty decent audio. Something as cheap as a 20 EURO one from ROCCAT, i.e. the ROCCAT Juke 7.1 does a fairly decent job for me. My laptop has pretty good on-board audio but still I could notice a small, albeit perceivable difference in the audio experience from my device. The external soundcard has a 3.5mm jack for the headphone out and also a microphone input. So all standard 3.5mm audio devices should work with this. Now I know this is not a free solution..but considering that you have an old motherboard, I'm sure the 20 EURO investment that I made would also work well for you. The software utility that comes with this (still an outdated Windows XP/Vista based version) has some potent tweaks and the built-in equalizer effectively processes all audio signals transmitted through the card and you'd have very less trouble getting the experience you desire (unless you're an audiophile). If you don't mind stretching your budget a little further, consider similar cards from Creative/ASUS. I'd definitely recommend these cheap external soundcards for improving the experience from your on-board audio. The key benefit of using an external sound card is that this card receives the audio signals as a digital input and does the analog conversion outside the motherboard. This theoretically eliminates interference from other electronic devices in close proximity to the on-board audio devices and so you should technically have no static noise in your audio. Bear in mind that the one I have suggested here does not come with any kind of audio amplification. It simply provides better stereo separation by processing the signals as though you are listening it on a 7.1 (virtual) speaker/headphone setup.
  23. Nope. Not yet. I'm still searching for a solution. But now, since I have returned to my city, I have access to the university's network and so now I can try a Windows 10 refresh (not a clean re-install). I will do that in the coming week and check it that solves the issue. I have tried as many setting changes as I can and this seems to be the only option left. P.S.: I have a Windows enterprise edition installed and any kind of OS level changes can be made only if I am on the university's network and that too physically via ethernet.
  24. A Bluetooth speaker could be a good start if you don't have one already.
  25. Yes, MS-CHAPV2 is what the university recommends. I can't find any numbers on the UPD and ESP traffic specifications though. I tried connecting to the same server using all the other available authentication protocols as well, but ended up with a generic cannot connect to server message or something to do with "this server requires encryption, but you're not encrypted" kinda message.