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  • CPU
    Phenom II X4 955
  • Motherboard
    Asus M4A78T-E
  • RAM
    8gb Samsung 1333mhz
  • GPU
    XFX RX 460 4gb Double Dissipation
  • Case
    Cooler Master Elite 330
  • Storage
    1TB WD1000 + 80GB WD800
  • PSU
    EVGA 900W 80+ SILVER
  • Cooling
    Zalman CNPS5X
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. dragonhart6505

    Wrong 8 pin for GPU can I cut it

    It's not weaker, it's on par/slightly better. AMD reputation is soiled with their recent hardware, but they are trying to come back. Their biggest downfall is their refusal to optimize their drivers. On paper, a 580 should be closer to a 1070/1080...unfortunately they just don't seem to care as much
  2. dragonhart6505

    Wrong 8 pin for GPU can I cut it

    That's a drastic and unnecessary move dude. Sell your brand new 580 simply because you don't have the connector? I'd rather sell a kidney. Firstly...you have the wrong 8-Pin entirely. Look at the shape of the ends...they're reverse of the ones you need for the GPU power. Secondly, you can get a PCI-E to 8-Pin at Best Buy or a local PC shop for so cheap. Lastly, GET A QUALITY PSU. 450w is fine, but a little low for the 580, depending on other hardware in the system. Again...Best Buy or a mom-n-pop shop should be able to hook you up for cheap. Cheap doesn't always necessarily mean "crap" either. Just get the right 8-Pin, don't force yourself to settle. You'll need that 8-Pin anyway for when you get a different card...unless you go GT 1030, in which case everybody here on the forum will slap the stupid out of you!
  3. dragonhart6505

    Next upgrade help...

    1070ti is closer to a 1080 in performance. Clock speeds, memory bandwidth and I believe Cudas. Also price. For your 6400, I'd bother more with the plain 1070. Ti isn't going to fair much wose than a 1080 and you'd be better off with one of those if you were to consider it
  4. dragonhart6505

    Next upgrade help...

    Go 1070 and fuhget abaht it
  5. dragonhart6505

    Is this CPU temp normal?

    Heat on in the house? Higher than average ambient temperature? If it doesn't go higher than 85, youll be alright. All else, if you're that worried about it, reapply some quality thermal paste
  6. dragonhart6505

    Balanced enough system?

    Ah, I'm not too worried about delidding. Plan on an aio probably. Did i mention the PC is on the floor directly in front of my baseboard heater which is on full blast? I did turn the CPU cooler to blow out the rear after getting nonsense about it being the wrong way. Replaced the paste immediately after purchase. It was BLACK, having not been changed since the systems birth 4 years ago. After a bit of TLC I saw a drop of 5°c immediately. But I'll keep it in mind for reference, thanks
  7. dragonhart6505

    Balanced enough system?

    system is on air too. doing quite well for itself considering the clocks...mid 40s at idle/light usage, doesnt hit higher than 70 under full load and gaming i rarely see much higher than 60
  8. dragonhart6505

    Balanced enough system?

    the MPower is an overclock capable board. in fact, my 4690k IS overclocked if you take notice to the OP
  9. dragonhart6505

    Balanced enough system?

    ive thought about going 4790k, but...meh...not sure its too necessary considering how often i ACTUALLY record/stream. ive been using Shadowplay over SLOBS anyway more recently. much less impact on performance, comparable quality. ive grown tired of SLOBS hogging the CPU even though its SUPPOSED to be using the 980 for encoding. support says 15% CPU impact is normal, but the fact that the GPU doesnt get utilized nearly AT ALL makes me think something is up with NVENC/SLOBS itself. but they wont listen its my first REAL high-ish end gaming system. considering i came from an i5 4460 + RX 460 and only paid $400 for it, i believe its fair enough for now. and though id get better efficiency with a newer generation...is there REALLY much reason to take that plunge?
  10. MSI Z87 MPower i5 4690k @ 4.4ghz/1.13v MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4g 16gb Corsair Vengence @ 1600 on XMP 500gb Samsung 860 Evo 500w EVGA PSU Corsair Spec-01 case it does well enough for streaming, local recording, gaming at High 1080p/100fps average in AAA titles. any reason to go further on the CPU other than marginally faster render times and slightly more optimized performance? and life expectancy on the relevance of this system in the next year or so?
  11. dragonhart6505

    EVGA GTX 950 2gb overclock help

    Yeah I'm aware. I got a deal on it for a $30 256gb SSD and crappy 900w Silver PSU that I have absolutely no need for...so I basically got it for free. Guess I can't complain. I'm repasting it and the CPU atm because I should have done that as soon as I got them anyway
  12. dragonhart6505

    EVGA GTX 950 2gb overclock help

    I've done a little bit of research, but I can't seem to stabilize my 950 above a 50mhz OC on core/memory. It doesn't SEEM to be a thermal issue, but I haven't replaced the paste yet (it's secondhand) and the fans don't kick in very hard above 70c. When playing demanding games that peg the GPU (Siege, BO4, PUBG) the card works fine for a bit but then the games become unstable and crash. The display doesn't crash, but I believe it to be a GPU clock issue as when running the GPU at stock with power/temp limit cranked everything works just fine. Yes, I'm aware the 950 isn't an incredible card by today's standards and you can keep your "git betur GeePeeU scrub" comments to yourself. I have a 980 4gb on the way in a couple weeks and this will just have to do me until then. But I'd like any frames I could be missing out on with this 950 while I have it. Thanks
  13. dragonhart6505

    SLI 950 2gb + 980 4gb?

    Simple question. I believe the 980 would drop it's performance to that near the 950, regarding RAM and clock speeds, but would ANY performance gains be had in terms of the 950? Really derpy question...sorry, and shame on me for bothering...tia
  14. dragonhart6505

    EVGA 1060 6gb SC shuts off at 55c

    Well I managed to get the PC to recognize the card and was able to flash the bios properly using EVGAs method from the site...but after installing the driver successfully and rebooting the problem returned. So I took my anger out on the card by punching it and...well...here's now the state of my PC. #Fsinthechat
  15. dragonhart6505

    EVGA 1060 6gb SC shuts off at 55c

    so im trying to reflash the vbios...but i cant get NVFLASH to detect the GPU. the fan wont spin, Windows wont recognize it anymore, sometimes the fan will spin for a split second then do nothing, if i reset the pc and the fan spins my mobo beeps a bunch of times then wont boot and the fan stops again...im really getting frustrated now. ive read about shorting some pins to get the GPU to spin up so i can flash the bios, but i cant find any diagrams about which pins to locate. please help?