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  1. does base clock affect system speed loading sites and application on Pc ??
  2. i am not gonna build a pc now i would be building till Christmas and 8350k is good but i am personally not into overclocking so i5-8400 would be ok for me
  3. i am asking for 1.i3-8350k vs 2. i5-8400 Gta 5,overwatch,sniper elite 4,gears of war and Nfs payback paired with gtx 1060 or 1050 ti
  4. so does the cpu automatically adjusts the boost clock according to the requirements??
  5. Hello, What is a Base Clock and Boost Clock ..?? Explain in detail 1. CPU 1 got base clock of 4 ghz and no boost clock but can overclock and have 4 cores and 4 threads 2. CPU 2 got base clock of 2.8 ghz and 4.3 of boost clock but can't overclock and have 6 cores and 6 threads I personally don't plan for overclocking but i am afraid of lower base clock of CPU 2 and does lower base clock affect your computer speed ?? i am a bit worried because i want my computer to be fast as a beast in browsing and day to day tasks i do 1-2 hrs gaming not like 4-8hrs kindly explain most suitable cpu for me 1 or 2 .....Thanks..!!
  6. how would it be if a i3 8350k will be paired with a water cooler ??
  7. i will play gta 5 and cs go does they require overclocking >???
  8. i am personally an intel fan but ryzen 1500x performance is awesome and is in budget also ..>!
  9. intel i5-7500 or ryzen 1500x paired with gtx 1050ti not gonna overclock..!
  10. yeah, ips got some great viewing angles and great textures and colors, but tn is personally speaking very suitable for gaming and stuff i will definitely go for 60 hz as it is cheaper than 144hz and i personally thing it fits in my budget .!