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  1. Changing a laptop wireless card

    I"m not certain I"d be worried. If you throw in a new wifi card with a different chip, the "killer" crap is likely simply not to run...
  2. Moving a dying RAID

    In some boards, yes. Likely actual Intel boards.
  3. Moving a dying RAID

    Sort of. If the new system uses the same RAID hardware as the old one, then yes. If it doesn't, then unlikely...
  4. Is this how it works?

    Probably capped by the company. What are you paying for throughput-wise?
  5. I used this for a MONTH ☹ - Blackberry Key2

    I have a KeyOne. I love it. It's Android, which is great. It's got the BB security stuff, which is also great. And it's got a real keyboard, which is a killer deal for me. Best smartphone I've ever had.
  6. asus barebones mini-pc recommended rig

    Have you had a look at the systems from Shuttle? They might be a good option as well for you
  7. Recovery of formatted data from HDD

    ZAR. Zero Assumption Recovery. Hands-down the best package available. Not free, but so worth it (I used it as a professional, never let me down)
  8. Recovery of formatted data from HDD

    HOw did you format it?
  9. HP Proliant DL360 G5 GPU

    This is the motherboard The PCIe slot is x8 the other slot is 64bit PCI-X (it looks like anyway, might be a riser) THe x8 slot is limited to 25 watts for power for a video card, I have a Dell PE 2900 with the same slot and I *can* run a modern video card through it, with some gotchas. If you want to go further with this, let me know, I'll help you out
  10. I need help with BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO fixing BSOD

    Step 1, if you have overclocked the system, reset back to default. Step 2. Run MemTestx86+ for a minimum of 24 hours. This will definitely prove whether the memory is at fault. The built-in memory diagnostic in windows is useless. Step 3. Report back on the results of MemTestx86+
  11. HDD got corrupted and bootlooping now. Need Help!

    So don't do this. Shut it down properly. Then power it up and try f8
  12. Multiple Blue Screens other topic don't help

    Bad or incompatible ram. Use MemTestx86+, run it for a minimum of 24 hours. It'll tell you if the RAM is physically defective. (Windows memory diagnostic is useless)
  13. budget camera for a long trip

    You won't get a solid camera for that, not that can handle low light anyway. The kit lens (18-55) would be okay (not great, but okay) but the body, plus battery(s) and memory card(s) will be an issue. Like Qube said, use your phone if you can, or dramatically increase your budget (300$ opens up a world of options)
  14. Is it safe to buy a video card from AliExpress?

    Then save up and buy local. If it causes issues, you can always go back and confront the vendor. Hard to do with some chinese dodgy site