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  1. Jorgenv

    SmartPlug with Ethernet

    You could also use a zwave smart plug, and a raspberry pi with domoticz for the logging. Normally the range on zwave is better than wifi, and the more zwave products you use, the better the network gets.
  2. Jorgenv

    Post your home theater

    So, this is my HT setup. Projector: Hitachi pjx 100 (720p)Receiver: Onkyo sr 508Speakers: b&w 603s3 front, b&w lcr600s3 center, 4x b&w 600s3 side en back surroundSubs: B&w asw610 en Klipsch 12sw My HTPC is in one of the drawers. Its a Ryzen 1600 and gtx 1060 in a fractal design node case.
  3. Tought i'd share this little project i did today. I got this idea because we almost always had a charger and extention cord laying on the table to charge our phones. The charger is a Blitzwolf 5 port USB charger, and i got some usb extention cords from aliexpress. I used self adhesive velcro patches and velcro cable ties to hold everything together. It's a shame i made a little scratch with the drill bit, because i first drilled it 19mm but it was too small, so i had to use a bigger drill, but lost grip because there was already a hole. But, this is our outdoor drinking/smoking/partying area so i don't really care. It looks more tidy then the charger on top of the table.
  4. Jorgenv

    Network layout showoff

    Well, Here is my home setup. Didn't bother with drawing the wireless devices. But i use a surface pro 4 mostly in the outdoor area close to the AC AP Lite, 2 iPhones (me and my wife), 2 iPads (Kids), Galaxy Tab (work), Galaxy phone (work) and two Chromecast audios. When we moved in i also put an ethernet connection in the bedroom for a smart tv, but we never used it, so i put that tv in the outdoor area. I also put in an extra ethernet cable to the living room for the tv settop box, because it needed a straight connection to the modem, but we got rid of the cable tv because we never watched it.