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  1. I would probably run SSD's or HDD's, in a hardware RAID, in RAID 0 or 10 tbh. What kind of card would you recommend for getting max performance using parity RAID? With the card also having the ability to be flashed to IT mode and used as a HBA?
  2. It will only be utilising 8x14tb drives. Am i right in thinking the HBA side of things won't really effect drive speed or cause bottlenecks (in FreeNas), as it's just passing the disks through right (the bottleneck will be the spinning rust), everything is done in software after that, no? Even if using SSD's, depending on disk setup of course, i should be able to hit max speed on a 10GB NIC/Backbone. An LSI card will do fine, just need to find one that is appropriate. Now, let's say i wanted to max out a 10GB network using 8 SSD's using hardware RAID (in let's say Windows 10 or something), would an LSI 9210-8i do that, or would i need a more expensive card?
  3. I want a card that is capable of being used as a RAID card and a HBA (can be flashed with IT mode).
  4. Can anyone recommend a decent RAID card (capable of RAID 0, 1, 6 or 10) that can also be flashed to IT mode so it can be used as a HBA. So i would be able to use the card for a specific use case, they can be flashed back to original firmware i presume? Must be compatible with ESXi/FreeNas/Unraid/Windows 10
  5. noobftw

    10GB NIC

    If i buy x2 10GB x540 or x550 NIC's can i directly connect two machines together without a switch?
  6. Looking for some decent parts to directly connect two computers via 10Gbp/s NIC's (Point to Point - both Windows 10 systems, server might be FreeNas in the future). Distance is around 10m. Not sure weather to go RJ45 or SFP+ (Fiber or Copper) route, would greatly appreciate some help. I have looked at the below, my heads about to explode SFP+ Intel X520-DA2 (Can i use a fiber cable with these or copper only?) Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT CX311A ConnectX-3 (Same question as above) RJ45 Intel X540-T2 Intel X550-T2 Aquantia Aqtion AQC107-81-C ASUS XG-C100C Do i go with newer hardware or go with older, hmmm. Any other recommendations would be great.
  7. Hypothetically, lets just say i'm going to be running 8 14tb drives in raid 0 or Raid 5 with a cache drive, what 10gb products would be most suitable? Thanks in advance
  8. Can someone recommend me a decent 3.5 inch 8 bay NAS that is capable of 10Gbp/s speeds (RJ45 preferred, but SFP is ok also), and that can actually hit those speeds and not just 500-600Mbp/s due to an under-powered CPU? Also, are there any options out there for an 8 bay external drive enclosure (cold storage as such - NAS features not absolutely required) that has a high speed data connection of some-sort onboard.
  9. Thanks for the input, i'm just going to bin them, have had them a while and they drop speed constantly due to getting too hot. I'm just going to bite the bullet and get x2 Mellanox ConnectX-3 MCX311A-XCAT (SFP) or x2 Intel X550-T2 10G Ethernet (RJ-45), any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  10. Wasn't sure where to put this, hope i'm in the right place. How in the hell do i remove this heat-sync (x2 plastic clips), so i can apply some fresh thermal paste.
  11. So any of the below will suffice then: AnkascrewsExpanding/anchor boltsShield anchor The mount did come with 4x 80mm Coach Bolts and thick grey plastic raw plugs. However, i would rather use something more sturdy. Obviously Vogel must believe the equipment they provided with the bracket must be efficient enough for the job, as the mount is rated to hold 25 kg and be able to tilt and swivel with a panel up-to 65".
  12. Can you explain that again like i'm a five year old?
  13. I have a Cantilever TV wall bracket (weighs around 10kg) that will be extended out from the wall 25 inches in order to hold a 55" TV weighing 23kg. The wall is solid brick with a sheet of 0.8-inch-thick plasterboard on top. Not sure what to use to mount the bracket to the wall, I have heard all of the below are ok. Would greatly appreciate some advice.1. Ramplug (Large Grey) and galvanized coach screw2. Ankascrews3. Expanding/anchor bolts4. Shield anchorMy main concern is the added weight on the bracket due to it being fully extended outwards.
  14. What's the best place to locate temp sensor/sensors? I have a single loop that consists of 2x 420 radiators, 1 CPU block, 1 GPU block, pump and top.