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  1. Any ideas how to make dark lighting?

    Black lights?
  2. Games with big worlds that I can just explore?

    No Man's Sky?
  3. Faulty power supply ?

    You're gonna need to give us a LOT more information before we can accurately tell you what's going on... For starters: Specs of the current system. How the problem came to be etc etc etc.
  4. Any musicians here?

    That can work with MIDI files? I dabble in RNN systems (Recurent Neural Network, aka Machine Learning) and have been having my system, affectionately nicknamed "Skynet" create songs for me, based on lyrics it created, which is turn is based on a dataset of heavy/thrash/black/death metal. Once it is done, I use a variety of other methods to create music to go with it, but since I'm working only with free tools, the songs...err..."songs" it creates have a very 8-bit sound to them, which doesn't really go with the tone of the lyrics. In any case, I was wondering if anyone worked with MIDI files, and could bump up the sounds it created using proper MIDI tools/instruments. This is a link to the final sounds, but happy to e.mail/host some .MID tracks if anyone wishes to improve them
  5. What do you think of my site

    There is "beta" and then there is flat-out incorrect info. Don't confuse the two.
  6. Overkill or not

    There is an old saying: "You can never be too rich, too thin, or too well armed." We can amend it in 2018 to include "or have too powerful a computer"
  7. It is very pretty, but what good is a monitor that has iffy build quality for the internals? I dunno much about Element, but reviews are mixed at best.
  8. https://vipoutlet.com/product/element-elefw2217m-221080p-pls-led-monitor/ I pride myself on knowing brand names, but Element (this one in the link) escapes me, and judging from the price, it's probably junk, but it has a very elegant/classic look to it, anything else out there with such looks? I don't need 144hz/l33t gam3r stuff, but monitors beyond the basic "black on black on black" I'm getting tired of.
  9. SMART hdd report, is my hdd ok???

    @Edward78 You'll get a much better answer if you run the hard drive manufacturer's disk diag tools.
  10. Random Game crashes

    Run Memtest86+. This will eliminate (or pinpoint) the RAM as an issue. Run for 24 hours min. Report back, we'll take it from there
  11. How can I tell if hyperthreading is enabled?

    Right click on the CPU graph and choose the option "show processors by cores" (or logical cores, or threads or something, there are only 2 choices, it's the 1st one)
  12. Windows 10 Ugly??

    If you consider decades of UI research were thrown out the window (snerk) in favour of the abortion that is the UI of Win10, then you know why the "flat look" is a terrible idea.
  13. Upcoming Games you are excited about?

    VR Solitaire. I hear it's coming in the next build of Win10.
  14. Cheap AliExpress Graphics Cards - SCAM???

    Considering how many fans Linus has, I think this video is doing a disservice to them. While he may have buckets of cash to throw around, many people do not, and video is going to encourage them to visit AE to see if they can't get "an even better deal!" and get ripped off. This was an irresponsible video.
  15. Any Tips For My Situation?

    Any reason? Just curious...