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  1. DrHax34

    Is this normal ???

    It's probably normal, the latest Windows 10 version (1903 I think) introduced a light theme with a new very bright windows default wallpaper. On the other issues... shit, I don't know. Have you checked if you have the correct drivers installed?
  2. What I mean by AMD's driver experience is that since they made the Adrenaline and the new UI (post-Catalyst) it's been a lot better. I never liked Nvidia's Geforce Experience nor the control panel that looks straight out of Windows 98. Also, whenever I had to update the drivers for my GTX 1060, I had to DDU all the time, or else I would experience Frame drops in Overwatch and GTA V. That never happened to me with the Vega 56. This doesn't mean I will never buy Nvidia, it just means I trust AMD's DirectX and Vulkan drivers more. (OpenGL is clearly Nvidia's win)
  3. Hi everyone, So, I had an RX Vega 56 Air Boost from MSI that I had bought second-hand, which I regret fully because I came to know it was used brutally for mining, so the card didn't have much to live. Recently it broke down. Bummer. I RMA'd it and they basically returned the full money for it, which is almost enough for an RTX 2080 since the previous owner had bought it in the middle of the whole mining debacle. Now, i prefer AMD cards and drivers, I love the Radeon Driver experience and I am waiting until the launch of the Radeon VII to check out prices here... ... but I'm starting to get bored and anxious because there is nothing in Portugal that indicates there's gonna be a pre-sale or anything like the RTX launch has done. And my gaming PC is stuck with the freaking Intel integrated graphics, so I can't play anything on it. Before anyone says "Why won't you go for the RTX 2080 TI?", in short, I live in Portugal, and the RTX 2080 Ti is more than 1300€ here, which in the land of the free is about 1 474,52 US$. The price difference between the RTX 2080 and the Ti is more than 250€ (~300 US$). I can't pay that much. So, what do you guys think? Should I hold my horses and keep hoping to check out the Radeon VII after the 7th of February or should I just pull the trigger on the RTX 2080?
  4. In theory, since the laptop already has a 1080p screen, the cable has enough bandwith to drive a 4K screen, and maybe it can do it at 60hz. (or not, don't quote me on this.) You need to check if the screen connector is standard, because sometimes OEMs will change the cables so the unused pins are able to carry a USB signal for the webcam as well. Since you're not changing the cable, it should work perfectly fine. I had to change a cable in my HP Pavillion g6 laptop to upgrade it to 1080p, but was unable to do it since HP decided to change the 40-pin connector. I ended up frying both the original and the new 1080p screen. Doesn't the gram offer a 4K display? If it does, check what part is it using and order that same screen, then afterwards apply it to your own gram.
  5. In theory, everything will be the same, but, tell me, is it the g-sync model? Then you'll lose g-sync.
  6. This is something I haven't tested, but look: http://mrlithium.blogspot.pt/2015/12/how-to-boot-nvme-ssd-from-legacy-bios.html
  7. Dude, this does not break or brick your PC, you can do it yourself, it's simple. You can even try installing a linux distro first, and installing windows after, maybe grub boots NVMe, I don't know! You just need to have a SATA drive that contains the bootloader!
  8. It comes down to this. Do you want a faster boot OR do you want a faster OS experience? Boot may be the same as a normal SSD but OS experience would improve.
  9. Why don't you install Windows on the NVMe drive but have a normal SATA disc with the grub bootloader installed or the Clover bootloader? (Yes, this last one is for hackintosh, but it does the job) What you need is a bootloader that boots from the SATA drive and then is able to boot the OS on the NVMe drive, should work, I think.