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  1. Well I used to have one built into my laptop and it was awesome, I never had to remember any passwords just swipe my finger and it would auto enter it and each finger was a different password or a quick application launch. I am currently looking for one with some decent software behind it, if you guys have any recommendations as for one I would appreciate it. Edit:
  2. What do you guys think as far as pump/res for a build like that, It looks like the bottom would be cramped. Think i should go with a drive bay res/pump combo? attached is my current setup, I will be removing my drive cage ( currently only have one hdd in it and my ssds are in my 5" bays ). Depending where I put a res at the bottom really effects where I can put a pump. What do you guys think as far as pump/res placement? ( they havnt been placed yet in my planning picture ) before someone asks why, the tower is on cardboard to be able to slide out from under my desk easier on the carpet. Edit: on second thought I will most likely have the bottom radiator in the vertical position just because the airflow would be worse if it was drawing it from the bottom.
  3. I am looking to do a custom loop for my build, its currently just running on air and a H100 for the cpu. Parts to cool: ( at 100% full load ) -i7-3930k ( running 4.5 ghz atm, I will probably keep this the same ) -(2) 7970 ghz Case: -NZXT Switch 810 I have checked clearance and it looks like I can get a 3x140 by 60mm in pull config at the top, and maybe (2) 2x140 mm rads ( not sure on the thickness ). My question(s): -How many radiators do I actually need? I don't need a super low delta over ambient, but I would like to be sure that everything is efficiently cooled at full load. -Any recommendations for parts as far as brands or brands to avoid? Edit: I have attempted to follow the guide: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1755-water-cooling-101-a-good-place-for-newbies-to-start/ but i could not connect to " http://skinneelabs.com/radiators/ "webpage so I decided I would ask here. Edit2: post #5 shows what I have in mind so far, I would like some pump/res suggestions at this point. Would you go with a drive bay combo or have separate components
  4. the only other thing i considered is that the key marks/ scratches are kid height, so they might not even be seen from the car cam ( i drive the truck ) edit: and my windows are 10% grade tint, so that would also limit the camera quality at night which is when I think it is happening
  5. ya, its surprisingly good quality considering the conditions. I uploaded some sample pics
  6. Well long story short, I am trying to catch someone vandalizing cars outside my apartment complex. Currently my setup is cheap ( as i am not the owner and can not put up real camera's). I have one camera recording via a laptop and steaming to my nas, I would like to add another webcam so i can cover more of the parking lot, but I have limited recording options on a mac, and every time I start a new recording the files seem to "hang" for 30 seconds or so. ( I only restart it once its hit 12 hours so I dont have to pan through a full days worth of footage if nothing was damaged). I am considering building a budget pc for this purpose (as i personally already have over 2k in paint damage and i would just love to catch the person responsible). Would a 2.5ghz dual core work for my purposes? I already have the storage end covered with a 5.4TB nas with a 240 GB ssd cache so saving the files is no problem. I just need to be able to record them with 0 frame loss. Or would i be better off just going the route of a traditional security system that comes with cams? ( i have seen them around $200-500 on ebay, and i would just go with the cheapest one with infrared cams Edit: The reason i cant use my current system as it is a mac and really lacks recording features that support webcams, and you cant multi record. Edit2: Cam quality day/night
  7. I was starting to think that, but I swapped out the gpus and I am still having the same issue. Might be a motherboard issue ( first asrock board ).
  8. The problem: -Windows 7 goes to sleep properly but upon waking the screen remains black What I have tried: -Updated drivers and bios ( lan drivers for wake on lan and display ) -Adjusted power settings, turned off hybrid sleep I disabled letting the disk go to sleep -Turning the monitor on and off -Unplugging and re-plugging the monitor from the gfx card. Notes: -The computer is using an older intel ssd -The computer boots, I can hear the windows sounds but the screen remains black. Any tips or suggestions?
  9. lol i just realized my own typo laying around not lying, anyways ya it was for a raid 0, but the raid 0 speed was less than a single drive which was soo weird, probably due to the onboard raid controller but oh well at least its being used now.
  10. the maindrive on a freenas is unusable and as i plan to never shut it off ( the main reason why i want it silent) boot times are irrelevant. Not that I planned to have an extra 240Gb cache but it was just laying around so why not?
  11. i have a boot drive, (3) 3TB drivers in a raid z( basically raid 5) and (1) 240 GB ssd as cache
  12. Well guys I just bought a node 304 and made it into a freenas system, it works well aside from some minor things that I am sure will eventually bug me but for now it is a solid build, except for the the internal fan noise. It is the loudest system on idle in the room and it is sitting on the desk. All the other rigs are liquid cooled and have Noctua fans, my issue is that I hate the fact that the smaller noctua fans are still $20 a pop. Q: Any suggestions for cheaper dead silent fans, and maybe a passive or super quiet replacement stock cooler ( it would be replacing the amd stock cooler for an a6-4500k). I am looking to set finish off this system with around $80-100 more. ( would be 1 140 mm fan (2) 92mm fans and a replacement cooler ) Q2: Should i just stuck it up and buy the noctua fans?
  13. i said 3d gaming, i do game on this system but not major first person shooters. I stick to RTS, MMO, and do some renderings with photoshop and cad
  14. Well i have been running two 4870x2 's since 2008, 5 years later one of them is starting to die on me ( graphical errors, starts up with full fan speed and unresponsive). Its been a good run but the main reason I am posting this is because I would like your suggest for my replacement. I am currently running (3) 120 hz acer monitors off these two cards and I am debating if I should go with two 7970 ghz's or a gtx titan. ( may also get 1 6GB 7970 ghz from sapphire) Current usage: -I dont really plan to play games with 3d vision, I got the monitors because I wanted to v-sync games at 120 fps ( 5760x1080 resolution ) -I want to game over all 3 monitors I know both amd and nvidia can do this -I would want a quiet card(s) I have always gone with amd after my first nvidia card died on me 1 week after the warranty was up, but lately I am starting to consider it after seeing the reviews and I have to admit that 6GB ram(titan) looks sexy enough. the main thing that made me really consider switching to nvidia again was the discussion that linus had about nvidia having "less stutter" I am not sure of the exact term they used but it would be nice. I am not concerned about price/performance, I just want a quiet set up that can handle gaming over 3 monitors and that would hopefully at least last me another 5 years Questions: - Why which card(s) would you pick and why? Edit: instead of messing with qoutes ill just post requested info here: cpu: i7-3930k Q: why dont you get a 7990? A: over heating issues Games I have/Do play: -border lands -SC2 -D2 -LoL -D3 -Guildwars -An assortment of steam games ( mostly older stuff ) -Civilization V -fallout series i guess one time games: ( one play through ) -tomb raider -dishonored -metro -assassins creed -crysis series -mass effect Games I am looking to try eventually -bio shock series -left for dead -skyrim Programs I use that use graphics rendering: -Photoshop -Auto cad
  15. ops i guess i could have mentioned that, its going to be in a workstation. ASUS P9X79 WS LGA 2011 I
  16. I am looking to buy one, but I would like some suggestions I would like to keep it under $400 and I dont mind if it is a used card. any suggestions? Edit: Specs: ASUS P9X79 WS LGA 2011 I 3 3TB drives raid 5 2 ssds raid 0
  17. I ram memtest still only on the 4 sticks and so far no issues with like 2 and 1/2 passes ( didnt do a full 24hour test though )
  18. its a mixture of plastic and metal, the surface that is on the desk is a metal plate surrounded by plastic, but the piece that holds up and connects to the monitor is metal.its not the best stand, it holds the monitor straight but if you hit the desk or something it will shake the monitor. I have considered replacing it with a free moving stand, just because the way its set up currently on my desk it seems a little too close. so being able to support it but have it be further off the desk would be nice.
  19. The monitor looks very smooth surprisingly but it hasn't been subjected to games like bf2 or cod ( fast motion games ), RTS games like LoL and sc2, the extra map vision is very nice. Mini review: - appears to be set to a cool color tone, and really only one button seems to do anything so I am not sure you can change it with out software. -glossy, so you can use it as a mirror with a light behind you. ( but its bright enough its still usable if there is lighting behind you ( haven't tried natural light ) -Color reproduction is awesome -since it only has 1 input option the "input lag" is greatly reduced I haven't noticed any ghosting issues, but then again I haven't really played super fast action games on it. Once I install some shooters ill let you guys know.
  20. yep, for $350 it is an awesome deal compared to the american equivalent. the only thing i wish was that it had a matte finish instead of glossy, its like a big mirror when the screen is dark
  21. ACHIEVA Shimian QH270-LITE 27 Guys I have to say I am impressed, I ordered it and got it in 2 days from south korea, to texas for $10 shipping. ( ordered it off amazon ) Currently using it for my girlfriends setup but it looks very nice, and I am considering ordering another. Dont mind the messy wires
  22. Well not sure if you are still looking but I had some success with a nice ips panel from south korea ( my review is nate ) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008BFINX2/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 its in code tags because the url was messing up
  23. No i am only running 4 sticks atm, ill have more time this weekend to fully test it out, still no major errors ( program crashes) but I do notice some programs hang for a few seconds at times but not that bad. adjusting the clock down to 1600 seemed to help a lot
  24. the ram loads perfectly at 1.65 and the timings are correct, ive reset the cosmos and clocked it down to 1600 spec so far so good. I havnt yet adjusted the timings down for the slower clock speed but that isnt really an issue atm. i think i could run 9-9-9-24 with this ram at 1600 maybe even like their 1600 redline series at 7-9-8-24