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    Phenom II X4 955
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    Asus M4A78T-E
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    8gb Samsung 1333mhz
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    XFX RX 460 4gb Double Dissipation
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    Cooler Master Elite 330
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    1TB WD1000 + 80GB WD800
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    EVGA 900W 80+ SILVER
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    Zalman CNPS5X
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    Windows 10
  1. Tech Virgin, Hunting for eGPU

    RAM usage shouldnt be considered in your case is what im trying to get at. 7GB usage for 3D rendering is pretty standard, maybe more than necessary. there are very few applications that would use all 16GB of your RAM, 3D rendering being pretty low on that list. now what SHOULD be used is, yes, your GPU but also ITS dedicated VRAM. you only have 2GB of dedicated VRAM on the K2100m. thats separate from your systems internal memory. 2GB of VRAM is quite low for 3D rendering. youd want nothing less than 4GB if your looking for performance in exporting the final project. the reason i brought up the CPU is that it has more to handle than youd think and its not just about core clocks (the speed at which your CPU is running in MHz.) in your case this is 3.8ghz (or 3800mhz) max. that being a 4 core/8 thread chip (physical cores/virtual cores...sort of) it should be ok handling such a task. however this is a mobile chip which is far less efficient at performing than a desktop counterpart would. upgrading to a system with a much more efficient and powerful 8th gen i7 CPU and a GTX 1060MQ GPU with 6GB of VRAM, youd be rendering much faster and should see a sizable performance increase while youre working on the modeling as well. the gaming performance wouldnt be too shabby either your system currently goes for around $400 here in the US on the used market (ebay as a reference). add on a worthwhile external GPU enclosure with dedicated power supply (easily $300-500...but remember, your system wont handle it well) and a decent enough GPU to do the heavy lifting (another $400-700 depending) and your up on a pretty big expense. the system im linking below has the spec i suggested above for $1300. take off the ~$400 for the sale of yours and youve already beat the price of the eGPU combo. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/cty/pdp/spd/g-series-15-5587-laptop/fncwf625smp?cid=312465008&st=&VEN1=s00vvrGhJ,256712733263,901pdb6671,c,&VEN2=,&lid=59673390035&dgc=st&dgseg=dhs&acd=1230923830920600&VEN3=811004460151053845
  2. Tech Virgin, Hunting for eGPU

    this is not your graphics (GPU) memory. this is your system memory (RAM). itll have little to no effect on your graphics performance. for the price of a decent external enclosure worth your time on a supported laptop (yours could do it, but not efficiently) + the price of the GPU to put in it, youd probably be better off reselling your current laptop and getting one with a better dedicated GPU and updated CPU architecture (like 7th gen Intel) while spending near the same if not saving a few bucks
  3. Sappire nitro radeon rx460

    for the shits and giggles, heres something you could try before installing the drivers...its a file that may help the drivers identify the GPU correctly in the event of a custom bios. run it as admin and restart the PC when it finishes, then try and install the drivers atikmdag-patcher.exe
  4. Sappire nitro radeon rx460

    is this a new RX 460, used, or was working before but is no longer? if its used, theres a strong likelyhood that the bios was flashed incorrectly with a custom bios and bricked it. i know i flashed my XFX RX460 4GB to unlock the shader cores for better performance. flashed it incorrectly once and had a hell of a time getting it back working. if the case is that its used, i can try and help you troubleshoot it through PM or FB if youd like
  5. Radeon Rx 460 3 monitor Setup All Vga monitorss

    That link is the Display Port converter...not DVI I see you're using converters do all the monitors, as I should have read the OP more clearly. Don't do this. It's actually stressful on the GPU because it has to use memory to control the conversion and the scaling. Yes it works, but native port-to-monitor is always the best solution. Get new monitors plx and get out of the VGA age
  6. Radeon Rx 460 3 monitor Setup All Vga monitorss

    Have you checked Radeon Settings to see if the other 2 displays show up at all? Im not entirely sure how a display is chosen to become the primary display (Screen 1). My 460 does the same thing with my TV (HDMI) and Monitor (DVI - VGA), where I'd like my monitor to be 1 and TV to be 2. But I have to swap the displays in Windows because TV is always 1, even though I only connect it every so often and my monitor is always plugged in. All I know is it doesn't matter which one is plugged in first, it always happens that way. Could be the converter cable messing something up. Try getting a native DVI monitor. If the other monitors are natively HDMI and DP, the converter would draw power in excess so much that the other ports stop working
  7. GPU compatibility

    GT1030 is overpriced for what it can handle. look for used GTX750 instead. Usually see them priced cheaper and they are way more capable if your PSU can handle the power draw
  8. NOW. You wouldn't have bought it at release would you? If it gets the job done, I'll take it. I don't buy expensive shit because I can't afford it. But if there's an option that gets the main functions right at a dirty cheap price I'm good with that. Always had budget phones, always been on MVNOs, always had 4-10yo computer parts. Most up to date electronics I own are an RX460 GPU and a Nintendo Switch, not quality products at reasonable prices while still falling short of the bigger competitors. Works for me
  9. I get it, you're a bargain hunter. Glad you got a great deal on it. Doesn't change the fact that at the time LG thought their phone was worth $800 but consumers decided Samsung and Apple had the better quality product. And you know what? They were right (aside from the Note incident.) People sold off their V20s and got Samsung and Apple products because the V20 suffered a lot of issues with the software and some hardware faults. The device didn't feel as premium as it was advertised. It fell behind the larger competitors with a reputation for getting the most out of the technology inside, and it wasn't for a lack of trying either. Samsung and Apple had the better devices for the price. It was one of, if not the, most expensive flagship phones available at the time...contributing to the fall of trust in LG mobile that had already been on the decline. This pricing situation has been a problem all over the technology world for years. It's not a new development. I'm not arguing your point, I'm arguing your thought process to justifying your point
  10. You only support suffering companies, like those that use monopolized Qualcomm SoCs and Samsung chips in their flagship device from 2016 that originally cost $800+ at launch... Pick and choose your battles a little wiser, son
  11. Pretty sure people have been paying higher prices for higher quality products since the dawn of time. Not sure about you, but I wouldn't expect to buy a Lamborghini at a Ford Focus price. You have to realize there is R&D, quality assurance, manufacturing cost, maintenance of the machines that make the chips, paying for advertising/materials/worldwide shipping, warranty assurance for replacement components. I dont see you mentioning anything about the $140-some-odd in parts it cost to make an iPhone, yet the devices cost 6+ times as much at retail and people flock to buy them yearly. How about Samsung and LG TVs? Motherboards fall in the same boat im sure. I'm not saying cashing in on the monopoly you hold in the market is fair, it's definitely not. But when a company is reliable and known for making quality products, you should expect to pay a premium. That and since these components are necessary for operation in PCs, you really don't have much choice other than buying used...which you take the risk of getting broken parts with no warranty or guarantee on. They already have your money because you've already been buying their parts for years and years. There are people who don't mind paying. Your words won't hurt them, but good luck.
  12. Radeon HD 5770 vs GTX 280

    You'd still want a better GPU, depending what you're doing with Linux. As it's been said though, the 5770 beats out the GTX280
  13. Radeon HD 5770 vs GTX 280

    What's your CPU? Ive used a GTX280. I have a 5770 that came with my Phenom II x4 955 build in Crossfire (sold the second card). 5770 performed much better, but not by a whole lot. Replaced it with an RX460. Best decision I ever made. I'd suggest looking for a GTX750 if you can spare the cash. Pretty cheap so I've seen here in the states. If your CPU is half decent you'll see a huge performance increase.
  14. low fps problem is it worth upgrade

    Unfortunately no. I have a mobo that supports overclock, but as I said I got it free for building for a friend and a non-k CPU so I have no experience overclocking it yet. Someone else with more experience in these chips could certainly give you better support. I just threw my 2 cents into the mix to help keep your confusion down...simplify the solution for you, as in plug and play. Hope I did an ok job there at least.
  15. low fps problem is it worth upgrade

    No. 4000 series chips from Intel only support DDR3 ram