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  1. Computer Won't Post but Light Turns On

    Sounds like your power supply is failed enough to where it can provide power to the board (lights, fans etc) but not enough to boot. I've seen this a million times before. Dollars to donuts you need a new PS.
  2. Fortnite is crashing

    If you have no GFX card, then how are you running the game? Windows...what? 10? 9? 8? 7? 6? 5? 4? 3? 3.11? Help me help you, if you won't give me details, then I can't determine what's wrong. And if you are not getting any errors, then how do you know you are crashing? What is happening?
  3. Something wrong

    If you are certain you've never exceeded the proper temps, then I am out of ideas.
  4. My CPU is Stuck at 1.2ghz

    You forgot? That's going to make troubleshooting this difficult. For starters, the BIOS you list is quite old, update it. Then get back to us.
  5. Random crashes on new build

    Ummm...no it's not. Google for MemTestX86, and install on a flash stick, or CD-R. Reboot your machine and run the software from the stick/CD, report back what it says
  6. Fortnite is crashing

    What error are you getting? What OS are you running? What is your video card? Specs....they help here.
  7. My CPU is Stuck at 1.2ghz

    And while we're at it, how did it get to this speed? Did you just now notice this, or did you change something?
  8. My CPU is Stuck at 1.2ghz

    Look in the BIOS of the laptop. If it sees the speed properly, then it's a Windows thing, and it might just be a false number, as opposed to the CPU actually being that slow...
  9. How can I get my dead drive's files?

    Unless the drive is in such a bad state it dies under cloning, then you have nothing. With copying, at least you get a choice of what to save first.
  10. Something wrong

    Only thing I changed was power and temp limit for GPU, that should't affect anything, right? You go over the limit set by the maker...and yes, you can burn things out, depending on how much over the set limit you go...
  11. Random crashes on new build

    Looks like bad memory Run MemTestX86 for a minimum of 1 complete pass (time will depend on how fast your system is) and it will tell you what's going on. If you are feeling brave, you can use Windbug (available from MS, here:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/debugger-download-tools) and it will tell you *exactly* where your crashes are coming from but it's not easy to use
  12. Something wrong

    You could have burned something out. Update the BIOS, see if it changes anything. I am NOT a fan of overclocking things, especially video cards, for reasons that are too long to get into here, but it certainly can cause issues, but start with a BIOS update, then, as a last resort (as mentioned from someone else) it's wipe and re-install time.
  13. How can I get my dead drive's files?

    If you are still in windows with it, copy everything off it now, just to be safe, then you can try to clone it

    DVD...welp, there goes that idea... sadly, I think it's toast. Sorry
  15. Something wrong

    All the parts seem ok. You're not overclocking anything are you? Have you updated the BIOS of the motherboard lately? Perhaps resetting things to their default values and see if it makes any difference.