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  1. Ended up applying to a warrenty with PCCG (shop I bought it from), since they usually are willing to test it and then handle it for me. Shame I couldn't fix it myself, my Mobo doesn't have any display ports.
  2. I can feel the heat from CPU AIO, but nothing from the GPU. Used to be around 35 idle (Cause Australia ambient), but now since I ran DDU (after i created this thread), it just overheats and crashes within a minute of turning my PC on, not even running any apps. Are there any easy ways to check that don't involve me opening the card?
  3. Hi all, I own an MSI 2080 Ti Sea Hawk X, the AIO, and have owned it for just under a year. Recently though, it's stopped cooling itself. The fan is still running, I've felt the tubes for vibrations, and I believe the pump is still working, but I am idling around 52 degrees, and I hit 100 and crash my PC 5 seconds after launching a game. The fan isn't pushing hot air out of the radiator, and I can only feel cool air, but if I touch the backplate, it is burning. Any help is appreciated. ~Vizz.
  4. If it's October, please don't be around PAX AUS, because I plan to do both. Anything except October would be great.
  5. Heyo all, I've been planning to invest in a home network for a while now, and just wan't to confirm what I plan to do will work. As I live in Australia, home internet is pretty much a no go, as my house only has Fibre to the Node, and copper to the premise, meaning I get about 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up, with constant drop outs. I have an unlimited mobile data plan, which I have been using as my main source for internet, which gets an average of 150 Mbps down, and 30 up. I only get 4GX in my area, but looking at all the Mobile Broadband Hubs that Telstra offers, only the 5G one has an ethernet port. So what I am planning to do, is get the 5G hub (https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/mobile-broadband/htc-5g-hub), and plug an ethernet switch into its GB Ethernet port, and plug all my devices (PC, consoles, smart home) devices into the switch. Was just wondering if anybody can confirm that this should work? I Googled around for an Ethernet Hub, and all Google gave me was Switches, even though all the networking diagrams I have seen list Switches and Hubs as 2 different things. Thanks, Vizz.
  6. Hiya, This might sound dumb, but I'm planning my LTX 2020 holiday already, and was wondering if there's anywhere in Canada that shows in Summer? Being from Australia, I never see snow, and have to travel a huge distance to get to Vancouver to begin with. Cheers, Vizz.
  7. 2nd hand market? His local shops availability? A game he plays may hate AMD *coughs Destiny*. May be an Intel fanboy.
  8. They still only run in dual channel, so 4 identicle stick is the same as 2 + 2 sticks. As long as it runs in 3600, it should be okay. I don't know how much of a hit VM's take from RAM, but if it's comparable to gaming, the higher cas timings and the hit from using 4 sticks of RAM are about the same. Looks like these might be your best bet: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/47128/g-skill-trident-z-neo-f4-3600c16d-32gtznc-32gb-2x16gb-ddr4
  9. I 100% agree. I'm just going by the assumption that those are his only 2 options, as that's what he has listed, and others have already mentioned that Ryzen is the way to go.
  10. Is this an XB271HU? Have you tried the monitors menu, setting it to 144hz, because if I remember correctly, it comes at 120hz out of the box. Could I recommend setting the monitor to 1080p144, as it may be that your GPU can't handle 1440p and is throttling. All my nvidea gpus have locked to 24fps when they throttle, and only a reboot will unlock them.
  11. It really depends on what games you play, do you want to stream, and what monitor you have (60/144/240hz)? For most just gaming use cases, an i5-8600k would be plenty. If you want to stream, then the i7-8700k is the way to go without a second thought. If you are playing any CPU intensive games at 240hz, then I would recommend the 8700k. An i5 is still a solid choice for gamers who just want to game.
  12. I would recommend 1 piece. From experience, having 2 pieces may cause it to be lobsided, as one side sinks into youyr carpet more then the other. If a whole piece is too expensive, I would say front and back before left and right pieces.
  13. This isn't just a Ryzen issue. I had a single stick of cheap RAM with a 9900k for a few weeks (I bought the PC in chunks), and it causes major issues. I highly recommend always buying a dual channel kit.
  14. Don't be worried. I've had a bottom mounted PSU on carpet for years. The only issue is it traps heat a lot more then tiles/solid flooring does, no static risk (unless you have a case with absolutely 0 clearance, which a highly doubt). And the heat isn't all that bad either, as the fans will just speed up. Anouther alternate is getting some pieces of wood or small tiles from somewhere like Bunnings, and just raising it off the ground a little if you're that worried.
  15. After some research, the 3600X doesn't have an iGPU. You need a descrete GPU for this build.