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  1. Well for now im running PBO and it looks like it will do the trick.. I guess once ill start video editing more and do more heavy multicore tasks ill come to the oc drawing board.. Thanks!
  2. The problem with stock is that my CPU temp bumps into 60C on desktop and chrome (since on stock 2 cores are getting a boost every few min to do everything better), so im not so sure what to do here.. also I do some really tiny video editing usually of my shadowplay from nvidia, so that is also something to take in mind i suppose..
  3. On single core test OC gave 477 and stock gave 481.. Also, ran the normal test on Cinabench with the OC setting and my pc crashed almost instantly after the test started, is that normal it will crash under the multicore test? After ive put the voltage on 3.2 the multicore test went a-ok. I guess stock gave a bit more juice since the voltage is way higher..?
  4. So after a week with my new rig ive dicided to start OC my bad boy called the Ryzen 5 3600x! And here is my end results based on personal needs and stuffs (mostly gaming on this bad boy): Ive managed to boost up the clock speed from 3.8 to 4.275GHz on 1.3V, 65C max on full load! Now ive tried to push up for 4.3GHz but that is achivable only when I set the voltage to 1.4V, that makes my CPU pretty toasty at really heavy load tasks (max temps went 85 at times, yikes!). All of my stress tests and oc tweaking was made with Ryzen Master and RealBench. Im using alonside my cpu a RTX2080 Super and Stix LC360 AiO! I would like to hear some of your opinions when it comes to OC the 3600X, and please share you personal OC setups if you have some!
  5. So should i set up a fan curve to reduce the noise when the cpu is over 40c or i should live with the noise in order to maintain good preformence at all times?
  6. So I've recently picked up Ryzen 5 3600x and paired it with Strix B450-F Gaming and Strix LC 360 AiO. For some reason, when I set the power plan on my PC to high performance or balanced, the cpu temp on idle goes up to 48-55, sometimes even 60. Every power plan does this (even the AMD Ryzen custom ones), the only plan that works fine is the preset Power Saver plan. I haven't oveclocked the cpu and it runs on default setting and voltage. Does someone else in here having this issue or something similar to this issue? I would really like to set my power plan to high performance to make the most out of my cpu and AiO. Thanks for reading and helping !
  7. Hello people of the LTTForums! So ive just built a new PC (WOOP!) and I own the ROG Strix LC 360 AiO Cooler (smexy af tbh). Now ive went into BIOS to disable mobo rgb lights when the pc is off, but I cant find a way to disable the RGB effects on the AiO pump. Also looked for some software tweaking, but the "Armory Crate" gives me nothing when it comes to shutdown state rgb effects. Is there a way even to disable those lights when the PC is off? I know there is somewhere.. Thanks for the support! And for those who wonders: Ryzen 5 3600x 16GB Corsair Vengence Pro RGB 3200Mhz Strix LC 360 Strix 2080 Super Advanced Strix B450-F Gaming ROG Thor 850W-P Came out really good!
  8. Hello! im looking over some features of the GPU TweakII for my 1070 Strix. I wonder what "Game Booster" does.. someone familiar with this feature? I would like to get some reviews ;D
  9. Well after digging in some other parts, the case i got came with 4 tiny yet kinda long bolts that looks like some mounting screws, ill have to try installing the cooler using these to see if it works
  10. Hey there, ive picked up a new "Arctic Alpine 11 Pro" for a rig im building.. I know this cooler suppose to come with some sort of "push in" bolts that allows me to mount the cooler to the mobo. Ive opened the package and could not find these push in bolts. Someone had this problem with this cooler b4? if yes how did you managed to fix this? Thanks a bunch!
  11. So every 95% of the time im going into game (even just opening it), I can hear the GPU start kicking and then my PC crashes, and then reboots back normally. This is going on for like a month.. in that month ive reset my drivers, formatted my pc, went to a lab and got my GPU testing (came out to be fine) and even testing it in another room since my room sometimes go crazy with the electricity. Im pretty sure its the PSU. (by "pretty sure" im like 99.9% sure..) its a Antec TruePower Classic 750W 80+ gold. Im sad, help.
  12. So i'm having this annoying problem happens under load (played Shadow of War for a long time, lol). My PC is crashing, under heavy load (some games worked fine and I didn't got any crashes). Then it reboots back to Windows. The thing is - 1. Its not drivers (Ive formatted my PC and let Windows install all the drivers for the GPU - 1070 Strix), and when benching in FurMark still crash. 2. It can be either the PSU or the GPU IMO. When I run stress tests on the CPU it can run 30 min without nothing happens. Some of the stress tests ive made for my GPU was on the good side (it managed to stay up for around 12 min before crashing once). So I think its the GPU ATM, and Ive got it in a lab for testing (ive got warranty on the card so its cool). I do have one more thing to look for if the cards comes back with no problems - if its the PSU ill replace it. But Im having a "rain protector" thing plugged into the system (this plug that if there is a power shutdown it will keep the computer safe and wont burn anything down). - its pretty old so it might be that thing aswell.. Im not asking for help since ive done maybe every possible thing in order to seek the problem, I just want to see what you guys think about all this... Thanks
  13. *UPDATE* *FIXED* Well a friend of mine @KermitFTW suggested to do a "load default" from the bios, turns out that fixed the problem. Kermit is a god.
  14. Well I did reinstalled the driver before the current one went into game and got that reboot shit again, im thinking its windows.. that fkn update it did fucked everything.
  15. Ive went to the Nvidia website and installed the drivers again manually. I just need to test if its fixed now.
  16. I can agree that since the creator update im getting more issues then before. About the drivers, the only driver ive updated is the GPU one so im guessing that is the problem.
  17. I did monitored my temps, nothing went above 58C' in any part of the system.
  18. Yeah im working on that atm to see if this helps. thx
  19. Hello there people. So ive got the new Shadow of War game, and GeForce Experience wanted me to install a new driver, so I did. Today I was playing some SoW, and suddenly my PC shut itself down, and auto rebooted himself, when the boot was over it started a Windows Update so I was thinking maybe Windows is stupid so it updates me with no warning. But this reset autoboot problem is still going on, even on other games like League of Legends (my resolution got wired, changed it back and it did that again). Im not sure if its my PSU or my GPU causing this problem, and I dont know if there is any fix to this that I can do in order to stop this madness. Do note that my PC didnt do that thing when im on the web, only when im gaming. Someone knows this problem and knows how to take care of that? Thanks
  20. Yeah the second i tried to copy it back it didnt let me so ill just reinstall the game from the start point Thanks bro
  21. So my SSD with my os on it went into BCD error so I had to format the drive in order to install new windows on it. On my SSD besides the OS, I stored all of my main used programs, such as Steam, Discord etc. After reinstalling Origin, ive noticed the program wont detect ive got Star Wars Battlefront installed on my HDD drive. Is there anyway I can tell Origin to detect Battlefront without the need of reinstall?
  22. If im with my headset on I wont hear it at all, I was just worried this sound means something is going bad with the GPU itself. Since its a common problem and stuff Im not worried anymore, it happends only in ARK at the moment so ill try go Vsync and see if there is something diffrent.
  23. Im useing a 750W Antec 80+ Gold PSU, I dont think this is the case here.
  24. A local store over my county, the warrenty from what I know is by ASUS Global. Im not sure how long I have the card since I got my PC in a part bundle, I can guess its like 1 year old max.