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  • CPU
    Gaming: 4770k Media/Lab: 2x Xeon 2650
  • Motherboard
    Gaming: MSI Z97 GD 65 Media/Lab Supermicro x9dae
  • RAM
    Gaming: 16gig Ripjap Media/Lab: 32 gig Dominator
  • GPU
    Gaming: EVGA 1080ti FTW Media/Lab: Gigabyte R9 290x
  • Case
    Gaming: Fractal Meshify C Media/Lab: NZXT Phantom 410
  • Storage
    Gaming: Slew of Evo's Media/Lab: EVO 850 and Drobo
  • PSU
    Gaming: Bequiet Dark Power Pro 3 Media/Lab: Corsair 850
  • Display(s)
    Gaming: Viotek 34 1440p Media/Lab: 3x Asus 24in
  • Cooling
    Gaming: Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 3 Media/Lab: Cryorig H7 x2
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K65
  • Mouse
    Mionix NAOS 8200
  • Sound
    Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

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  1. JusticeBeaver

    MITX Board w/M.2

    Thanks I can't believe I didn't think of a NUC... I have the damn things running all my TV's in my house lol..
  2. JusticeBeaver

    MITX Board w/M.2

    If i was putting the ram straight up and down I would just use desktop ram. As for atrocious price we are not concerned with this as of yet. I have no clue why i forgot about a NUC...
  3. JusticeBeaver

    MITX Board w/M.2

    This was the board I was looking at, but I was wishing it supported laptop ram to reduce the height of the ram and the prehaps remove the USB so the ethernet is on the board. I was thinking of reaching out to asrock to see what they can do custom, because this is the closest board I have seen that I like.
  4. JusticeBeaver

    MITX Board w/M.2

    What are we doing? Collecting massive amounts of sensor data. Do you want PCIE or Sata M.2? I believe I would need Sata M.2, PCIE would be the card in a PCI slot correct? X86 is not important. M.2 I was looking at the Samsung 960 Pro which I believe should average 1.66GB/s. We will only be transferring a single large file. The requirement for write speed though today is only 260MB/s for continuous recording of data. We want the horse power when we offload the data. The computer itself will run software to compile all the data into a single file format. Right now we are looking to test a requirement, to see what we would like to do is possible, then reach out to a developer to create something that is capable of the environmental requirements we need it to sustain. The end all be all is to accomplish this in a device the size of a cell phone.
  5. JusticeBeaver

    MITX Board w/M.2

    I am looking for a MITX board that supports M.2 and laptop ram. I need a very low profile board, preferably one with an embedded processor or CPU with low profile heat sink. So the IO ports on the back must also be very minimal also. Second I am looking for a board that could support a battery. We can mod this board for proof of concept, but if there is already a board that supports this. That would be great. I have been looking into PI's but I need the M.2 for data rate. I saw they have an M.2 kit for the PI, but that goes over USB 2.0 which would not work.
  6. JusticeBeaver

    Should i buy GTX 1080ti or upgrade to i7 6700k

    Yeah, its 3440x1440p... "only a 100hz screen" I don't think this resolution comes with anything faster then 100hz. I believe the onlything faster then 100hz comes in 2560x1440p. That and I was able to find a Viotek GN34C for $515 new from newegg a few weeks ago. It looks like they raised the prices after the sell ended though. However, I love the Viotek, it is an amazing monitor. The stand is mediocre and the interface for settings is average, however, the panel is excellent and if you can get past being married to the stand they supple with no upgrable stands then its an outstanding monitor. It suites everything for me. As for 100hz I play RPG's, casual shooters, and mobas. So really 100hz is perfect for me, I am not into competitive shooters like CSGO. I play Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch and very casually so 144hz or faster in my opinion for me is pointless. I get more out of having more real-estate on the screen.
  7. JusticeBeaver

    Should i buy GTX 1080ti or upgrade to i7 6700k

    Yeah for gaming I don't see a big difference between 4000 series to 8000 series processors. I don't feel that spending money on a CPU, DDR4 Ram, and a MOBO is going to change my current gaming experience. I already game at 1440p ultrawide with 100hz so its not worth spending $700 to upgrade it all. Now if I was still working from home and processing massive amounts of images and needed it for work flow. Then I would upgrade my rig. However for gaming, I have yet to come across a game that challenges my cpu to the point where it effects my gaming experience. There maybe titles out there a one or two, however, I don't play them. Always base your upgrades on your needs not because your system is being out bench marked.
  8. what monitor do you have?
  9. JusticeBeaver

    Sennheiser Game one or HD559 + mic ?

    Yeah, but HONESTLY how many people want to have a mic on their desk? I love my Game One's I can easily flip the mic up to mute it, if I want to talk to my wife in game, they sound amazing. I am sure you can get a better set up this way, but for me HONESTLY could I tell the difference, probably not. Perhaps you can really pick out the difference, but I couldn't. Sennheiser Game Ones are extremely high quality and great for gaming. If I was doing a some form of pod cast, streaming, or something where a high value mic is better then sure. My game one gets the job done and I love them... The only complaint I have is from so much wear, the ear foam things ripped, but my wife sewed it together for me.
  10. JusticeBeaver

    Should i buy GTX 1080ti or upgrade to i7 6700k

    Sure there maybe a bottle neck, but the question that I have for you? Are any of your games dipping below 75fps? If not then honestly its not time to upgrade. I am running a 4770k non OC with a 1080ti on 1440p ultrawide 100hz getting 115 to 140 fps on average. I play at 100fps, so until I see my frames averaging below 100fps I will stick to my setup or consider overclocking. My low is 80fps also.... I had people say my 4770k is a bottle neck, im sure it is.... but my rig, bottle neck or not.... It gets the job done.
  11. JusticeBeaver

    CPU cooler for i7 7700k

    I can confirm.... I have a Bequiet Rock Pro 3 and looking to change it out, the cooler is great, but such a pain in the ass and not wanting to deal with it for my upgrade.
  12. JusticeBeaver

    GTX 970 died. 1080 or 1080 Ti?

    We have all done that to get to where we are all here today. I am 33 years old it didn't happen over night. Took working 15 hour days while going to school and studying for certs. Its a grind thats for sure... good luck and hope you land the job your degree is based off of...
  13. JusticeBeaver

    Any new GPUs coming out?

    Just picked up my 1080ti... Love it
  14. JusticeBeaver

    GTX 970 died. 1080 or 1080 Ti?

    Issue with making that much money is taxes lol. I remember thinking once I get past this number, then I am set... Then you have kids, different expenses, high taxes, and then you realize you loose 30k a year to the fed.
  15. JusticeBeaver

    Which one? 1080ti 8700 non k since i'm going for 1440p

    I just bought the Ziotec 34 ultrawide 1440p 100hz and love it.... Only thing I would improve would be the stand, but for 515$ I will take it.