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    Mexico City
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    Computers in General, Videogames, Consoles, Politics, Economics, Business, Photography, Psychology and Music.
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    Im a 17 year old in Mexico City, Mexico, ive lloved computers since Ive been a kid, and I find tech really interesting.
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    Ryzen 5 2600X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte AORUS X370 Gaming 5 (found it on discount)
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB (8x2) DDR4 3000
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB (Saphire Nitro+ Special Edition)
  • Case
    Enthoo Evolv Tempered Glass (Silver)
  • Storage
    Western Digital Black M.2 NVMe 3D NAND 256 GB SSD + Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 750W (Modular)
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    Acer G247 HYU 23.8 inch QHD (2560x1440p) 60Hz HDR Display
  • Cooling
    AMD Wraith Spire
  • Keyboard
    EagleTec KG 011 (Silver + White w/ Blue LED)
  • Mouse
    SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse
  • Sound
    Logitech Z623 2.1Ch
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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  1. DanielMDA

    Best Books To Learn About Microprocessors and GPU's

    I would recommend yo to read whitepapers, they give you an idea on how things work with some technical data. In terms of AMD GPUs, read these four: 1) Polaris Architecture (GCN 4th Gen [1.3]): http://radeon.com/_downloads/polaris-whitepaper-4.8.16.pdf 2) Compute Cores: https://www.amd.com/Documents/Compute_Cores_Whitepaper.pdf 3) Vega Architecture (GCN 5th Gen [1.4]): https://radeon.com/_downloads/vega-whitepaper-11.6.17.pdf 4) GCN Architecture (Graphics Core Next): https://www.amd.com/Documents/GCN_Architecture_whitepaper.pdf Hope you like them. There are also CPU Whitepapers from Intel and AMD, and there are also GPU Whitepapers from Nvidia.
  2. The cheapest available 1440p Monitors (Cheap 1440p Round Up) (QHD, 2560x1440p). We all know the best 1080p Monitors, both high end and entry level, and we also focus a lot on 4K, but what about the middle? Where many people are willing to jump on but not spend a lot of cash, That´s where 1440p comes in, as a stepping stone and sweetspot of looks and price. It would be awesome too see what this level has to offer. They are all IPS, 60Hz with 8Bit Color, their names are: Acer G247HYU: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1YU-00GN-00005&cm_re=acer_g247hyu-_-1YU-00GN-00005-_-Product Acer G257HU: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009728&cm_re=Acer_G257hy-_-24-009-728-_-Product (24 and 25 inches respectively, I would say only one of these is needed) Lenovo L24q: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071SGQP1T/?tag=pcpapi-20 (24 Inches) The only "cheap" 1440p Monitor without IPS is tis one, and its best suited for gamers, it is 27 inches, and has a 1ms Response Time: AOC- Q2778VQE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VERZDEG/?tag=pcpapi-20 (27 inches) If the round up is impossible to do or it´s pointless, I would say you just should evaluate and review the 24 inch G247HYU from Acer, which is the cheapest 1440p Monitor (at the time of checking). It is also a Flicker Free Monitor, has EyeCare (or something like that) and many other special things you wouldnt expect at its price. My best regards to the LTT Team. Please, dew it.
  3. DanielMDA

    Razer Core v2 GPU Size Thickness?

    Are you sure the Razer Blade Stealth has a Thunderbolt 3 Port? Also, if you buy it, buy the 4K Screen one, since the QHD+ one (3200x1800) will scale like shit 1080p, 1440p or 4K Content. Also, read the specs to see if it will fit, I would go for the newer model.
  4. Google Docs/ Sheets/ Slides are good, they sync, and can be accessed by multiple users. BUT, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are MUCH more versatile and have more depth than Google´s services.
  5. DanielMDA

    Low Cinebench Scores 8700k

    What´s your cooler and number of case fans, you might be throttling. Also, which Motherboard are you using?
  6. This isnt news, it´s an opinion, at most.
  7. DanielMDA

    Ryzen 3000 series?

    Thats not how CCXs work...
  8. It will be connected through an Ethernet cable, maybe thats what you mean. Can you reccommen me one of those things then?
  9. Hello to anyone who is reading this post, I need some help regarding a product that I have to buy. So, my home network´s signal doesn´t quite reach where it needs to, so I am looking forward to buy a WiFi extender/repeater, sorry for butchering the products name but #translation. I know ASUS, TPLink and even Apple sell those kinds of things, ehich do you reccommend? Best Price/performance? Which one is easy to use or a plug and play solution. Are the Apple ones worth it? (My family kinda loves Apple). Please reccommend me one
  10. DanielMDA


    You have to let a capacitor lose its enegy, which takes minutes. I hope you have a good recovery. Never mess with PSUs unless you are an expert. And, a medical question, did you enter cardiac arrest?
  11. DanielMDA

    Intel Roadmap Leaks: 9th Gen Sept, New, 28 core A-Series

    That Xeon Cooler looks cheap AF, how much does it cost?
  12. DanielMDA

    best way to set up 3 monitors

    Converter dongles?
  13. DanielMDA

    Gaming and wifi

    All heil King Vega.
  14. Yeah, Intel chips are great at efficiency, but I disagree on the second part, AMD Ryzen CPUs are just as good if not more efficient than Intel´ps now. Specially with APUs and now 12nm. You can manage to put an AMD Ryzen 7 2700/1700 on a Laptop and not overheat, and the Raven Rifge APUs maintiain their 15W TDP even with the Vega GPU at work.
  15. DanielMDA

    Is NVMe right for me?

    I know PCIe refers to the connection and NVMe refers to the protocol (Non Volatile Memory Express), and a that both SSDs are PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe but in the case of the WD Black SSDs, literally last gen's SSD (which was 2D NAND, and quite mediocre) was named WD Black PCIe, and current gen WD Black SSD is named WD Black NVMe, which is a lot faster because it uses 3D NAND, faster NAND and a 15nm Process instead of a 22nm. @DocSwag