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  1. i have also considered that, but i dont have any way to test either. I guess i could rma the board and the cpu but i dont know how well that would work.
  2. I only have one set of ram and only one lga 2011 system
  3. Well I am having a lot of memory errors and at this point I am not sure if its my ram or my motherboard. Ram: Mushkin Enhanced Redline 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226274 Motherboard: ASUS P9X79 WS LGA 2011 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131798 What i have done: -I have run memtest with all the ram sticks and I got over 65k errors on some particular tests. -Pulled all the ram and test each stick one by one ( marked the ones that had errors ) -RMA a set of ram i have 32GB total, with 16GB ( 4x4 sets ) -the New rma i got off the rma, put all those sticks in ran test for 2 hours and came back with over 900 errors -booted to windows played a game and had tons of crashes. -decided that the ram must not be the issue, ran a test on one stick for 4 hours 0 errors about 20 passes or so. then i took that same stick and tried it in different channels, computer would not boot on any of the second lane channels with out another stick in the dimm 1 slot. ( black lanes, the blue ones worked in any lane ) This is my second RMA on this ram, I am not sure what else to do aside ask for a full refund ( not sure i will get it since i purchased the ram from newegg a year ago, and would be asking for the refund from the company) soo out of 12 sticks only 2 are decent, and two only run with minor error ranges under 100 ( lowest is 20 per full 1-10 test pass and the other is 100 ) Any suggestions?
  4. I have a buddy who is looking to sell a: -asus rampage 3 -24GB ram dr 1600 -i7-970 gulftown 3.2 six core what do you think he can realistically get for this set up? Edit: i did mean the 970
  5. i dont really think there is a market for them to sell them individually, and I have only seen them on ebay. you could try amazon but i don't think any retail store has anything like it
  6. Well its probably more than you had in mind but, type cpu clamshell in ebay and you can buy the little plastic ones you would originally get it in
  7. Well if you are like me and have more than one monitor, it can be a pain to turn them all on and off ( i have 3 ). I use this free program called Nir command: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html It allows you control a lot of functionality of your pc and it is very easy to set up with desktop shortcuts. Example: I have a shortcut on my desktop that puts my computer to sleep along with all my monitors: target: nircmdc.exe cmdwait 6000 monitoroff cmdwait 1000 standby it turns off your monitors in 6 seconds then puts, the computer to sleep. this way you can cancel it if you didnt mean to. Then you just hit a key on your keyboard to wake everything, you will have to configure power settings to ssd's if you want to wake using them, never have them sleep otherwise the pc doesn't wake properly. the program has a lot of functionality aside from this, but it is what I tend to use it for the most.
  8. just out of curiosity what smart tv do you own ?
  9. I have never seen the point of having a media pc, in my case I have a "smart" tv which is crap aside from the fact that it has built in wifi and can get content off my pc. The whole control your pc from your couch seems kind of dead to me, I can control my pc in the other room from my phone and that always with me and then stream videos to the tv or even play music.The only other reason I would use one would be to set up a capture card and record tv, but then that seems pointless as I get a free multi-room dvr from Verizon that handles 3 shows at once ( 1 watch 2 record ). so does anyone actually have a use for a media center or a home theater pc.
  10. Looks awesome linus thanks. Cant figure out how to post a link to my facebook post as the profile is set to private, but its posted https://twitter.com/thedevilgod/stat...63951497371648[/url=https://twitter.com/thedevilgod/status/315163951497371648]
  11. money isn't an issue, my wifi has been headache enough to warrant me spending what ever i need to get it fixed
  12. isnt that what i said? mbps= megabits-per-second? When i was referring to my router I was stating that I never saw anything over 20 megabits per second on wifi. Using the verizon router i see 80mbps or Mbps, but that doesn't cut it because it has a lot of restart issues. my router suffers because it has internal antenna's and there is about 20 other wireless networks in the area ( apartment living )
  13. well my last router was a 600 mbps 300 / 300 dual band, i never saw anything close to that speed, even on lan transfers. I have heard that the asus routers have a lot of firmware issues and brick when updating, but I will have to look into an ac router
  14. Well I just upgraded my internet ( with verizon ), and their router is a piece of junk in my opinion. I am planning to set their default router as a bridge and just run my own. If you have any suggestions for routers that can handle the 150 mbps speeds on wifi please post your suggestions.
  15. I just got a new phone and its time to get a dock for my truck, I am looking something sturdy and I would like to be able to have the phone in landscape mode for navigation features. Any recommendations on brands for docks? I have seen a lot that looked good but just failed, either they got permanently attached to your dash or never stayed in place. So main features I am looking for -Charge phone -Landscape mode -easy to remove and move around Edit: Really looking for personal experience or recommendations, since i can find tons of ones that fit my needs with a simple google search
  16. well that is some what disappointing, my main reasoning for the 7990 was the 6gb ram. so is this card actually 6gb ram? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814202005, but the reviews seemed to be generally bad ( loud fans )
  17. If you are talking about the 7990 with 6GB of VRAM' date=' I'd just like you to know that it's 6GB combined, but you can only use 3GB because each GPU on the card is 3GB each, so you will be limited to only 3GB. So technically a 7990 is 2x7970s w/3GB of VRAM. [/quote'] So the memory still mirrors even if it is on the same card? I thought that was only the case when sli-ing/crossfire two separate cards.
  18. lol ive been waiting since the 6990, honestly if you just wait for the newest and the best then you will never upgrade. and the reason I dont like the 7970 is because of the 3GB ram compared to the 6, since i may upgrade my monitors and run a 3x2 setup in the near future
  19. Hey, I am currently running a 3x1 (three acer GD235Hz @ 120hz total screen res is 5760 x 1080) display with two hd 4870x2 cards ( not sli, since they are 10.1 and dont support eye-infinity), I was looking to upgrade my graphics and the card(s) I had in mind are the "7990", may go with a devil 13 debating if i should just get their stock 7990 anyways here is the link for the cards. Also, my single card vs a 7970 http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=572&card2=663 reason why i think i will only need 1 7990, but still not tooo sure Questions: Will 1 card be able to power all 3 monitors and game around 120 FPS ( I want to use v-sych with my monitors) ?( Crysis, League of Legends, BF3, Borderlands are the main games i am currently playing now.) Reason for upgrade: -Eyeinfinity support -Current cards are starting to slow down and not even dx11