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    Ontario Canada
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    Senior Systems Analyst


  • CPU
    Ryzen 2600
  • Motherboard
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    Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 3000 C15 2x8GB
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    Deepcool Earlkase
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    Corsair Force MP500 NVMe PCIe M.2 240GB
  • PSU
    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W
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    ASUS VG278 1080p 144hz

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  1. Reznik

    RX 570 not being used

    I'd disable it in BIOS again, it's not dodging a bullet if it doesn't boot... you just have to reset the BIOS if that happens.
  2. Reznik

    RX 570 not being used

    In the Radeon software does the 570 show (Primary/Discrete) ?
  3. Reznik

    RX 570 not being used

    Silly question but just asking to rule this out, you aren't using Windows task manager as a point of reference to see GPU utilization, right? Because that has never been accurate for me across any of my systems with both Nvidia and AMD GPU's. It often shows 1% used when the GPU is in fact pegged at 100%. When you see 300mhz in MSI After burner, is that when you have GPU under load? 300mhz would be normal for idle. in the AMD Radeon settings, enable performing monitoring. When you turn on that overlay, is it reporting numbers from the GPU or APU?
  4. I would check around online for your exact model and see if you can find others that have it working with the Radeon RX cards. The reason I mention this is some (older) prebuilt's OEM's have issues. Skip to 7min mark on this video for example of issue I'm speaking of:
  5. When you say wiped the C drive did you just use DDU to remove the drivers or have you tried with a fresh copy of WIndows installed? Also - I would test the 1060 in a secondary or friends machine to confirm if it's working. Maybe they sent you the same card back.
  6. Reznik

    rx590 > rtx2070???

    I have both a 590 and a 1070 and the 590 does much better in Black Ops 4 than the 1070, even though it's a more powerful card. This is at 1080p 144hz. Kind of surprising and I don't know why but it does. I would still have guessed the 2070 would do a lot better though so might be the specific driver that it doesn't like.
  7. Reznik

    Rx 590 fans not working please help

    Put the GPU under load, either a bench mark game, do the fans eventually kick in when the temperature rises? What is the max temp you are seeing? No modern (decent) GPU that I'm aware of is running fans 100% of the time.
  8. Reznik

    Rx 590 fans not working please help

    It's possible your friends GPU is running hotter if the case has poor air flow, making the fan run all the time as it should not be doing thet by default. It sounds like your friends GPU is the one with issue, not yours. Do you have the Radeon software installed and updated? What driver version? It is a bit odd Afterburner isn't detecting the GPU.
  9. Reznik

    Rx 590 fans not working please help

    As others have stated, this is normal and fans will kick in when needed. You can use MSI Afterburner to set a custom fan curve if you wish.
  10. Reznik

    My rtx 2080 ti is not running like it should.

    When you say you used Ryzen Master and it increased performance, what did you do? Did you OC or disable a bunch of cores? That's what the "Game Mode" profile in Ryzen Master is for, it was meant for TR to disable cores as this isn't an ideal CPU for gaming. Hopefully gaming wasn't the reason behind going with TR.
  11. Reznik

    1050ti to rx580 help

    In the Radeon software make sure the frame limiter is turned off. What PSU do you have powering the 580? In Radeon software enable the in game overlay, how much power does it show GPU is using in game? Is the 580 new or a used mining card? What are the clock speeds showing in MSI after burner?
  12. Reznik

    Dropped graphics card

    The suspense is killing me. Is it fine or not? Asking a bunch of random people on the internet when you are the only one that has the card to test it is pointless.
  13. Reznik

    Dropping FPS with rx 580

    What is your CPU usage like in game? Perhaps you have a bottle neck somewhere. Is the 8GB of RAM dual channel or a single 8GB stick? You can also play around with Radeon software settings to see if you can gain some FPS by adjusting settings. I don't play Fortnite so I don't know what would be optimal but this is how mine look:
  14. Reznik

    Making a fan curve setting permanent to gpu

    You won't be able to do this with out software. I believe the fan speed is controlled by either BIOS on card or driver level.
  15. Reznik

    graphics card query

    I wouldn't worry about it. My work laptops are always on a 4 year lease and daily I'm connecting and disconnecting the display port when I go to the boardroom for meetings and never had a port die on me. I suspect you would have to do this thousands of times/years before you an issue.