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  1. i was thinking of this. Inspiron 15 5000 (AMD®) https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/dell-laptops-netbooks-and-tablets/new-inspiron-15-5000-amd/spd/inspiron-15-5575-laptop/ni155575_btsb_s8012e?ref=1251_title i pulled the trigger last night but my bank blocked the purchase. now that im not impluse buying, i wanted to see what yall think.
  2. so i bought a s9 plus and the AKG ear buds are honestly amazing. i was blown away by the quality of audio they can produce. but i managed to damage the headphone jack on my last phone and want to avoid that this time around. does anyone have any suggestions? my budget would be $250
  3. I found this 24" LG 144hz 1ms display for $299 http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?item_id=107030&cPath=569_22_1195_1100 i wanted to pair it with a ryzen 5 apu newegg has limited reviews and was hoping someone in this community might have experience with it or know where i can find more reviews.
  4. i didn't read anything in the OG post from the op saying they ran out ALL cards, so that's probably why it didn't make sense to you i guess. in that situation they should contact him and let him know what his options are. we have warranties/customer service departments for a reason.
  5. First off, thanks for clicking my topic. hopefully you can help me out. i want to make a PC i can multi task and game on now, but also has a great upgrade path. i was thinking about getting; Ryzen 5 2400g (thinking about upgrading to zen+) ASUS Prime X370-Pro AM4 (This board seems to have the best VRMs in its price range and i intend on overclocking zen+) ADATA - XPG Z1 1x16 GB ( to support future upgrade) Fractal Design Define C SSD 120gb/ HHD 1TB combo and a 600W power supply ( to support future upgrade) does building a PC like this, with plans to upgrade, make sense? Can you suggest a different component that would make more sense? Thank you
  6. if your card is under warranty, keep contacting them. keep track of all the information your sending, how long it take for them to reply. ect ect. because if this situation has a direct or indirect impact on ur work, then a case could be made in that situation. so keep a paper trail. the mining crazy has nothing to do with you and you should not be trying to understand why they arent giving you 100% cooperation. keep contacting zotec and keep escalating the case if u can. we have warranties for a reason and i know in canada... that shit isn't taken lightly or as a joke.
  7. I read buying audio equipment from a dedicated store is better than buying from a newegg or best buy. I was thinking of a 5"-10" L/R speaker with a matching sub. Is there a store someone can recommend?
  8. All Subaru's and Lancers. The Design of the cars mixed with the kind of people that drive them, leads me to hate them. Though, Hate is a strong word. More like Supreme dislike.
  9. - How old are you? i'm guessing you're between 15-19? - What kind of content would you make? - Getting "Big" on Youtube is a lot of hard work due to the many facets to it, VERY do-able with the right plan though. - $7,000 is A LOT of money. Spending it all on Equipment to get started is a large investment. Dedicate a day to really evaluate where all the money would be going. you could start a channel with a cellphone and a cheap laptop, why do you need $7,000? - not being rich shouldn't deter you from trying things out in life BUT you should be very cautious with how you spend your money. Taking the extra time to make sure you're making the right decisions and doing adequate research on the things you invest your time and money on. Starting a Youtube channel in 2017 isn't a bad idea, so don't worry about that. id say it would take 3-4 years of consistent work before you get to a good amount of subs (100k+) but you could easily have alot more or alot less depending. Being a creator on youtube has many challenges. the kind of content you put out (game reviews? game news? game mini documentaries?) the quality of content (how you structure your videos, how u edit the videos, music you use) not neccisarly having expensive cameras and microphones. how personable you are ( how do you come across in your videos? are you authentic or do u seem shady/off?) this is something that can take time to learn and will take effort to figure out. how you interact with your community( getting on 3 big social media platforms and interacting with people. retweeting, posting pictures, going to conventions, telling people in your city about your channel) how you market yourself outside of youtube utilizing all avalible income streams ( using patreon, d.rip, paypal trip jars) i've said a bit and can say more but i wanna hear back from you and others. bottomline tho, you can do it!!!
  10. why do you say that? Talking to an actual person can't be replaced by your favorite youtuber telling you a products good or even a 5 star rating on Amazon. Maybe for some purchases but definitely not all. The Key to Brick and Mortar is having friendly staff, that are not just knowledgeable about the products they're selling but are also very intune with the industry. Another key component is building relationships with the customers that walk through the door and make them feel valued. Amazon doesn't ask me how i'm doing when I visit their site or tell me they will hold an item for me until payday because i'm a frequent shopper. Brick and mortars are dieing for many reasons but its mainly from self inflicted wounds opposed to the E-commerce revolution.
  11. I think those Polish guys/girls can be trusted. The witcher series is truly amazing and with that kind of base to work with, success should be easy. i noticed they're asking their community interesting questions on twitter and such so i'm pretty excited.
  12. Today they are releasing a crucial blog post addressing all the things the community has been screaming for since the September 6th. just seeing if anyone here plays the game and if you're interested in what they have to say.