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  • CPU
    Phenom II X4 955
  • Motherboard
    Asus M4A78T-E
  • RAM
    8gb Samsung 1333mhz
  • GPU
    XFX RX 460 4gb Double Dissipation
  • Case
    Cooler Master Elite 330
  • Storage
    1TB WD1000 + 80GB WD800
  • PSU
    EVGA 900W 80+ SILVER
  • Cooling
    Zalman CNPS5X
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    Windows 10
  1. We can haz GPU's?

    Probably in leu of upcoming GPU announcements. Maybe we'll hear something about miner specific devices, maybe we'll hear about Nvidia 1100/AMD 600 cards, maybe we'll hear nothing about any of it and all the miners will have gotten their fill of GPUs hoarding, maybe as soon as new shipments come in people swipe them all again and scalp the market knowing people have been waiting for cards and jack prices again on eBay. Only time will tell
  2. PCIE is PCIE, it doesn't matter the board. Theyre all mostly to the same spec. The cost is to the sheer pain in the ass it is to resolder every tiny pin, cleaning excess so as not to short anything, the risk of shorting the board and making sure all of the connectors inside the slot continue to be straight after handling it. Then stressing the fix to make sure it won't burn out in the near future. I've done it a few times before successfully, it's a rare job. I have only failed once but that's an expensive failure on 1150 boards. Just save yourself and anyone crazy enough to want to try the hassle and get a new one. Maybe you could find another loose Dell board online at a reasonable price, but if your chip isn't locked it'd be nice to have the option to overclock it Edit: looks like that's the locked 4790, so no overclock on it. Since the only upgrade from that chip would be the K overclockable variant or 5000 series chips (not MUCH better than the 4000 series depending who you ask) unless you want a better quality board (always nice to have anyway) with more features and PCIE slots (also usually nice) just get another OEM board. Or rather, you could save up a bit and jump to a nice Ryzen 5 or newer i7 chipset. Really the upgrade path is worth it if you'll need the extra horsepower (always nice in every case)
  3. Cpu power connectors

    It's a modular PSU, you can get the connector if you really want to, but the 8-pin alone should be ok
  4. 4k youtube bottleneck

    It's both a CPU/GPU problem. Neither are capable of handling 4k. I owned a 5450 and a 5770 and can confirm that they will not handle 4k playback. The CPU is also very much underpowered for 4k. Heavily overclocking my 4c/4t Phenom 955 would also cause stuttering in 4k, though 1440p was usually acceptable. Time for an upgrade or stick to 1080p my friend
  5. As a local PC repairman, I would recommend a new motherboard. I wouldn't even bother with soldering it back together, and I have steady hands and all the right tools for the job. It's just too much work and the price for such effort would be well over $100 for the time, or about the price for a new board...maybe more
  6. Cooler Master hyper 212 evo

    Think you're also a little late on that train mate
  7. Dual PC Streaming Setup

    Instead of building an entire new PC, why not get a recent AMD card like a 580 or a Vega on the streaming rig and encode using Advanced Media Framework plugin for OBS? It uses the GPU and has nearly no bearing on CPU usage. I have an RX460 4GB and i5 4460 on a single PC and only the RX460 (and lackluster internet...thanks Xfinity) holds me back streaming 1080p60 in a few titles, but only just. As a result, if im streaming a game more GPU bound I stream at 1080p30 which is still fine for most games. If I had something like a 580 or even just a second GPU itd be no sweat. You've got 2 entire PCs where the GPU would be doing nothing BUT encoding on the stream setup, so it'd be a cake walk for you.
  8. 1060 3GB is plenty for 1080p 60+fps at high details in most modern games. The i3 8100 wont hold it back that much, but something like a cheaper Ryzen 5 would benefit the 1060 more. You wanna know what's great about PCs vs consoles? Buying a complete system and parting it out for a return on the investment to put towards better specs to pair with the parts you actually wanted in the first place... Hint hint
  9. Fradulent cards on wish app

    WISH app is full of scams beyond computer hardware. If it looks too good to be true, 99.7% of the time it is
  10. Gtx 1080 or Gtx 1070Ti

    1080 - higher base clock, better overclocking 1070ti - overclock to a 1080 base clock and slightly beyond Is the $100 worth it? Yea because even without overclocking the 1080 will outperform the 1070ti in 2k/4k. Overclocking the 1070ti would make it use more power than a base 1080, so performance per watt is also better on the 1080. 1070ti shouldn't exist because it's only marginally better than a 1070 which can also clock quite high and sustain reasonable performance with enough cooling, but that's only my opinion
  11. I5 4460 and an RX 460 4GB here. As long as I've got a little headroom on the GPU, I can use Advanced Media Framework plugin (uses the GPU for encoding instead of the CPU...for AMD cards) on OBS for streaming 1080p60 at 5500 bitrate just fine. On CPU encoding I gotta lower it to 1080p30 and that's usually fine for most games. If only my internet would hold up half the time. For local recording, i don't have any issue at decent bitrates. If you're trying to do it long term though, bigger is always better in the internet world. Makes up for your ridiculously small pen... ...sion at your 9-5 where they could care less about you trying to be an internet star.
  12. i3 8350k vs i5 8400

    i dont necessarily care who thinks what of me. i care that i CONTROL WHO GETS TO think what of me. you like Chrome > Firefox. thats your purgative, your choice, your opinion. i dont want to change it, i just want you to understand mine.
  13. i3 8350k vs i5 8400

    On Chrome, those plugins don't restrict Google's ability to take your data. You're not getting ads, but they're still getting your information and habits. Mozilla actually takes the declined permission seriously. Google could give a shit less what you want
  14. i3 8350k vs i5 8400

    Its not faster in terms of actual browsing, just less resource heavy. Chrome uses multiple processes that gather and relay data, most of which are tied to collections. Firefox uses one process for everything. Notice Ad Block on my Firefox bar? Google takes your cached data and browsing habits and sells it to consumer hungry companies that want to do nothing but sell sell sell to you and then sell sell sell your already bought data to more companies so they too can advertise to you. It's a vicious circle and I'd rather not involve myself
  15. i3 8350k vs i5 8400

    Firefox actually ASKS you permission to gather personal data and history/cache information for user experience collection and development. Google just does it regardless of your allowance. And to add plugins to it that would block that access used even more resources. I'll take them at their word rather than let a conglomerate take advantage