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  1. FX 9590 is suddenly a very efficient CPU..
  2. Who are you:? and where is this laboratory?
  3. Already taken, thanks for the deets.
  4. Intel are still ahead quite a lot in IPC.. so even if they don't OC they either match or still beat Ryzen at least in gaming and light threaded work loads which is 99% of users.
  5. I'm forever salty, makes me tasty. Then again i attract salt too so get what you can and give back what you can, those that pretend to do either are special.... in a BAD WAY
  6. I think starbucks will smash them with their new star trek themed combo and break ass by sticking it up there to them.
  7. Just another thread with triggered weaboo's and a bunch of people who are not even interested in this just talking shit. Stay classy.
  8. Thread title. Better value gaming CPU than $130 i3-7350K? But ohh no it's faster in cinebench but loses in single core speed.. I rest my case son.
  9. Actual benchmarks which have nothing to do with "gaming" where R3 shits on the Xeon... oh well i tried.
  10. Userbenchmark pits the Ryzen as +9% better than the 2670, plus the fact it can OC puts it even higher, only thing that Xeon wins in is multi core which matters sweet fuck all for gaming since IPC reigns king and this is where that Xeon falls short vs the Ryzen 3 CPU. If the Xeon could OC, THEN and ONLY THEN would it compete and actually beat the little R3 CPU, but because it cannot, it simply cannot compete in GAMING.
  11. I gain FPS turning HT off on my six core, and that is at 4.57ghz, what chance does the measly 3.3ghz turbo 2670 have with 8 + HT ?
  12. Games don't use all those cores and threads, i live on a planet named Earth, perhaps you should take a look into doing that some day.
  13. Well you just clearly proved you lost this argument which we never needed proof for anyway. Single core performance means all cores, since there is more than 1 on that CPU, get it now? Even my x58 chips surpasses the 2670 for gaming but that's due to the OC on it, it's not news.. Ryzen 3 is a better purchase all around vs that xeon.