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  1. StealthArsenal

    Aorus X299 Ultra Gaming and NVME

    Hey guys, This might sound like a dumb question, but I am drawing blanks. I purchase a second NVME SSD (500gb 970 Evo) and plan to drop it into my system with my 950 Pro. I am running a 7820X with a 1080TI FTW3. Everything to me says I won't have an issue with both in the system. I figured I would before I slap the 500gb drive in tomorrow. thanks
  2. StealthArsenal

    Quadro P4200 and Dell Precision 7730

    @bindydad123 I did that actually already. The driver didn't even populate an Nvidia control panel after installing several times. It registered on the laptop that a P4200 was there, but I have zero control over the card.
  3. StealthArsenal

    Quadro P4200 and Dell Precision 7730

    Good Morning All, Looking for some feedback as I am not quite sure what has happened. My IT guys here where I work, reformatted my Dell Precision 7730 with a Quadro P4200 mainly due to a corrupt Windows installation. Prior to the reformat, when I docked the machine to my Dell dock, the Quadro would take over and allow be to change colors, vibrancy, hue, etc from the Nvidia control panel. As it stands, it appears that the Intel 630 onboard graphics has control of the laptop regardless of me putting the quadro as the High performance card I would like to be used for everything. It should be noted that everything connects to my dock and then through Thunderbolt connection. I have wiped the drivers already and reinstalled with the most recent drivers which allowed Nvidia control to actually work. Above and beyond that, I am not sure what else I could be adjusting. I also have the laptop running in high performance mode. Specs: Core i9-8950HK Mem: 32 gb Graphics: P4200 Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Thanks
  4. StealthArsenal

    Gigabyte Z77-UD5H Motherboard Bug Codes 15/32

    Hello, I went ahead and tested the machine with all the ram sticks out and was getting bugcheck code 53. But I have determined the issue with the machine. It would appear that the main bios is corrupt. I thought I had switched to the secondary bios yesterday, but I must have only thought about this and never did it. I switch it this morning and the machine posted. I once again tried all of the memory sticks in each slot and all seems to be working. I also went ahead and flashed the secondary bios to the most recent while keeping a back up of the original. Now I am not sure what in the world happened to the main bios, but nothing posts utilizing that chip, so I assume at this point it is dead. I will give this all a shot and see how it goes. Thanks
  5. Good Evening all, I have an older system in my home that is used by my sister. She had been experiencing BSODs the last few days until today when the machine decided it no longer wanted to boot. Quick Specs: i7-3770K Gigabyte Z77-UD5H 16GB Corsair Vengenance LPX 1600MHZ Win 10 Pro PSU - Older OCZ Stealthstream 2 600 watt So originally, it was sitting on automatic repair for windows then it stopped booting in general and now it no longer posts to show Bios. I also see Bug Code 15 then 32 on the error display. I have already removed the battery to reset CMOS and I tried each ram stick in each ram slot just to see if there was an obvious RAM issue. I don't believe it is a PSU issue, but I will be rebuilding another system tomorrow, I will connect its seasonic X650 power supply to it and see if I see anything different. I have also stripped the motherboard and all from the case and built it on a motherboard box to make sure there was no shorting or anything like that. With that said, does anyone have any other ideas if the power supply checks out? Thanks
  6. StealthArsenal


    @Gedgn That's a fairly bold comment. The H500P Mesh is a completely usable case. I have a system built in it right now and have zero complaints with it. Do I think you are incorrect with your Phanteks recommendation? Not at all. I just think the distinction needs to be made between the H500P and the 500P Mesh where the qa/qc was tightened up. It's not absolute trash in its revised state. Though to answer the OP question, it can certainly run a custom loop. It has plenty of room to do whatever you want.
  7. StealthArsenal

    CM H500M Release?

    Well, I wasn't talking about the M version. At least I don't think I was. Maybe they should rename the two variants to be fixed and new. I thought the M was the completely redesigned front acrylic or tg panel that just bumped the panel out more to give it increased airflow through the sides. Maybe I just remember wrong, I think the direct replacement to the existing P, uses the exact same panels but is coming with a mesh option front panel, the extra tabs on front and top panels (including an extra screw tab on the top panel) and a psu mount.
  8. StealthArsenal

    New Warcraft 3 Remastered OR Warcraft 4 to be announced soon

    I seem to remember a thread around the time SC remaster came out in which blizzard developers were asked about a d2 remaster. I know they stuck to anything is possible but their facial expressions showed would I would say was like a kid in a candy store. Like they were saying but not saying wait until you see what we have been working on. Obviously that is as sketchy as anything to put any inch of confidence or meaning in, but at the same time, a D2 remaster would be massively more popular than WC3 remaster. They could charge the 15 bucks again like they did for SC remaster and make bank on the game again!
  9. StealthArsenal

    CM H500M Release?

    Any idea if they are going to provide owners of the original the panels for free? I am contemplating getting the existing if they are doing this. Newegg has it on firesale right now.
  10. StealthArsenal

    Gaming Desk

    Powder coating would definitely be the way to go. Since I have access to an automotive spray booth (and this is specific to my old desk), I sand blasted, primed and painted. Sounds like your going to do a good job with this. I was worried you weren't going to weld it up and rely on brackets. I like your wood top idea. I love temper glass, but at the same time, you need to get real creative with cable management.
  11. StealthArsenal

    Gaming Desk

    The L-Shape in my opinion is the best option. I have a tempered glass L setup that is 72" in each direction. Really helps for my setup as my rig, and monitors take up one entire side, plus the entire corner and starts to go over to the other 72" side. That's what happens when there is a 34" AW curve and 27" Predator on gas arms side by side. How are you assembling the tubing? Are you using L brackets or welding? What are you going to do with the steel finish wise?
  12. StealthArsenal

    Does anyone here have a GT Omega Racing Chair?

    I can't exactly answer your question as I do not have a GT Omega, but during my research, I read some horror stories with GT Omega with warranty and support. I ended up with a Vertagear SL 4000 and absolutely love it. It was between that an the Naxnomic Dominator from Need for Seat. Just like anything, a seat is personal preference and is very subjective. Everyone will say get the Herman Miller Aeron or Steelcase Leap. For me both of those professional office chairs are extremely uncomfortable and I use an Aeron daily at work and hate it. With that, I thought the AkRacing and GT Omega racing chairs were uncomfortable compared to the two racing series I mentioned above. Both the AK and GT didn't provide any sort of back support in my humble opinion and felt like you didn't fit into the chairs properly. Either too big or way too small. It should be noted that I didn't own an AK or GT, but have done my homework with sitting in a few different models and was able to make an informed decision. I understand if this doesn't help, but trying to give you some insight.
  13. StealthArsenal

    dead evga 1070ftw

    You should be under warranty. Just start the process on their site and be on your way. The question will be do they have any to send out for RMA.
  14. In my opinion, they still haven't learned. https://overclock3d.net/news/software/ea_s_cfo_says_battlefront_ii_avoided_cosmetic_microtransactions_to_stay_faithful_to_the_canon/1 Quite a shame. I do particularly like the line that some people have more money than they know what to do with. I might fall in that category, but I rather save and invest than piss it away on aspects that should already be in the game.
  15. Hey guys, I am planning to upgrade my mothers computer for christmas for something that is a bit more modern if you will. She is a real estate agent, so she is frequently on those website, word processing, web, email, social media, etc. Nothing really crazy or intensive. She has been running my old Phenom II X4 945 for the last 7 or 8 years and I think its about time to move on as driver support is becoming harder and harder for the old tech in the machine. Since I am only familiar with anything high end and Intel based, I am looking for a little feedback on moving from the 945 to say Ryzen 1200 and DDR4. Would we be seeing significant gains in that department? I have upgraded the psu and droped SSD's into the 945 machine so I have been able to extend its life quite a bit. My plan was to use either Ryzen 1200 or 1300x, Asus Prime B350, and probably a 8gig dual channel ram kit with a higher speed so Ryzen benefits. Thoughts on this? Should I be looking at something a little higher (1400 or 1500)? Thank you