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About Radium_Angel

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    Hanging out in the sixth circle.
  • Interests
    Machine Learning, Neural Networks


  • CPU
    Dual Xeon
  • RAM
  • GPU
    660 GTX
  • Case
    PowerEdge 2900 III
  • Storage
    RAID, lots and lots of RAID
  • PSU
    900 watts, redundant
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  • Operating System
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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  1. Radium_Angel

    Monitor recognized only as TV

    That's the correct resolution, 1920x1080 Post an image of what the screen looks like to you (use your cell phone to take the shot)
  2. Radium_Angel

    Alien(s) Xenomorph

    Yeah...I know...that's the joke
  3. Radium_Angel

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Reading comprehension failure on your part. But I'm not going to argue with you. I stated my example as a repeated issue, and you keep moving the goalpost to try to prove that my experiences are somehow invalid. I'm going to move on from this thread now.
  4. Radium_Angel

    Is this guy's overclock legit?

    Amateur. I have 24 (twin Xeons)
  5. Radium_Angel

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Yup. Been there, done that. Still had to hop into the command line to fix the application. For the record, I've installed Steam on 6 Ubuntu boxes. 2 went fine, the other 4....
  6. Radium_Angel

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Install Steam. Or worse yet, fix the inevitable libc errors that seem to pop up so often when the steam installer does go stupid. And for the record, I wasn't implying the distro devs start making applications, but rather they should stop spinning up pointless forks of distro-du-jour, maybe turn their attention to filling in the canyon-sized gaps in applications (not bundled with a distro, but as a standalone concept)
  7. Radium_Angel

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Technically, he shouldn't have to. The GUI is an improvement, a massive one, over the command line. I don't have to remember arcane and esoteric command line arguments and their endless options, I can find a GUI icon to do what I need. Tell you what Slick, try to manage an Active Directory under the command line only. Can it be done? Absolutely? Can it be done fast or accurately? Probably not. *That* is the difference. Simple things can be done quickly via the command line, assuming you have experience in it, but complex stuff *needs* a GUI if you want any sort of adoption rate for the new folk. Later on, yeah sure knock yourself out, live in the terminal, but recognize it's not the way forward...
  8. Radium_Angel

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    (warning: I am a hardcore linux fan here) Yes, the operative word is "slowly". Meanwhile the rest of the world zips along at a much fast pace, leaving the slow adoption rate users in the dust. Sure, there are tons of "workalike" programs out there, if you don't mind spending all day trying them out (go on, find a replacement for LightRoom, as one example.) to find one that kinda sorta mostly fits your needs. And that's the real kick in the teeth isn't it? The "kinda, sorta, mostly", that infests the linux-sphere. It's no small feat to shift platforms. I understand that, and progress IS being made, but not at any sort of pace, or scale that seems to keep up with the rest of the OS world. Linux seems content to say "look! I can do it too!" which is NOT a reason to switch. You want me to use your OS? Fine, give me a *compelling* reason to do so. Being a clone of windows but not quite ain't gonna cut it with the general population. I wish devs would quit forking a distro just for the hell of it. Find one, work with it, flaws and all in the UI (I'm looking squarely at you, Ubuntu) and concentrate on making applications, you know, the very things make makes your OS useful. Quit with the "shiny!" UI changes, concentrate on the functional part. Distrowatch is chock full of distros aimed at "new users!". Enough. You've got RedHat/Centos for workstations. Ubuntu/debian for enthusiasts, and Arch for the weirdos (I kid) that's enough. Pull your head out of your self-importance, realize your OS is mature, and get to making it useful. Rant over. (P.S. for the record, I work with Machine Intelligence, RNNs, and the like, all under Ubuntu. I am no stranger to the command line, rolling your own, fixing your own and making the damn thing work. Right tool for the right job but goddamn, work on improving the quality of your tools!)
  9. Radium_Angel

    Alien(s) Xenomorph

    Or I could spend ~50$, buy a toy that fits my needs exactly, and save a ton of time AND money....
  10. Radium_Angel

    Future-proofing an old Powermac LCS

    Anything is possible if you are good enough. Since we don't know your skill level, we can only theorize. Seems to me as well that given 10+ years of cooling technology, better cooling solutions in smaller places should exist and be possible to retrofit, but I can't say for certain as I'm not a mac person.
  11. Radium_Angel

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    There is an option for those of you (like me) who detest Win10. And it ain't Linux, nor MacOS, nor BeOS (or BSD, or slack, arch etc etc etc) It's called Windows 9. It's 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro with some things like ClassicShell on top, and all the BS ripped out (embedded OSes are great for this) Looks like Win7. Acts like Win7. Runs more modern toys (like native support for nVME, etc) I'm using it currently. Steam, Adobe, Word, everything I have thrown at this system, it's run like a charm. You can either find a ready-made ISO in the wild, or the instructions (and they aren't hard to do either) to spin up one yourself. Supported until 2024. Foood for thought...
  12. Radium_Angel

    Am I missing any DOS games?

    Alien Rampage (side scroller like DNF) Nuclear War by New World Computing (it's delightfully funny) DOS platformer Blackthorne
  13. Radium_Angel

    evga bucks

    Please..I have bribe money....
  14. Radium_Angel

    evga bucks

    lol can I move in? I have some power hungry servers, and I hate my electric bill!
  15. Radium_Angel

    Inventory System

    Depending on how hardcore you want to go, look into a Kace K1000 Systems management appliance. We use one at work and the amount of time it saves, is worth its weight in gold.