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About Radium_Angel

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    Hanging out in the sixth circle.
  • Interests
    Machine Learning, Neural Networks


  • CPU
    Dual Xeon
  • RAM
  • GPU
    660 GTX
  • Case
    PowerEdge 2900 III
  • Storage
    RAID, lots and lots of RAID
  • PSU
    900 watts, redundant
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  • Operating System
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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  1. Radium_Angel

    Super weird Graphic card problem.

    So is that a yes, or a no?
  2. Radium_Angel

    Super weird Graphic card problem.

    Does your mobo have a built-in GFX card?
  3. Radium_Angel

    Changing settings on GPU for anything breaks driver

    The solution seems obvious then...stop overclocking the card. Problem solved.
  4. Radium_Angel

    Pc Upgrade

    Not really. I don't do cutting edge gear any more, the stuff I build is more in an experimental vein, and I wouldn't be a good choice to get suggestions from on a modern build.
  5. Radium_Angel

    Pc Upgrade

    That is an issue. eBay or Amazon? Have a friend buy you the parts in their country and ship them to you?
  6. Radium_Angel

    Backup Solution

    Veritas BackupExec.....like I said. I use it at work, and at home to back up my NAS units to LTO tape. Is it overkill? Absolutely.... But how precious is your data? Otherwise, Windows Backup does a fine job
  7. Can it be repaired? Absolutely. Will it be cost effective? Unknown. Contact HAM radio guys, they are generally very good with soldering guns and component level repairs, offer them 50quid and see if they can do it. No guarantees the damage isn't permanent however, even when repaired, extant damage may have occurred.
  8. Radium_Angel

    Backup Solution

    You said you have money! As far as a network location, any software, even the built-in Windows Backup can. Speed is dependent on your network.
  9. Radium_Angel

    Whats Your Favorite Animal!?

    Varanus Rudicolis Black Roughneck Monitor (This one happens to be mine)
  10. Radium_Angel

    Backup Solution

    Veritas BackupExec. Only program you need https://www.veritas.com/
  11. Radium_Angel

    Pc Upgrade

    Probably the better option.
  12. Radium_Angel

    Backup Solution

    Hope you have money....those two options are generally mutually exclusive Having said that, LTO tape... Or a nice fat NAS
  13. Radium_Angel

    How to find a trusted second hand dealer?

    Go with a computer shop
  14. You figure it out, and if it's cheap enough I'll just send it to you
  15. Here's an idea, get one of us in the USA to get the parts cheap for you, and ship them to you. It'd be surface mail, so it might take a month, but it'd save you some cash... ..and fun builds are just that, super fun to do, test and try out stuff. I do the same myself when I have enough parts laying about