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  1. A review of Battle Angel Alita. (SPOLIERS)


    TL;DR version - 200mil spent on CGI, with 25$ spent on plot and characters


    I am a slight fan of the Manga, less so the anime, but I can understand the changes. Manga/Anime exists as a medium for ideas that would be too expensive/difficult to make lice action, and those that have tried (Airbender, Dragonball Z) have not been good. There have been exceptions (All you need is kill, successfully made into Edge of Tomorrow, for example) but by and large the rule holds true.


    Add Alita to the list. The manga has a paper-thin plot and even less character development, but some cool visuals. The movie followed suit, merging the manga and anime plot arcs together, and adding some much needed backstory (the URM was an interesting touch) to the overall idea, but way too much was over explained in long-winded exposition where none was needed, and come critical points were glossed over. Cinemasins will have a field day with this.


    At no point in time was Alita in any danger, and once she got her URM body suit she became a Duex Ex Machina, the supporting cast were uninteresting and 5 minutes after the film was over, I could not remember any of their names, except for Ido. His assistant had so few lines I thought they'd written her as a mute, until she spoke about halfway through the film, and even then it was a one word line, "Yes" (IIRC)


    Give that Alita was a DEM, there was no tension to anything she did because you knew she couldn't be hurt. The first ~20 minutes of the film oddly enough, were the best part when she had her wide-eyes child-like sense of wonder about the world she was re-born into.


    Movies are art. They force a reaction, either you love it, or hate it, but an emotion is drawn from you. That is art. This film is not art as it evoked neither love nor hate from me, it was simply there, presented to me with everything laid bare with no expectations.


    In short: Mediocre


    1. VegetableStu


      wait, the URM was an added detail? o_o huh. I expected/wanted more of that tangent

    2. Radium_Angel


      I went back and re-read my manga collection last night...well, the collected works that comprise the 1st BAA set (I am given to understand there are other books out there) and nowhere was URM or her past life mentioned.

      Could be they created it out of whole cloth, or it's in later books, unsure, but it was, I thought, a nice way to fill in her backstory of why she was on Zalman to begin with...


      That was the part in my comment about exposition, it needed more, not a lot more, just some more, and they could have cut some elsewhere, the balance was off on this part. I'm hoping the other two upcoming films fix that, so the entire trilogy could be viewed in one setting and the film will improve...

    3. Radium_Angel


      Christ, there are *nine* collected volumes published in English, with multiple spin-offs and side stories.

      Who knows what was pulled from where to be in the film. 

      I'm not a hardcore enough fan to go digging these up just to find out which ones were drawn for inspiration for the film.