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  1. Is it viable to buy a used GPU off craiglist

    Done it several times without issue, but I always make certain to have the seller show me it works under load.
  2. Random Story About a Card

    This is why nVidia rules the game market, and I say this as an AMD/ATI fan. ATI/AMD drivers are *terrible*
  3. How do I turn this off?

    This *will* solve your problems https://www.winprivacy.de/english-home/ But it's not straightforward to use, you have to be careful...
  4. APU and graphics card dual graphics capabilities?

    If you use a discrete GFX card, the onboard one is automatically disabled. If you want dual GFX cards, you have to buy dual GFX cards.
  5. Tt poseidon z rgb double stroke, is it fixable ?

    I have a Razer...something, with mechanical switches where the "W" key has gone bad...sometimes. Fixing that, requires disassembling the entire keyboard, unsoldering the switch, buying a new one, re-soldering it and reassembly. Not worth it IMO for a 30$ used keyboard.
  6. Hard drive is gone in software on my PC

    It is an odd thing, but the SMART data (or lack thereof) is troubling
  7. Windows boot drive in another PC

    Yes, now whether it'll boot depends on the new board, but you might get it into safe mode, and install compatible drivers from there
  8. Tt poseidon z rgb double stroke, is it fixable ?

    If you can actually remove the switch, clean it up with compressed air, stiff brush, etc. If the switch itself isn't removable, then highly unlikely it can be fixed, unless you are real handy with a soldering gun.
  9. New pc, monitor ain't responding

    Resetting the BIOS is a physical thing, you don't need the monitor involved to do that. Read carefully what Samcool55 said.
  10. Do I need to install OS from scratch?

    I'm going to disagree. I've moved OSes between hardware for decades, never had any sort of post move issues. There are two schools of thought to the move: (1) It saves a lot of time, everything is already there. (2) It drags along any sort of cruft. If your OS install is fairly new, there is no harm in not re-installing. If, on the other hand, there's lots of crap you don't want, then by all means, start fresh. But either way won't hurt anything.
  11. Hard drive is gone in software on my PC

    Now that issue I have seen before, the controller on the sata drive is going bad, causing long detect times.
  12. Need a new video card...difficulty inside

    ...950...nvidia GTX 950 Ti?
  13. Need a new video card...difficulty inside

    Since I won't be gaming with it (at least not anything beyond stuff like pac man) maxing out the video card is less of an issue. I was simply looking for something better than the 710 GT in it currently
  14. Need a new video card...difficulty inside

    Sorry about that. It's currently running an nVidia GT 710 The CPU is a Core 2, but I have a Q9550 on the way (yeah, it's an older system, not my main, or even secondary rig, and not planning on doing any serious gaming on it, if at all)
  15. I have a small Shuttle XPC system (sx38p2 pro, pics and specs here: http://global.shuttle.com/products/productsGallery?productId=638) and I'm in need of a better video card for it. The difficulty is it can't be externally powered (6 pin) or take up dual slots (as the second slot is in use) so what's the bang for the buck in low end vid cards that will fit these limitations?