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    Hanging out in the sixth circle.
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    Machine Learning, Neural Networks


  • CPU
    Dual Xeon
  • RAM
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    1060 GTX
  • Case
    PowerEdge 2900 III
  • Storage
    RAID, lots and lots of RAID, plus some nVME and m.2 SSD goodness for added measure
  • PSU
    900 watts, redundant
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    Air, for now.
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    Windows 9 (yes, it exists)

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  1. Any of them will do, dram or no dram, they'll blow the doors off that hdd
  2. Hookers and an 8-ball. I don't drink But seriously, I need to find a purpose for the system before I dump money into it.
  3. That's my thought as well. I'm just trying to decide that last part
  4. That part I have done already. Have done this, it offends by OCD about keeping the cases intact. I mean the CPU cooler does it's job fine, but under load it gets whiny. Yeah, not being a gamer (I play 2 games, both modest) my main rig has all the toys in it I can cram (dual Xeon workstation with all the RAM and SSDs it'll support)
  5. I am not an expert on AMD systems, but IIRC there are some compatibility issues with the B450 and Ryzen CPUs. Do a search here on LTT for that, and let me see if I can find some of the threads on it as well.
  6. So as a testbed for various projects, I bought an i5-3570k/16GB DDR3/SSD/fully modular PSU/GTX 660 Ti/ ITX build in a truly terrible (cable management and air-flow case) case, the Cooler Master elite 120 advanced ITX case. Spent about 150$ for the whole shebang. I don't have a specific purpose in mind for this build, it's cooled with a stock Intel CPU cooler and I feel it's just barely doing the job (given the lack of air flow in a case ironically named "Cooler Master") so I considered going with an AIO water cooler for it. Trouble is, I'd have to change the case. Which, all told, will add about 100$ (US money for AIO and case) to the bottom line on a system hat is just a spare fooling around box. I"m undecided if spending that money is wise, or not. What say you, members of LTT forums?
  7. Did you delete the original files before re-installing?
  8. Are you running XMP or OCing anything? If no, turn that off.
  9. Wiped the wrong drive....on a production server. oooops. Thank god for solid backups.
  10. Ain't that the goddamn truth. I flatly refuse to run it. As would I, but the hassle of making a hackintosh, and seeing it break with every update (hyperbole to be sure, but it's not unheard of), playing "cat and mouse" to get it updated, isn't worth it. But oh does it look good (well, IMO, it used to look great, before the "flat look" took over) Personal painful realization: Windows 10 is the way forward for x86 PCs, Linux will forever be playing catch up and sooner or later, I will have no choice but to use it. Sucks.
  11. By and large, re-mixes of existing distros will require a small team of talented folks to work on. Creating your own *nix and package manager from the ground up, well..I hope you are a kick-ass programmer. You can start at www.distrowatch.com and dig around, though you *might* be interested in this specific linux https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=scientific In particular, read who developed it and why. I think creating a custom PM (package manager) will be beyond your time frame at University, but a remix of an existing distro with student engineering in mind might be in the realm of possibility for you. Either way, you are in for a lot of work. Good luck.
  12. IF properly cooled and whatnot, then it should be just fine. That's a lotta IF coming off that plan. Anyway, use it until it dies.
  13. That's just part of the equation, you still need a good mobo, and they can range in prices from low to omgwtf prices. How much are you willing to spend?
  14. https://thatoneprivacysite.net/ Personally, I use VPNsecure.me Fantastic service, loads of servers to choose from. Solid reliability, multiple computers (MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS) support.