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    Hanging out in the sixth circle.
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    Dual Xeon
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    660 GTX
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    PowerEdge 2900 III
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    RAID, lots and lots of RAID
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    900 watts, redundant
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    Windows 9 (yes, it exists)

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  1. That would be a part you find at a goodwill or something from an old computer case. Power failures can be an issue, if there is a slight spike before the failure (dunno how old the wiring in your house is) but that might kill it. The RAM you borrowed would be fine.
  2. Hey! Glad it works, such an odd bug, but now we know!
  3. Ok. So we know the port is good, because the DVD drive shows up. Are you certain the ssd and hd are known to be good? If you are, then hope into the BIOS, and there should be a reset option within. I don't have the mobo, so you are going to have to help me out on this. A screen shot (or cell phone pic, you can post them here directly) of the SATA settings, will help
  4. That's not good. That screams hardware fault. Or...try (if you can get into the BIOS) underclocking as Winter said above. Couldn't hurt to try, see what happens
  5. Visit Samsung's website, they have some tools for their specific drive that would be good to use. Alternately, try this: https://www.enterprisestorageforum.com/products/ssd-health-check-test-tools As an aside, have you tried a liveUSB/liveDC of a Linux distro? If the system bootloops on that, then we know we have a hardware issue. EDIT: http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287 Try there as well
  6. If the DVD shows up, then unplug the DVD and put a single drive (start with the HDD) onto that cable, since we already know that works. Power up system and get into BIOS, see if it sees the drive. Report back
  7. If the system is hard locking, as in no keyboard or mouse movement, that's a sure sign of hardware failure. What kind of freezing are you having? Also what did you use to test the RAM?
  8. Well, crap. I'd dig up a used (but known good) hard drive, pull your existing one out, and try to reinstall a fresh windows. See what happens. I'm not convinced the windows you are currently using is corrupted, I'm leaning towards hardware failure, but can't rule out a really borked OS install yet. EDIT: Hard drive could be going bad, there are manufacturer tools that run off bootable USB stick that can be used to test. Have you checked your drive health yet?
  9. Assuming the software didn't have some kind of deeply rooted, ah, root kit, then sure. But do you know the software is safe? That's the question eh? I'd run something like WireShark against your build and see where IP traffic is going.
  10. It is for a (rather old) Shuttle XPC. The SG31G2 (not the v2 version) CPU support list is here http://global.shuttle.com/unique/productsSupportList?productId=646 Right now it's a resurrection project. The system has the max ram (4 gig DDR2, woo!) and a spare 120GB SSD installed. It's currently got a C2D e8400 (3.0Ghz) in it, but the challenge is the power supply is only 250watt. I was thinking about one of the 65watt C2Q from the list, but an unsure. It won't really be a gaming box (duh, right?) but I'd like to do fullscreen youtube at 1080p without pegging the procs (as is happening now) and other general purpose browsing. Suggestions on the CPU? Yes, I'm buying used (eBay I suspect will have the best prices) and yes, I know the box isn't worth it, this is just something to pass the time.
  11. Ok, IIRC with Win10, if it fails to boot 4 or 5 times, it's supposed to go into safe mode. Have you tried letting it boot/reboot that many times until it hits the safe mode option?
  12. Crap, I missed that. No, that won't work. Do you have a speaker on the motherboard?
  13. Use this one instead https://www.memtest.org/ It has only one test and should start automatically. I've used that with great success (it will tell you if your RAM is good, or bad) for many years