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  1. Bought my 1st new laptop in.....a long time. Actually need it for work (tethered photography for a project) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Vega-HDMI-720p-Front-RAM-Rose-FHD-8GB-display-AMD-Tuned-Radeon-14-Ryzen-Gold-THX-Graphics-IR-SSD-Laptop-MOTILE-5-Spatial-256GB-8-Performance-Audio-HD/909076408 They raised the price 50$ inside of 2 days, but I snapped one up for less than 300$ Reviews around the web seem positive, so hopefully it'll hold up.
  2. Cleaning out stuff I don't need, yours for shipping and handling: Sun Cobalt Qube. Fully functional. Version 2 (IIRC) PM me if you want it
  3. You've never owned an Italian supercar have you? I've owned several (Maserati, Ferrari, granted, both were older 70s and 80s ones) and a number of very nice Alfas, and Lancias. They handle *exceptionally* well.
  4. That's a pretty amazing deal. Any idea *which* AMD CPU? it just says Ryzen 5... Nevermind, found it. Ryzen 5 3500U
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-IdeaPad-S340-81N8001LUS-Laptop/dp/B07QHDNKRZ I have a 50$ off coupon, and with taxes, it comes to about 370$ Specs seem to be quite solid, but I haven't bought a new laptop in a very long time. Can better be had for the same, or less, money?
  6. Ok, those temps are good. Does the laptop shut down the moment you switch to the 1050ti, or under load?
  7. Something that sits in the system tray is coretemp, simple and easy to use/customize. Also GPUTemp for video cards. Works along the same lines
  8. The topic for this post is on stuff you've eaten, as opposed to drank, but with her I also got my "red wings" if you know what I mean.
  9. Heh, we never officially broke up, we just kind of drifted apart. TBH, she was into waaaay more weird stuff than I was comfortable with at the time. Pretty, but messed up, know what I mean? She looked like the twin sister to the late great Wendy O. Williams. https://alchetron.com/Wendy-O-Williams
  10. Nowhere did your post state "minecraft" and I missed the tags, they are small, and easily overlooked.
  11. Cat was a mongolian BBQ joint that had a menu and a "menu" which you had to know someone to get. I knew someone. Human (long pig), well, that's a very long story (it involved a very weird gf who was into cutting herself pretty deeply)
  12. What game? We're gonna need *way* more details from you before downloading some random file off the internet...
  13. This might be of some help https://www.dell.com/community/Precision-Fixed-Workstations/Dell-Precision-3600-CPU-Upgrade/td-p/6042691 I have a T5610, fine system. Very solid. Possibly a better link https://www.dell.com/community/Precision-Fixed-Workstations/Precision-T3600-Processor-Upgrade/td-p/6155158
  14. There are two of them? I must have watched the wrong one, as it was some weepy love story that jumped from the "present" to some "future" where the main heroine had a kid and everything was covered in the Red Weed. Wretched series.
  15. Cat. Not bad, unlike any other meat I've had (pork, cow, horse, ostrich, etc.) Long pig. (it's not bad, just...different)
  16. What are the temps on your GPU? You can use coretemp and gputemp (free software) to monitor these things.
  17. WHAT DID YOU SAY? SPEAK UP! There are even solutions to make it *nearly* silent, but it's an electronics mod (along with a BIOS mod) that is a little out of my depth. Initially it does go "whoosh" powering up, but if you put it somewhere with good airflow, it doesn't get too bad (but obviously much louder than we expect from normal systems)
  18. Don't go that route, mod the video card, easy to do, and performance loss is negligible
  19. I have an identical model. I game on it just fine. PM for details
  20. Heh, I still have Nikki's bag of tricks, might be able to figure some of them out as a defense, so I say, bring it on! Back on topic (again) The Colony, 2013, good PA film set in a frozen world. Plus, it has Bill Paxton in it! And of course, Pontypool. Not PA to start with, but it definitely ends that way...
  21. These two things don't really go together. Those may not meet the minimum system requirements of FreeNAS https://www.engadget.com/2012/02/01/how-to-set-up-a-home-file-server-using-freenas/ But if you really want to try, use this: https://www.tecmint.com/installation-of-freenas/
  22. I'm sure that's what you meant to say
  23. Heh, I never denied I was full-blown bat-shit insane.