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  1. GTX 1050ti vs two GTX 950s in sli? Could be interesting...
  2. So I have a system with 16gb of DDR4 G.SKILL rgb ram running at 3000 megahertz, and was looking to add 16gb of ram. I was looking at this ram from corsair, and was wondering if I had to use the exact ram that I got when I built the machine, or if I could use the ram I have right now with the corsair ram.
  3. I was looking at an Asus ROG RX 560 4gb on Newegg, but the only version of that card they had was an open box version. I was wondering what type (if any) of a warranty it may have on it.
  4. I just built my first system, (yay!) but currently have no graphics card. I have a Intel Core i7 7700K, Msi Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon, a 120 gb ssd alongside a old samsung 64 gb ssd, 2tb hdd, and a corsair 750 watt psu. I cannot afford much, probably a 1050 ti or rx 560. I have a dell freesync panel, and have a few questions: 1. Does it matter if I have G-Sync? 2. Should I get a 1050 ti, rx 560, or wait for a rx 580? (can probably get one around Christmas) I apologize for being sparse on details, but am in a bit of a rush while writing this.