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    Does Mine Make The List?
  2. capricorngamer

    PC Boots and Posts but then reboots continuously

    only the delete, end and f12 keys work. F12 for boot selection. delete to enter bios and end for q-flash. unfortunately i do not have any windows install drive or recovery cd available.
  3. capricorngamer

    PC Boots and Posts but then reboots continuously

    by win boot disk do you mean Windows Install CD and where do i tap the keys on the bios screen or??? Please explain in brief a bit. Appreciate the reply
  4. capricorngamer

    Keyboard not working after removing all keycaps

    Thank you but bought a new keyboard!
  5. I have a PC with Windows 7 on the hard drive, it worked fine. But i wanted to install Phoenix OS (android) but my hard drive already had the max number of partitions when I used disk management in Windows to create a new 30GB. So I used a software and converted it to GPT. I made a new 30GB partition and successfully installed Phoenix os in it and it worked but after a few days the PC could not go past the second stage of post and rebooted continuously. I can see the Motherboard splash screen and can enter the bios. I can even boot off my USB which has Phoenix OS in it by which I am typing this. I tried to reset the bios or load default but it did not help. Please Help!
  6. I cleaned a membrane keyboard by removing all the keycaps and assembled it. But none of the keys work. The light near the num lock is lit green.