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  1. Is there such a thing as: 4k monitor sized between 30'' and 34'' with HDR and a refresh rate of 100Hz or more? For gaming?
  2. I am upgrading my father DELL laptop with a new RAM chip, from 4Gb to 8Gb. I want to double the current amount by adding a second chip equal to the first, but I can't find out the RAM frequency, to be more precise I have two conflinting values: Task manager and the prompt command "wmic memorychip get speed" give: 2400MHz but; Dell support system give: 2133MHz. My question is: Which value should I trust? edit:typo
  3. That was what I thought, unfortunately my father went for the cheap option. I am going to see if he wants to put more money on it. Thank you both. edit: spell check
  4. My father bought a Dell laptop for office work, but the thing is so weak that he prefers to use his 8 years old Sony Vaio laptop. The Dell constantly slows down and stops for a few seconds every time a second program or app starts. First thing I did was uninstall McAffe that came pre-install but I have not seen much difference, someone have any suggestion to give this computer a boost? Configuration: Dell Inspirion 5566 - i3 6006U 2,00GHz; 4GB of RAM; integraded graphics card, Windows 10 Home and 1TB Hard Drive.
  5. No I don't. Probably I will have to buy a new one. Thank you for the help anyway.
  6. Yes it is a actual card, my motherboard built in is dead for a long time, and I tried to blow the dust off.
  7. Take all those icons in the middle and you will have what I have. The problem I think is that my PC doesn't detect my network card, like it isn't plugged.
  8. When I press 'change adapter settings" I get nothing between the task bar at the bottom and the address* bar at the top of the screen. *: that is it's name?
  9. I get just a blank page on 'change adapter settings' part.
  10. Yes, forgot to mention that, the link lights turn on both ends.
  11. Hello A few day a go my PC came back from maintenance and now I can't connect it to the internet and already tried to: Switch cables; Reinstall my network card driver; Switch the cable door on my router; See if the card is disconnected; Reboot the router and the PC. I used a D-link DFE-520 TX and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits. My computer is the only one with this problem and the only one connect via ethernet cable to my house network. So any advice? Edit: The link lights are on on both ends. Edit2: Reboot the router and the PC
  12. Thank you guys, I going to look into this options.